We’ve worked so hard over the years to keep our ticket prices reasonable – we want all of our fans to be able to come to our shows.  We’ve also done everything we can to keep our tickets from finding their way on to re-selling sites.  Many tickets on secondary sites are being sold by touts who are simply in the business of ripping off the fan by charging an extortionate amount for sold out shows.  The activities of these touts are very sophisticated: they hire coders to try to break the software of the ticket companies that we hand-pick to sell our tickets in the first place (Primary Ticket sellers); they use multiple identities to buy several batches of tickets from the same ticket seller; and (contravening UK law) they pose as individual consumers when they list tickets on these services with no mention of seat number or row, when actually they’re businesses with no intention of going to the shows buying tickets in bulk to sell on.  It’s our hope that secondary ticketing companies root this out to stop it happening on their sites, and that they shut it down.

By our estimation when this tour went on general sale there were roughly 6,000 tickets out there on secondary ticket platforms across the UK tour, including 1,500 for each night at the O2 in London.  People may argue that those tickets have already been sold and we’re getting the money anyway.   But that’s not how we see it.  We want fans of the band to be able to get into our shows for the right price, to feel that they’ve got value for money.  We want every seat in a sold out show to be filled with a fan.  Why do we care so much?  Because it’s not right, it hurts our fans and it’s a problem for all artists.

Yes, there are some fans legitimately trying to sell on tickets to other fans because they can’t make a show for whatever reason – but we believe this is a tiny percentage of the business being conducted on secondary tickets sites.  We strongly urge you to use a platform like Twickets, ScarletMist and other face-value-only sites if you can’t make a show and need to sell on your tickets (also look on the forum at the ‘Buying/Selling Tickets (Face Value Only)’ thread).  Sites like these won’t allow you to re-sell the ticket for a profit.  This makes them unusable to touts.

Behind the scenes over the years, we have tried a lot of different ways to beat the touts including trying to get as many of the tickets as possible for a show to sell ourselves through ticket companies that we choose; we hold back tickets to put back on sale at face value nearer to the show so that fans have a second bite of the cherry at buying tickets at the right price, we’ve cancelled thousands of orders by arduously going through ticket purchases order-by-order to weed out known touts and dodgy credit cards; we’ve even gone as far as to put all of the tickets in one US tour we did into a lottery system so that we were able to remove all of the touts before only inviting legitimate fans to buy the tickets.  We need your help to win this battle.  We urge you again to use face-value only Secondary ticketing sites either to sell or buy tickets.

We personally went in to the UK’s Department of Culture, Music and Sport last Thursday morning and met with Professor Waterson who’s conducting an independent Parliamentary Review into this issue of Secondary Ticketing.  We voiced our concerns, and we’ve been welcomed to give them more evidence of these bad practices, which we will do.  In the meantime if any of you has a bad story to tell about buying tickets via Secondary Ticketing sites, the Review would welcome your feedback.   Tell your friends, maybe they’ve had a bad experience at another artist’s show.  The address is:  (You will get a message back saying that the deadline for submitting evidence has passed, but we’ve managed to get an extension until 18th December). For more information, see here.

Winston Marshall, Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett and Adam Tudhope (Manager)


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  1. Rene_Capron says:

    Good evening. The day your tickets went on sale in Denver for the September 28th show I purchased them. Today I received an email from the venue, Fiddlers Green, and AXS, the party who sold the tickets, informing me that the tickets I bought had been cancelled and my money refunded. I called and they told me I purchased too many tickets, except I only purchased the amount that was allowed. Now I don’t have any tickets to go to the show, and will need to buy them from a resale site. The show is sold out, I have been waiting years to go so scheduled my calendar and purchased the tickets the day they went on sale . I did everything according to the rules. Fiddlers Green and/or AXS, on their own canceled my tickets. Please tell me what you would like those of us who purchased the tickets fair and square on the day they went on sale, but now have had them canceled out from under us, are supposed to do.

