Dearest Friends,
World Wide WELCOME to our website. Welcome to our very own unique corner of this bizarre and faintly glorious world of sites, blogs, tweets and streams.
We hereby launch the MUMFORD & SONS website with both joy and ambition. With joy, because it feels like the beginning of us being a proper band with a fancy website which, we have to admit, is pretty fun. With ambition, because we indulge in visions of creating a community – a family – albeit online, where we can share with you, you can share with us, and you can share with each other. Utopian? Yessir.
We reckon the internet is alright. In fact, we may not have been here as a band without it. The fact that we can drive to a town we’ve never been to and play shows to people who know our music, is incredible, and helped to no end by the internet.
The danger is that we all get better doing life online than we do in the flesh. That ain’t the idea. We still prefer eye contact to skype contact. Sometimes there’s just a bit too much information– and we’re not that interesting. BUT, that said, we endeavour to have a good old crack at being web geeks.
Our website will be a place where you can find out what we’re doing as a band, where we’re playing, what we’re releasing and all that stuff. We’re going to try and put quality before quantity, and await your feedback with baited breath. The idea is that it’s also a place where we all get to rub shoulders a bit, speak our minds about stuff not just to do with music, as you’ll see soon enough.
Our mantra: Don’t always just write the first thing that comes into your head, and don’t rush. There’s no rush, hombres.
And so we begin.


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  1. maxdog10 says:

    Congrats on the web site! I”ll be looking forward to keeping in touch in the future. You guys are great!

  2. stephyd1989 says:

    I definitely love your music and am thrilled at the chance to see you all perform live here in Edmonton Alberta! I am truly disheartened that I had to support scalpers in order to support you. Some americans managed to snag all the tickets to the show and more than quadrupled the price. I would have been happy to pay it if you as a band were recipients to those funds but this is not the case…. I’ve paid for your albums because I love your music and think that you earned it… I’m not even sure how ticket scalping is any different than piracy??

  3. syd7 says:

    I’m not positive that you will actually receive this note, however I hope that for the sake of my dreaming heart, you will. I can’t even begin to collect the appropriate words to relay to you the type of impact your music has made on my life. My best friend and I have experienced this sort of emotional pull while listening to the art you have created. After seeing you play in our hometown of Nashville, TN our love for your music grew immensely. We have both failed in our desperate endeavors to find a show we could attend this year. As college athletes, our time away from the university is very limited due to the commitments that we have made to playing soccer. We gave a lot of thought to the idea of traveling to Europe to see you live once again, however, we have not been able to make the proper arrangements to do so. In no way am I claiming to be “your biggest fan.” Although I would love to find truth in that statement, I know that there are many other people who, like me, have fallen in love with you aura. That is just another testament to your talent and emotion filled music that can draw the attention of almost any type of personality. I hope that you will be able to read my words and wish that I will one day see you live again.

  4. hollylou says:


  5. LBowen18 says:

    PLEASE come to NYC :)…a US tour would be GREATLY appreciated!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mumford and Sons, I do not know what the chance is of you guys receiving this but my name is Deano Nicholas and I come form New Zealand. I first Heard about you guys two years ago and since then the magic your music has brought me has been amazing. I am just very heart broken you have not been to New Zealand yet haha. There many of us who would love to see you rock your style in our beautiful country. So if you one day read this, I hope that you would hell yea lets go see New Zealand. Rock on brothers. Peace love and harmony!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello all I was recently diagnosed in April with stage 3 hodgkins lymphona which was hard being the age I am and not knowing at all I had it. I have been fighting the fight I am now part of a clinical study that is a 21 day cycle chemotherapy regiment. My doctor told me not to go to a concert or anything of the sort, however I already had tickets to the STL concert for Mumford and was able to go despite the doctors. It has gotten a lot tougher of a battle since then, but I still look back on that experience as completely amazing. After that I was completely inspired by you guys to be happy and love life no matter what battle you have to face, and it would be great and I would love the opportunity to share that experience with all my support group that has helped me during the fight against this. I live in decatur, IL if you are ever near here or St Louis or anywhere and do benefit concerts or small shows to share how amazing you truly are.

