US: The Road To Red Rocks & Big Easy Express to air on Showtime

Word for US folks, especially those with as yet no prior commitments for this Friday evening or next.

Showtime will broadcasting both of the band’s films The Road To Red Rocks and the Big Easy Express, with The Road To Red Rocks set to go out at 8pm ET/PT on Friday 1st February and the Big Easy Express at the same time the following week on Friday 8th February.

You can watch the official trailers for both and more in this playlist on YouTube.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

Ps. if you want to buy either of these films here are the links:

For the Big Easy Express: DVD/Blu Ray | iTunes
The Road To Red Rocks: DVD/Blu Ray | iTunes

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  1. Johnny mc hugh says:

    Any Europe dates

  2. Lucas0514 says:

    Missed you in NJ/NY area… Please Please Please come back- Summer time would be nice.

  3. Tiffanycb7 says:

    Please add Huntsville, AL to your tour at some point. You would pack out the VBC in a heartbeat, no doubt!!

  4. Check out a photo set and article from Mumford & Son’s kicking off their tour in Boston!

  5. Please come back to cmac in canandaguia NY!!! you were awesome!!

  6. mikeluvs2fly says:

    I can’t believe you guys don’t have a single stop in CANADA !!! You HAVE to come here .. Ottawa/Montreal or Toronto !!!! PLS PLS PLS

  7. cheron says:

    please, please, please come to SA we neeeed you.

  8. adeuseterno says:

    One stop in Portugal is not enough! Tickets is already sold out. Come again ;)

  9. JulietB says:

    South Africa needs you!!!

  10. tapingal180 says:

    Though i have never seen you play live, I am in love with your music. I am sad to see that your earlier albums are no longer available seeing as I am in love with a song on there. I was wondering if you gentlemen would consider reproducing those albums? I hope you all have fun while touring and I hope that you make it to the west coast of America. Keep doing what you do, it’s pretty amazing.

  11. John G says:

    Boys, thanks for coming back to play in our area. I said that to Ted just before you guys opened for Levon when you played a Ramble last year. Unexplectedly Ted shared a toast with me. That evening was one of my (and my wife’s) fondest memories. We were lucky enough to score two tickets to the Barclay Center shows on Feb 6th and know you guys will put on a great show. Again, thanks for playing in our area. John G.

  12. Carlos53 says:

    Chicago will be ideal, hopefully Lollapalooza or something else!

  13. csmason says:

    SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Suzana says:

    Lisbon, must be a stop, again. March 2013 Sold out :(. Maybe in a Festival, or maybe next year in Rock in Rio, it will be spectacular in the Bela Vista Park. See you soon. Thanks for your music, the kids love it.

  15. I will be seeing you guys on Valentine’s Day in Fairfax!!!!! Can NOT wait!!!

  16. waterbaby819 says:

    Gentlemen! Alas! The iTunes link for ‘The Road to Red Rocks’ does not work for those of us in the U.S. Any news as to when it will be available for us? Thank you, thank you! Loved watching on Showtime and can’t wait to download and listen on my long road trips for work! Much love to you all!

  17. jsdlc1973 says:

    Montreal…..svp! Le Centre Bell est parfait pour vous.

  18. dester says:


  19. vickylane says:


  20. vickylane says:


  21. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    Can’t wait for GOTR locations in 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully somewhat near California.

  22. frankgrant says:

    if anyone needs a ride from CT to Boston next week let me know

  23. Ls12161 says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus! Can’t wait for yall to come to Dallas, Texas! ;-)

  24. KG1121 says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus!!!!!!!!

  25. bigcee says:

    happy birthday Marcus!!!!!

  26. hbfgxensi says:

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  27. caverx says:

    Happy Birthday! Marcus!
    Please schedule a tour of the States! Saint Louis Missouri needs Mumford&Sons; LIVE!

  28. geraldine.sheridan23 says:

    Happy Burthday Marcus ;) Keep up the Good work :D

  29. wrotaa says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus!:D

  30. Batman99 says:

    Happy birthday MARCUS !!!!! Have a good one!!

  31. bsoliver1 says:

    Marcus, Ben, Winston, Ted:

    1.) You guys are awesome, your songs never get old. I’ve had Babel on repeat since the release date (US). I’ve never favored a band as much as you guys, keep it going.
    2.) Marcus, Happy Birthday mate, I’ll drink extra in honor of your day.
    3.) Please come back to the states this year!! (Fairfax, VA, sold out before I had a chance)

  32. babette says:

    Happy Birthday Marcus, much love xxx

  33. Jamus F Trip says:

    So ehhh…
    The wife and I were lucky enough to catch the 1st night of the red rocks show…
    Was our 10 year anniversary trip…
    I however fail at filming with a phone so…
    Thank you much for this DVD release…
    As well as for your music…
    That night was the single best night of both our lives.
    Appreciate you much.

  34. hiresiri says:

    PLEASEEEEEEE come futher south! I need to see you guys, a long with the rest of my family! Come closer to Charlotte, NC!!!

  35. mand9966 says:

    Talk about rub it in, no dates for Brits to look forward to and now this. This is the third time I’ve had to type this message too, they just disappear. Is this web site run in the US by any chance.

  36. jessica.loverofthelight. says:

    This is great! I can’t wait to cheer both Mumford & Sons and Big Easy Express on at the Grammys! Also, Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to dear Marcus! <3 xoxo


    P.S. Canada needs more Mumford & Sons! ;)

  37. Lsmith77 says:

    I am happy to admit that I have nothing going on Friday night and therefore will be watching the best night of my life (thus far) on TV. Seriously, you guys were absolutely uh-may-zing. Hands down, best concert I’ve her been to. Plus it was so lovely meeting Winston and Ted. :-) can’t wait to get my package with all my Road to Red Rocks goodies.