  2. Ana_Cristina_Azevedo says:

    I just got to know about the credit card entry at the Toronto concert on June 13th. I could only get 1 ticket but would like to go with my husband, so now I need to go the venue anyway, either to buy another ticket from someone who is there to swipe the credit card, or to sell my ticket to someone. Mine is a very good seat (Section 203, Row S), so in case someone here wants to either buy or sell one ticket, please contact me: anacrisazevedo at hotmail com

  3. Mathieu_Kouri says:

    Trying to find two tickets for the Ottawa Canadian Tire Centre show and only ones available are through those online resale sites that are so extremely overpriced… Wife going through a though time with cancer treatment and will probably end up paying the overpriced tickets but this is really a plague for the industry…

  4. Biking10 says:

     I’ve been waiting for Mumford and Sons to come back to Minnesota. Tried to buy tickets, but already on the secondary market. I chose not to purchase the tickets, but to be really honest it was hard. I’ve wanted to finally go to a concert with my 27 yr old son for the first time as I was well enough to go this time. This is the only group that I could tolerate when he was growing up that he listened to – I grew to love listening to them. But, after reading this I felt like I had to honor what they’re trying to do. It’s not right! It was really hard leaving work tonight – feeling pretty bummed  thinking I could be driving the two hrs. to the Cities, just getting to spend time with my son tonight and enjoy great music would’ve been amazingly fun! Hope and pray that things change!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    From a Mom who cares!

  5. uraniumrich says:

    @dbolt370 I have two tickets for the concert this Sunday in Indianapolis.  Section 15 (lower bowl).  Selling for face value 152.05 plus any PayPal fees you incur.

  6. uraniumrich says:

    @ckfresian I have two tickets for the concert this Sunday in Indianapolis, just a little more than 3 hours away.  Section 15 (lower bowl).  Selling for face value 152.05 plus any PayPal fees you incur.

  7. Jonathan_Lynxwiler says:

    My wife attempted to surprise me with tickets for my birthday (Feb. 3).  We are going to the show tomorrow night (Apr.16). The tickets were only available through StubHub because the show was sold out and she (unknowingly) paid $155 a ticket for 4 tickets that are $59.50 face value.  One of our party won’t be able to show and there’s not a chance in the world to sell the ticket for anything close to what we paid.  Kudos to you, Mumford and Sons, for trying to do something about it and to everyone else, watch out for these scams! 

  8. asteege says:

    I too, fell for the touts price gauging techniques for the Tulsa show on 4/6/16.  Bought 3 tickets for the lower level seating at $220 a piece since the tickets were sold out the day of, my only alternative was going thru a “reputable” secondary market.  So much for the die hard fans actually making plans and being proactive.  This week, same area tickets are going for less than $100 on the same secondary ticket site.  The only thing we learned was to wait until the week of the show and make the touts eat their profits.  War against the ticket touts!!!

  9. nikkim says:

    Get ready…this is a long one…but, it needs to be told. I went to the Woodlands, TX concert and it was INCREDIBLE. It was an experience I will never forget. 

    Unfortunately, we almost didn’t get to experience it. I purchased my tickets from a resale site back in November 2015. I paid $189 each ticket. I live in Oregon, but chose this venue as it was the first show, and seemed to be a great atmosphere. So, my Daughter and I flew from Oregon, stayed in the Woodlands – just to see Mumford for my 40th Birthday. 

    Much to my surprise, after having a little trouble at the gate – with scanning the ticket, they scanned it through. He initially told me it wasn’t a valid ticket, and that they didn’t accept paper tickets. But, after I persisted that he at least try to see if it works…Low and behold…it scanned. I was relieved! 

    I then proceed to purchase merchandise, and then headed to our seats, only to be told that we had to leave the area, and go back outside of the gates, because our tickets were not accepted. I was told to go back to the box office window to see if I could get it reissued in the paper format. There were at least 20-30 fans out front of the pavilion, some of them angry, some of them in tears!. They were all holding similar paper printed tickets, that they too had paid for. These tickets were purchased from very popular, reputable resale sites here in America. 

    We were all told by the venue – that as of that day…they were no longer accepting tickets which were purchased from a resale site. We were turned away, even though they were legit tickets which scanned through, as I’m sure everyone else in line too legitimately paid for. I am one who doesn’t really take no for an answer, so I kept trying, and trying with different people at different windows. Other’s gave up and left.

