Whispers In The Dark

The new video for Whispers In The Dark is done, wrapped and ready for your viewing.

There’s somethin’ a little different this time, with a concept concocted by the band in conjunction with director Jim Canty and featuring all four. It was shot in Camden, New Jersey during their recent East Coast US Tour and also features some other familiar faces.

Whispers In The Dark is taken from the album Babel.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. meAlina says:

    guys, seriously: get out of GEMA – it’s evil.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Marvennmac says:

    The Canadian shows aren’t on the invitation list :-(

  3. Oh, and Haim also looking great! Awesome addition to the video. =)



  4. This is beautiful guys, congrats! Winnie looking smart, Marcus looking badass, Ben looking fit and Ted looking gorgeous, as usual.
    I do wonder, though: how many times Ben had to shoot his bit. Or else, how many times did he have to stop to catch his breath… ;)

    Love, from Brazil.


  5. mumfords1 says:

    I’m speechless,love Mumford & Sons!!!!

  6. Marfsies6 says:

    I had to watch it six times. Once to watch all the boxes at once, then four times to watch each box on its own, then a last time all together. So wonderful I could watch it another hundred times and love it just as much!

  7. shannon_b says:

    can’t stop watching it since it came out! I’ve loved you since 2009 and you never stop surprising me with your brilliance, so excited for lewes! well done guys, for everything. just well done xx

  8. mggabriel says:

    The irony of this video is brilliant! I so love the elusiveness of Mumfs…. Hey for those just discovering this brilliance, they are catching a glimpse of real!

  9. SRK_Marcus_Mish says:

    I LOVE the new video guys! Very well done.

  10. snowforleaves2 says:

    that was soo good:) love ya’ll <3

  11. ally123 says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Mumford and Sons, have been for a few years actually.. Anyways, you’re songs are all amazing (as well as you guys too lol), keep up the wonderful work and I wish you all the best luck for the future. This new album will be incredible, I can’t wait to buy it !!
    P.S. You should come to Australia and do a show in or around Brisbane !!
    Love you guys !! Xo

  12. duffy0401 says:

    Love that it was filmed in NJ. So cool to see the Battleship NJ.

  13. martinbrittney6 says:

    absolutely LOVE the video ! <3 soooo good watched it over and over again!

  14. HoWbOuTnOnAme says:

    I knew I loved them after one song. My obsession since 2010! Mumford and Sons<3

  15. Gingerich says:

    Love it!!! Winston is adorable!

  16. Sienna_Beth says:

    This vidios amazing, they all look so good, and ben running in slow motion O.o LOVE, LOVE , LOVE x

  17. cudtkivf says:

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  18. shannon_b says:

    unbelievable, i had to watch it 4 times to focus on you all x absolutely brill !x

  19. luckylukas says:

    Wann erscheint das Video in Deutschland ?
    Ich hoffe bald !

  20. WolfMan says:

    Bloody brilliant!!!! I had no clue to which square to pay attention to. So my solution was to watch the video 4 separate times!!! And now im on the 7th time! :)

  21. bigcee says:

    does this mean Winnie’s beard is not real???

  22. bigcee says:

    very cool, very cool :-)
    its so awesome coz its really original
    come to NZ soon!!! :-)

  23. cthules says:


    Your Mum

    ...or at least someone old enough to Completely Freak Out upon seeing a helmet-less biker. (I suppose it goes with the theme of the song, but... dammit...)

  24. katiee says:

    I watched it 4 times and was equally excited with every box.

  25. Oh this is so the best video thank y’all

  26. Lauraajohnson7 says:


  27. taws says:

    That is MADDDDDDD!!! Do not know where to look. LOVE IT!!!

  28. Anitaboglioli says:

    Please, COME TO ARGENTINA. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G video by the way. I love you so much! You are the best band ever!
    Love, Ana ( From Argentina)

  29. mazznorton says:

    And was that the femmes of Haim helping Winston dress??!

  30. Leopluridan says:

    Whoa. This is awesome! But does this mean Winston’s beard is fake? And his clothes were not his? I thought that was just him!

  31. elleland says:

    this is amazing. but does this mean winstons beard is fake….. and his clothes. i thought that was just the way he was…..

  32. Z. says:

    Dear me, this is truly amazing! And Hungary loved you so fcuking much…
    I hope you guys got our bracelets in the end :))


  33. loveinvested says:

    JELLYFISH!! How I love thee M&S, one and all!! You make my heart sing!

  34. charlotte mumford says:

    this is just indescribable – Winston – i`m so in love with you right now!

  35. sophia337 says:

    This is absolutely legendary ;))

  36. oldza says:

    amazing… ;)

  37. slaclair says:

    Pure awesomeness guys!

  38. lavenderward says:

    This is fantastic!


  39. AnnaMaria says:

    Awesome video!

    Hope to see M&S in Finland soon.