Watch again: iTunes Festival

Last night in London, Ben, Marcus, Winston and Ted got to celebrate the launch of the new album with a hometown headline show at London’s Roundhouse. The set was also streamed live worldwide.

If you missed it you can catch it again over here on the iTunes Festival homepage.

Here’s the setlist:

Lovers’ Eyes
Little Lion Man
White Blank Page
Not With Haste
Below My Feet
Roll Away Your Stone
Lover of the Light
Thistle & Weeds
Ghosts That We Knew
Awake My Soul
Whispers in the Dark
Dust Bowl Dance
Where Are You Now?
I Will Wait
The Cave

Big thanks to an amazing crowd and to everyone who tuned in.

M&S HQ x

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  1. eyelash007 says:

    I can’t seem to be able to get tickets for llandudno…is it sold out?

  2. northernlight59 says:

    I watched yesterday’s performance on my PC, and, this should go without saying, loved every minute of it. Now, everybody is waiting for a decent live concert DVD, right? So how about taking yesterday’s show and making a DVD out of it? Just the vid as it can still be seen on iTunes. No cuts or other changes necessary.

  3. sianyginger says:

    I booked mine half an hour ago, confirmation just come through

  4. dence77 says:

    Just got 4 seats for Belfast. Constant refreshing for 45 minutes. Bit concerned that I haven’t got an email confirmation. Password is “BabelTour”. You could get it by signing up for email updates but M&S site is seriously misbehaving at the minute so you probably can’t get the email.

  5. mbyzgdm says:

    echoing what chrispope has said below me……..throw us a bone guys…….please!

  6. why cant i get tickets? keeps saying forthcoming shows, password?

  7. chrispope says:

    Come on friendly fellow Mumford fans …. how about helping those of us out who are clearly fans and members but haven’t had a password email? Is there something we’ve not done?

  8. mbyzgdm says:

    Where do you get your password?

  9. chrispope says:

    Argh – so as a member I can log in to buy tickets but where am I supposed to find the password? Apparently it’s on an email but I haven’t got one …. help!

  10. matboslice says:

    Ive bought mine, no confirmation email though :S

  11. sianyginger says:

    keep trying and be patient, I kept persisting with refresh and I just got mine!good luck!

  12. Julieharvs says:

    What page am I looking for I see cookie info but nothing that says enable cookies

  13. Shivvy says:

    I got Mine! Keep refreshing and checking.

  14. tonysimmo59 says:

    i was paste ! ing in the code would not work until i punched it in myself ! Hmmmm !!!!

  15. Littlelionman1980 says:

    Julieharvs – scroll to the bottom of the page click on cookies and scroll down to your consent to use cookie, you will be able to enaable this from there.

  16. Littlelionman1980 says:

    Oh Yes Torquay here I come, 8 weeks time and I be a happy man.

  17. Julieharvs says:

    Got to add tickets but then said basket empty .. Gutted

  18. tonysimmo59 says:

    what happened to the tix ????? 9am?

  19. Linda12 says:

    how did you manage to but the tickets?

  20. Sally Evans says:

    I thought tickets were going on sale this morning at 0900???? Have I missed them?!

  21. Littlelionman1980 says:

    So want to see you guys live

  22. Gelfling says:

    Thank you so much!

  23. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    such a great performance!

  24. Michelletutt says:

    Wonderful stuff

  25. Royz says:

    Classssssssssssssss cant wait for you to come to Portsmouth