    I understand not wanting ticket re-sale sites not wanting to make a profit, but to turn away fans that legitimately paid for tickets was absolutely wrong of the Pavilion to do. I know it’s not Mumford and Sons fault too…of course. But, the venue should have at least tried to scan them, and if they scanned…then they should have been accepted. Otherwise, a notification to all of those that paid for tickets should have been made by the Pavilion, or on their site. I flew across 6 states  for the experience, and almost didn’t get to see them. The only reason I was let in, was because I asked them to try to scan it and the fact that I bought $200 in merchandise; I think it made it difficult to say no. We were admitted, and I am pretty sure it’s because the nice man felt for me having come all that way…and having it scan. He said they would make an exception.

    There were many  unlucky people that didn’t get in, and it’s unfortunate – because they are fans. I’m not sure who won on this one, but I do know that there were over 30 empty seats in my vicinity that were not filled because the pavilion wouldn’t let them in. I’m sure there were a lot more. Which was strange, considering I was told it was a sold out show by the box office. So why should those tickets go unused? It’s an issue of many layers that must be addressed, but not at the expense of the fans, or anyone elses. But, better communication of policies in place could have helped in this case.

    I feel terrible that all of those fans were not admitted while their seats sat empty. It doesn’t make sense. I know is that someone made a profit on those seats, but we all know that when we purchase them from resale sites. But, nobody used these tickets. 

    And the only ones that suffered was the fan. My Daughter and I were the lucky ones. 

    I thought that Mumford should know what occurred there, as this was a huge blow to those that couldn’t see the show. This is a huge issue, but in this case it wasn’t the resale site, it was the venue.  So sorry this is so long…but I would hate for anyone to have to go through what we all did, and be turned away by another venue, or for an upcoming show at the pavilion. 

    Beware, and make sure the venue will accept your paper ticket before you fly over 6 states to get there…AMAZING CONCERT and it was everything I could have hoped for, and more. 

    Thank you!!!!! and again, my apologies for the short “essay”.      

  10. ckfresian says:

    I tried to buy tickets to the st Louis mo concert for my daughter 18the birthday and graduation

    she was very heartbroken and sad cause all the tickets are too expensive for us to purchase

    she plays banjo and this is her ultimate favorite band and I don’t understand why tickets are too high to purchase

    and I have to see her disappointed for not seeing the band that her heart was wanting to see

    it just sad :(:(

  11. stub11 says:

    I went to the concert yesterday in Houston and the face value on the tickets was 59.00 and paid $289 for 2 tickets.  The price they charged for the tickets was not so overpriced but the shipping and handling was outrageous.  This seller was actually the most reasonable that I could find.  The show was great and I was glad I purchased them but I thought how much better could this had been if I was lucky enough to purchase them at face value.

  12. dbolt370 says:

    This is obviously a huge problem here in the US as well. I tried during the pre-sale, to get 2 tickets to the Indianapolis show and the site was saying “Sold Out” within SECONDS of starting the sale!!! I really love this band and its going to be really hard knowing they are so close to me on April 23rd ( I once rode a train for 36 hours to a M&S show!!) but not being able to see them play live again.

  13. Francoise_Vulpe says:

    I looked just now for tickets; I am in Toronto and have not been following the band, Will be now!! I don’t know if the guys read this, but I have been attending Blue Rodeo ‘s annual highly anticipated show at the amphitheatre for years. They have obsessed fans here, very loyal. They too keep their prices low, $25.00 low for lawn tix for the annual summer show. I have never been unable to get a ticket. I wonder what Blue Rodeo has done to outsmart the touts? Maybe it’s worth asking ?? Hoping there was a hold back. …..

  14. ItzyBitzyOne says:

    Obviously this isn’t working. As soon as the tickets for the Saratoga Springs show (in June) went on sale, they were sold out within seconds. They are being sold on third party websites for triple the amount. Which means I’ll miss yet another one of your shows. :( 

  15. JessieG says:

    Is there a similar forum we can contact in Canada to stop this activity?  Same situation here, my 10yo son and I are huge fans and I wanted to take him for his 11th birthday but could not buy tickets and won’t pay 4, 5, 6, times the face value, since the money is not going to the band.   If it was it would be a different story! :)

  16. Greekpytianguy says:

    This is clearly not working by any means.  Regarding the June 13th show in Toronto I have been informed that the venue/promoter has issued a CREDIT CARD entry policy with NO EXCEPTIONS.  However the venue itself is reselling tickets at a hefty premium and when I reached out to a Third Party Venue on kijji asking him them how they are circumventing the CREDIT CARD entry policy, they told me they have legit PDF tickets that they can sell and to remember that unlike the general public they have preferred access to such tickets.