  8. ReeSki82 says:

    better to ask then always wonder…

  9. ReeSki82 says:

    i am putting together a benefit to raise money for the “pan mass” i am racing in… http://www.pmc.org/about.asp?ArticleID=83 . i am raising money for the jimmy fund to “fight for a cure” for cancer. all the benefits go directly to cancer research. i am racing in memory of my father, who passed away when i was 16. i know you have started setting up tour dates and i was hoping if you had a stop in boston you would come headline my benefit and “rock for a cure” ReeSki82@yahoo.com annemarie.

  10. bellanucche says:

    When I listen to the album “Sigh No More” , I can’t find one song I don’t like and it is spiritual release for me, I love it and, the music is haunting almost like a pentecostal revival that I used to have to go as a child. Good work, I have to thank you and Ray Lamontagne for bringing back, though provoking and spiritual lifting music. GodSpeed

  11. heather0814 says:

    I love the sigh no more album. I was so pleased to find so many songs on the album that i enjoy and love. I will be seeing you guys in knoxville, TN at the first of November, can’t wait for the show.

  12. eskrol says:

    hi Mumford & Sons
    I love your music and am disappointed that the Boston show is already sold out. Any chance that you can add an extra date (maybe September 10th), as you did in NYC? Thank you and safe travels on your tour!
    Take care – Elizabeth

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys, love your music! So genuine and heartfelt, certainly an emotional ride. Can’t wait to see you live when you’re in australia. xxxx

  14. ellesx says:

    mumford & sons you are my favourite band! I’m from sydney australia and ever since I heard your song ‘liar’ I’ve been in love ever since. thank you so much! hope to see you in sydney :)

  15. ceridwen says:

    Cracking album, I am so besotted with your music which combines the ancient & the Otherworld beautifully. I am a lecturer in Ancient Celtic studies in Cardiff and I hope you don’t mind but I have been urging my students to buy your album to get in touch with their ancient roots. Thank you so much for bringing your music out into the world, long may you reign xxxxx

  16. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love your album Sigh No More. So much passion comes across in your songs and such beauty in the contrast between the strength and power of the music and the vulnerability of some of the lyrics. I am kind of disappointed though. I live in Adelaide, Australia and bought tickets to Laneway only to find out you are skipping us. Adelaide is (by far) Australia’s friendliest city has the best beer and wine in the world (not a word of a lie). Think quality over quantity!

  17. Anonymous says:

    i saw you on the ‘haldern pop festival’ in germany and immediately fell in love with your music! i had such a shitty day but then entered the tent…i already knew some of your songs before and the energy of you guys performing live was even more gorgeous! ever since i never stopped listening to your music and was all geared up to finally hear the new songs from ‘sigh no more’.
    it exceeded all of my expectations! thank you!!!
    now i’m looking forward to seeing you again in cologne in november.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Been listening to your album the entire week and absolutely love it. Little Lion Man gets alot of airplay on national radio here in Belgium and I thought … oh well … must be one of those one time lucky shots … but then I dug into the net and found your other work.
    Must say , it has been a long time since I researched a band’s broader work based on one number and then … all of a sudden, finding myself liking their entire work , in stead of just the one single.
    Warm regards from Antwerp

  19. Anonymous says:

    absolutely adore sigh no more album. love every song.
    sideshows in australia?

  20. amanda says:

    Whole family from 47 year old mum to 14 year son are completely smitten. Can’t believe we are listening to FOLK! Please come to Australia!

  21. jasmine09 says:

    The most amazing and inspiring album I have heard in a long time. You guys are unbelievable. Every song triggers a sense of magic. Please visit Australia! Otherwise I will be flying to the UK to see you!

