UK: Secret Policeman’s Ball on Channel 4 tonight

As you may or may not know last weekend Mumford & Sons performed at Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York. Also performing on the night were Coldplay, Jon Stewart, Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman, David Walliams, Ben Stiller, Peter Serafinowicz… and a host of other familiar faces. 
It was a funny and fantistic celebration of all things free speech and UK homies with acces to a telly-box thing (aka a TV) can catch it tonight – Friday 9th March – on Channel 4 from 10pm.
Find out more over on the Amnesty International Facebook page. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Impeccable performance on renowned stage… For those in America, you can stream the entire show through EPIX ( quick registration required) at

  2. Barefoot says:


  3. Barefoot says:

    It was good! I loved the jumping :)))

  4. kingjemma says:

    I love you

  5. yaziemin says:

    Best part of the show X

  6. 6_Stringed_Boy says:

    You guys whooped it! Highlight of the show!

  7. wrotaa says:


  8. wrotaa says:

    I’m waiting for your new album guys ;) Greeting from Poland.

  9. ebrazzill says:

    I’m going to see Laura Marling tonight! I’ll have to record it :’)x