    I just dont see how this policy is helping any thing as third party vendors are obviously getting preferential treatment.

    Currently I am in a bit of a jam as I purchased two tickets as a gift for someone and have no way of an exception to this strict policy that is obviously not being enforced to all.

  17. Stanley_Road says:

    There are still loads of tix available at inflated prices all over the net so it isn’t working.  maybe the cardholder that bought the tickets should be required to show up as proof.

  18. matthewleon10gmailcom says:

     I have been a huge Mumford and Sons fan since I was 12. Literally every night I dream of being at one of their concerts. Unfortunately, with the circumstances I am in I cannot afford to pay $150 for a lawn ticket. Mumford and Sons, please help me out <3 

  19. Lulub82 says:

    This is heartbreaking once again. I tried last year to purchase tickets for a special friends birthday. All were sold out almost immediately.. And Unfortunately paying the expensive ticket resalers was just not in my budget. This year I tried again with the same outcome, except I was able to get us tickets to Okeechobee, with the main exciting goal of surprising my friend with seeing his favorite band Mumford and Sons. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to return home early in the morning on the day that they were going to play that night..

  20. Karen_Helling_Caporale says:

    I understand everyone’s frustration, and have had the same experience for other bands. I came to this site because I was hoping to find out how to exchange or sell tickets in a fair manner. Stub hub and those sites charge you to sell your seats as well. I too have never seen Mumford and Sons, but love the band and their music. I purchased four tickets from SPAC when they went on sale and have four seats in the arena section 12. I do not want to sell them for profit, I just do not want to lose my money either. I would love to see them in Forest Hills as that show, Friday I would be able to attend. I am happy to sell my SPAC seats for the cost I paid plus whatever postage costs. Where do honest people go to do this without being ripped off by the selling sites? Is there a RIGHT way to do this? Not all of the tickets are being sold by thieves.

  21. Karen_Helling_Caporale says:

    @bennybicabogart where are you located?

  22. bennybicabogart says:

    I makes me so sad as well.  My best friend just survived a massive hear attack.  He is healthy, fit, and doesn’t smoke or drink.  His initial  prognosis was very grim but against all odds, after 10 days in hospital, he is alive and 90% healthy with no residual effects.  We are both huge Mumford and Sons fans and have tried to see them in the past but tickets are always sold out but lots available on secondary sites. Was going to surprise him with tickets for his miracle recovery but they were sold out before I could.  May still have to buy them from another source because he deserves this treat!  Keep up the good fight boys.  So frustrating! 

  23. EclecticPete says:

    I did the same andrew waited without refreshing for 20 min and got kicked out saying no tickets right now.  I just checked stubhub and there are over 600 tickets available at outrageous prices.  600 tickets that could have gone to the general public that want to go there to appreciate the music not make a profit.  I am from Hamilton and luckily just went on to the Ottawa venue and was fortunate to grab tickets so they are still available in Ottawa and also Qubec city, I am hoping to hit up Osheaga so Ottawa will have to do for me hehe.

  24. muirandrew123 says:

    I had the same problem. I was ready at 10 cause I knew Mumford and Sons, would be a popular tickets. Watched the countdown and just waited and watch the Ticketmaster icon, saying sit tight. until it came up say no tickets available. Just very frustrating. And I did the same went to a couple for different site and the all seem to have a bunch of ticket for sale, for almost twice to ticket price.

  25. celiafs2009 says:

    I was up nice and early on the countdown for the sales and tried for 40 minutes before giving up with no tickets! :(  And of course stubhub is flooded with them.  These sites should be illegal!  :(  I’ve been dying to see M&Sons for years now but will miss it yet again. :(

  26. Sarah_Bee1 says:

    Woke up early to buy General Admissions tickets to the Toronto show June 13th… 3 days before my birthday. Had the webpage on countdown exactly at 10 am and still couldn’t even get tickets. I’ve been waiting years to see Mumford because I’ve always been out of the country for shows in my home town… Even tried to buy tickets in the UK I was so determined. Unfortunately most of the tickets were already bought up by stubhub and the venue (Molson Amp) is also trying to sell the tickets for highly inflated prices (250-1000$). Sad I’ll be missing Mumford again due to this. Keep fighting the good fight! I hope you’ll be able to find a solution to this problem and hopefully I’ll see you next time! 