  22. phoxtrot says:

    Yes! Tour Australia soon! Pleeeeaase

  23. Anniebird says:

    Sigh No More has the power to change lives, and it most certainly pulls my heart strings which rarely happens for me. I am impatient your next album and hope that you guys tour Australia soon!!! Thanks so much for the tunes , Annie :D

  24. exeter says:

    Mumford & Sons are amazing

    I’m a spanish fan!! : ) i listened to you when i put mtv two seconds : )

    after that i couldn’t stop looking for you on the Internet. I hope you would do lots of cd’s and i could listen to them

    GOOD LUCK!!! you are amazing!!! : )

  25. Doo says:

    Man I is also kicking myself seen as I’ve been listening to Little Lion Man on Absolute radio for god knows how long and now I’ve missed the Hoe down! Sooooo upset! Have another one soon n make it in Scotland this time pls! ;p

  26. Anonymous says:

    My goodness
    your music is incredible!
    I always swore that I’d be faithful to my vinyl collection and nothing else…until I heard your music.
    Thank you for brightening my day

  27. Anonymous says:

    best album since waterboys room to roam,

  28. brennymcgrath says:

    What an epic album!When you coming to Ireland?

  29. Anonymous says:

    A-ma-zing XD!
    I first heard your music only yesterday and I am now KICKING MYSELF that I didn’t find out about this earlier! -sniffle- I’m now counting down the days ’till I can get to a descent shopping centre to hunt down your album… Why is the weekend so far awaaay :'(
    Anyway, thank you soo much for the great music you’ve made, it’s the best I’ve heard in a long time, and you are definitely at the top of my list for the next hottest 100 ; )

  30. dissolvedgirl says:

    Im lost in the magical world of Mumford and sons! your band has such a beautiful soul! congrats on living the life and spreading the love!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can’t…. stop…. dancing!!!!!! Like a fool, I might add. Your music makes my heart sing! Thank you.
    Can’t wait to see you live in Melbourne. Keep up the inspiring work. Liss.

  32. victoria_3912 says:

    Hey Guys!!
    Heard you on Nova the other day, you are totally awesome!!! I just phoned my son and told him I had downloaded your song Little Lion Man and how much I loved it. His prediction: No. 1 in Triple J top 100 for 2010, and he is usually pretty bloody close :) Keep it up guys and extremely well done!! P.S Love your down to earth web site too

  33. Anonymous says:

    heard lion man on the radio this week and it blew me away! got the album today . every track brilliant .good work lads

  34. Drummer says:

    Guys when are u crossing the water to Ireland?? Please let us know in advance!!

  35. meldor says:

    I have just finished reading Breath by Tim Winton, an interesting insight into small town Australia from the persoective of a teenage boy. It’s a great read by one of Australia’s best known writers.

  36. hearingsigner says:

    hello from american. houston, texas to be exact. i’ve been waiting for y’all to get a website since i dont know…forever :) congratulations. cant wait till the day that y’all are able to come over here.

  37. LouisaScrase says:

    sorry – that went on the wrong bit.. cant wait to see you guys again on Saturday! Love you ling time xx

  38. LouisaScrase says:

    this is a great idea, whats the first book??

  39. Anonymous says:

    Geday guys, as you can see tripple J is spreading the Mumford love, hear in Australia. I love Little Lion Man but The Cave is getting the better of me. I have only listened to the album 3 times so still getting the feel for it. Roll Away and White Blank along with Awake My Soul and Dust Bowl are moving up my chart at a fast rate. Do your selves a favour (and us) and get on The Big Day Out line up. You will be appriciated. Oby

  40. josephine says:

    You guys are the best I have heard in many many years I love finding little gems like yourselves please please come and play some more gigs in the uk, carling academy in birmingham is always a good venue !