  27. Amanda_Davis2 says:

    Gentlemen of the Road, Gentlemen of their Fans…thank you for talking a stand on our behalf!

  28. Stacie_Grosso says:

    Last summer I paid 230.00 for a 75.00 non-lawn, seated ticket(very far from the stage) to see Mumford and Sons at Merriweather Post in Maryland via Stub Hub. I justified the price because I had been wanting to see them for years. The tickets were announced long after Merriweather’s season schedule had been released. So we had no choice if we wanted to go to the concert but to pay those kinds of prices. I was aggrivated that I had been what I thought was my vigilance in watching the concert schedule, only to find the concert sold out before I even knew about it. I found that to be sneaky and unfair. However, the concert was absolutely outstanding and a thrill the entire time. But, it still gave my heartburn to know how I was taken advantage of just to see one of my favorite bands perform.

    Music should be accessible to all, not difficult to experience for those of varying ages and income levels. People have lost sight of what music is really about at its core.

    Pearl Jam fought Ticketmaster about this similar issue back in the 90s with what seems like little resolution. I’m hopeful and optimistic that the side with the best intentions will come out on top.

    Mumford and Sons, keep fighting the good fight.

  29. Eugenia_Walters says:

    . I’m not even sure where to begin but I’ll start with I will forever thank Pandora for playing years ago lover of the light which led me to just want to hear more and instantly and still today I’m inspired by your music so thank you so it brings me to my plea of waiting watching and craving to see you perform your true art live unfortunately I have always failed to be able to get tickets to a show the most heartbreaking one being your upcoming show in Wisconsin which was sold out before I had an opportunity you can obtain a ticket which is great for you because you’re amazing but breaks my heart that I can’t fulfill a bucket list item to see you live I humbly request as a mother of three young children who doesn’t get out much or doesn’t ask for much and work 50 plus hours a week to make ends meet if you can by chance have two tickets available for my husband and I to buy to the Wisconsin show you will forever be in my debt thank you for the consideration and I wish you well

  30. dbolt370 says:

    This is one of the reasons that you are so loved by your fans! We know that you guys love and appreciate us as much as we love and appreciate you. Thank you for that! The Bankers Life Fieldhouse show in Indianapolis was showing that it was sold out something like 23 seconds after the tickets went on “pre-sale”. You could easily see that something wasn’t right but that didn’t help lessen the disappointment. The thought of Mumford and Sons being so close to my home and knowing that I am unable to be there is soul crushing!!! I certainly want to see you bad enough to pay $250-$300 for a ticket, however even if I could afford to do that, I won’t! I won’t support the touts in doing what they have done!!!

  31. Sandra_Kruse says:

    Thanks for keeping your tickets so reasonably priced and for your attempts to keep tickets out of the hands of secondary sellers. We are very disappointed that we missed our chance to get tickets for the Madison show, which are now being sold at $250 (minimum) per ticket on these secondary sites. Everyone in our family (13 people!) is a huge fan but we will have to wait for the next time you tour and hope we get on ticketmaster the minute your tickets go on sale. Have a great tour. Peace.

  32. Kelly_Longenecker says:

    Nashville sold out in minutes on Ticketmaster.   Lots of tickets available on resale market so I guess we could buck up and go.   Mumford asks me to not buy 4 tickets at minimum $150 each, I’ll do it and stick it to the proverbial man.    We’ll use that money to buy another guitar and sit around the camp fire on April 15 and pick our own Mumford Songs…….screw vivid seats and the other ticket touters.     That’ll show ’em.    Just think if we all did it, just think if we all for a second decided to take action and keep your hard earned money

    .    Stop your bitching people, read the fine print and put your big boy pants on.   It’s so hard for you!   You all sound like a bunch of spoiled american brats.   Take the money you would pay for overpriced tickets and donate it to some organization that can do good with it.    The music is still great and you can still be big Mumford fans and life and the show will go on.      

    If anyone has 4 tickets to the Nashville show I will buy them for face value. :)

  33. rudibotharb says:

    Thanks for an amazing evening in Cape Town, South Africa last night. Amazing show!