  41. hayclare says:

    Heard you guys on triple j and became an instant fan..imagine my joy when you were announced for Laneway only to be completely devastated when I checked the Adelaide line up…PLEASE come to Adelaide

  42. Anonymous says:

    G’Day lads, congrats on the Album it’s absolutely awesome. Marcus your voice gets the blood flowing everytime…. Country Winston you rock……Ted the Torpedo very smooth……… and
    Ben simply cool as……. The songs on the album are superb and I look forward to many more albums in the future. Can’t wait to see you guys on stage in Australia, you will be welcomed and enjoyed by many!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hi =] My Names Alice And I’m 13 Years Old & I Live In North Norfolk…. Me And My Family Are Really Into Your Band. I First Heard You About 4 Days Ago On A Music Channel. I Told My Dad To Come In The Living Room Quick Befor Your Song Finished He Loved It The Second He Walked Through The Door And Bought Your Album Strate Away. I Love Your Pictures On Your Walk. Next Year I Am Taking My Options And Have Been Wanting To Studiey Photography Ever Since I Started High School. There A Insperation! x

  44. mrpink says:

    Glad to see you guys got a website up and running at last :0) I’ve been following you since first hearing White Blank Page nearly two years ago now I guess and not yet managed to see you live :0(
    I’m living in western Canada these days but coming home for a visit in the new year so hope to catch you somewhere then.
    Glad to see the album doing so well, you are finally starting to get the attention you deserve.
    Much Respect Mark

  45. Anonymous says:

    Just heard you on loose ends. Went straight to spotify and have listened to sigh no more 3 times with a glass of wine and fried potatoes and french beans – a night of soul food and passionate music.
    wish I had known about you at Glastonbury last year
    now I gotta get the lyrics sorted.
    please play in the south west sometime
    I will be passing this onto many others

  46. scottb says:

    I think i forgot to say that Little Lion Lion Man is the best song of the decade…if anyone has a problem with this then come and tell me face to face ‘cos I’m 6’7’ and 150kgs and will defend the best band ever…

  47. scottb says:

    Have inundated my wife with your glorious music…Little Lion Man, song of the year.

    Love you guys and your music.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Heard the music on Triple J here in Australia….love at first listen. Muchos gracias!

  49. jenmiskov says:

    This is such a great idea. Marcus, it was so great to see you again after so many years and you guys rocked it in Birmingham. I am off to California for a quick visit and excited to spread your music over there when i’m home. In regard to book club, I am publishing my first book called Silver to Gold, I intertwine U2’s song BAD throughout the story and some other music as well. Would you be open to doing one of your book reviews of the month on it? I can send you free copy http://www.silvertogold.com

  50. elisap says:

    As you know the single Little Lion Man has gone gangbusters on Triple J. Word is the album is just as fantastic. Can’t wait for it to be released here. Any chance of an Australian tour soon? Possibly bringing Laura Marling with you?

  51. scottb says:

    Love the website, love the music. Heard Marcus on Triple J a wondrously uncomplicated and unpretentious man and a great interviewee. First heard ‘Little Lion Man’ on the same station and fell instantly in love with it, it evokes in me vision of George Clooney in 1920’s period costume, runnin’ from someone he’s pissed off ( a woman no doubt), in a dust bowl of a state in the US, so dramatic, heartfelt, consuming and daring with just the right emphasis on that word. Come to Australia and sing!

  52. jonesandsons says:

    Hey lads, been awaiting your album for a while after falling in love with Laura Marling’s stuff earlier this year. What a better place this world becomes with souls like yours creating heartfelt honest music. Gutted to see you’ve just finished your UK tour, but hope you’ll come round again soon. Just missed out on tickets for Miss Marling too – oh well, finger not quite on the pulse huh? Truly moving songs chaps, keep it up, we need you to cut through the crap on Radio 1!

  53. Alice4Hatter says:

    I really can’t wait to see you in New York on Thursday! I just noticed you have a Wednesday show now, but sadly I’m from Philadelphia and it’s about a two hour train ride to NY. I’ll see if I can work things out and come to both shows. ;)

    – Rachel

  54. dan_ne_b says:

    Much love Mumford family!

  55. petereastwood says:

    Welcome indeed to you too. Congratulations on your album, it’s currently assisting me concentrate on a detailed drawing I’ve been finding too many excuses not to work hard on. I look forward to an eclectic site and the opportunity for more gigs in the west country.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! loving the book club! In the spirit of sharing the love for tomes of inspiration would be joyous to hear your ramblings on All my friends are Superheros should that ever make it onto the honoured list!