  34. sayspence says:

    I bought 2 tix and paid too much. Amazing how they scan- I had to pick a mode a delivery on the right- while my total was on the left. As I picked it there were movements that caught your eye while on the other side it updated your total adding a $225 service fee. I didn’t catch the change and submitted my order then realized it. I immediately called the company and of course, non refundable. Unbelievable. I know I paid too much BEFORE the device fee but this is my daughters only wish for the last 1 1/2 years. I had to make sure I didn’t disappoint her. She said its her birthday and Christmas for the next 2 years. She absolutely LOVES you guys. I guess I’ll be paying it off for years and each time I make a payment I’ll think of the wonderful memories we created.

  35. Kirstenma78 says:

    Today was a heartbreak.   I received the email that 4 of my tickets had been cancelled that I purchased minutes after going on sale.  I am to blame for not reading the fine print and understanding the limits – but I assumed when my card was charged and weeks had passed, I was all good.  I was in charge of purchasing tickets for a group of friends.  Had I known about this rule – we certainly would have purchased individually.  I am all for taking measures to end touting – it is a disgusting way to make a buck, but I have never sold a ticket of any sort to make a profit.  I have been a member of ticketmaster for many years and I feel like my purchase history should tell my story.  The only other tickets I have purchased for this year are peppa the pig for our children.  Nothing in bulk and less than 5 events each year for well over a decade.  I am certainly to blame – but I would appreciate the ticket companies making this information on limits very bold going forward because a handful of real fans are being punished.  They send dozens of emails about upcoming events, they could throw one in with the policy changes.  Love the music and appreciate the steps being taken to protect us all.  I will know better next time.  

  36. Crystal_Heaton says:

    My email is

  37. Crystal_Heaton says:

    If at all possible please come to my fiancée and mine wedding this year. We listen over and over to your Red Rocks concert. We couldn’t afford the tickets to see you in Charlotte. Our hearts are broken, the scalpers took all the tickets so quick. We love you guys!!!!!!

  38. Isabel_Luque_Risto says:

    So nice that the band is concern for their fans! I have been surging for tyckets for two months now but the second sale prices are crazy here in Sweden. But because is a dream for me to see the band life i am thinking of buying a ticket thats not too expensive and hope thats not a false one. 

  39. Deb_Pyper_Zimmerman says:

    Another example of what a class act you fellows are.  I salute you for staying true to the Gentlemen that you are!!

  40. Steph_Smith says:

    @Jeff_Schafer – If you love Mumford & Sons so much, don’t you think it a little distasteful to threaten that they’ll be losing two fans if you don’t get your tickets? Especially when they’re not the ones selling them, not to mention that what happened is out of their control. That’s a little unfair, don’t you think? More so than the ticket company taking your tickets.

    Why can’t you use the four tickets you purchased previously? If you gave them
    to friends, ask for them back. If they paid you money, give them their money
    back. Originally, you and your wife purchased the tickets so you could go and
    it was a bonus (at the time) to have two extras. I’m sure they’ll understand when you tell them why you need the tickets back… but you could just suck it up and let someone else enjoy the show since you’ve been
    fortunate enough to go in the past.

    I don’t mean to sound patronizing, and I definitely don’t want
    to start a fight, but there are so many things you can do to go to this show…
    you’re just choosing not to. My advice would be to do the above, where you get
    two of your four tickets back, or to keep contacting the ticket company – ask
    to speak to someone of authority. If you’re denied, keep calling. If you’re
    given attitude, file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Or you could always wait to see if more tickets are offered for that show as the date draws nearer.

  41. Jeff_Schafer says:

    My wife and I have been longtime Mumford and Sons fans.  We live in Charlotte, North Carolina and have traveled to Bristol, Tennessee, New York City and South Carolina to see our favorite band perform.  My wife and I, along with other loyal friends always purchase the General Admission tickets to be right next to the stage.  

    When news broke that Mumford and Sons were coming to Charlotte, North Carolina on April 14, 2016 we were ecstatic!

    Because of being fans and purchasing tickets in the past, we received an email from the band letting us know that we could purchase tickets using a pre-sale code.  Knowing Mumford and Sons tickets sell out very quickly, on the day the pre-sale tickets went on Ticketmaster, we were by our computers in anticipation for purchasing General Admission tickets.

    At first, because of the amount of people trying to log in, we were unable to even get tickets.  Then, my wife refreshed the page and four (4) tickets popped up for section 201.  Though these weren’t the tickets we wanted, they were tickets to the show.  We were going!

    About an hour later, my wife gave it another shot just to see if any General Admission tickets were somehow still available.  We both were extremely excited when two (2) tickets for General Admission popped up!  Immediately we purchased these General Admission tickets.

    These two General Admission tickets were ours, Victoria and myself.  The other four tickets we were going to let other friends purchase from us or let family members who are starting to like the band have them.

    We were set for April 14th!!

    Then, awful news came.  Right before the holiday’s we received an email letting us know that our two General Admission tickets were taken from us and put back for resale.  I called Ticketmaster to figure out why and they informed me of the ticket “scandal” that the band is currently fighting and that there was a ticket limit.

    No email, phone call or any attempt of a contact was made to us prior to this email.  I would gladly have given back the first four tickets and kept our General Admission tickets if I would have known about this.  We didn’t think twice about it.

    This is extremely dissatisfying as you can pull up our ticket history to show that we are not scalpers or trying to make money off your show.  We both are huge fans and have gone to extreme measures to see previous shows.

    As we sit on January 7, 2016 (today), if nothing is done about this, we will not be attending the April 14th concert with the four tickets we still have and Mumford and Sons will be losing two fans because of this situation.

  42. mrwhite6453 says:

    Thank you guys soooo much. I was able to purchase tickets to the Houston TX show that was sold out minuets after they went on sale. Now I am going to be able to take my 11 year old who loves yall to his first mumford concert. Thanks again guys yall are so awesome for doing this.

  43. TimRyan8888 says:

    I run a startup in the U.S. called Upriise that is working to end ticket touting.  It’s entirely possible to vex ticket touts, create an orderly and easy purchasing process, give fans a refund if they can’t go, and ensure everyone who attends concerts pays face value.  Technology solutions like the one we are building can handle this, and certainly TicketMaster and AXS could do it , as well, if they were incentivized to do so.

    But if we’re going to fix ticketing we have to start acknowledging that bots and faceless ticket touts are only part of the problem…perhaps a smaller part of the problem.  It is likely the case that a large percentage of tickets never make it onto primary ticketing sites in the first place because insiders are diverting tickets directly to secondary markets and/or a network of ticket brokers.  A BBC documentary from 2014 uncovered this very practice, in fact.  It’s difficult to know just how pervasive this practice is, but therein lies the issue.

    Any technology solution will only be a band-aid fix until we have better transparency of ticket inventory with specific information about tickets holds (including seat locations) and how many tickets actually get sold to the public on primary ticketing websites and box offices.  If we can couple that with requirements to disclose the identities of sellers on secondary markets, we will start to address the real problem and make it more difficult for insiders to profit under-the-table.

    Lastly, artists are not entirely without blame, although perhaps M&S less so. Big name acts often want their paychecks up-front from promoters while requesting that ticket prices stay low and while also asking for 80% or more of the proceeds from those ticket sales.  This creates an environment where promoters must scalp tickets to keep from going under. 

  44. casi63 says:

    It didn’t happen in the UK but for your WI show, let me just say I had tix to your Chicago show which was canceled was unable to make the rescheduled show, when WI went on sale I was to buy the day before but it sold out in 30 seconds? 1/2 hour later they were already on ticket sites for 3x the amount! Been trying ever since, this happens way to often!

  45. capecoral4sale says:

    You can’t possibly be serious about your disdain for the resale of tickets.  If you were, then you would not allow Ticketmaster, who owns Tickets Now, one of the largest resale ticketing companies, to manage the sale of tickets for your shows.  Go ahead, and put your foot down now and tell us your fans that you will NO LONGER allow Ticketmaster to handle the sale of your tickets.   The reality is you wont do it, because you need them.  So while you make a post like this and pretend to make a stand and come out on the side of righteousness, in the end you will back down and not do anything about it.  Why, because you and all the other artist that complain about this wont do what it takes to solve the real problem.  It is very simple, its called Economics 101!  Supply vs Demand.   The easiest way, you as an artist can solve the problem is by adding more shows till the supply exceeds the demand.   Why wont you do that?   So please stop writing articles like this pretending to SO upset, when you as the artist have the ability to solve the problem.   But I am sure you will tell us all, it’s just not that easy to not work with Ticketmaster or play more shows.  Until then, I have lost respect for your little soap box speech.

  46. bea_556 says:

    I am really glad that you are listening to your fans.  I bought and paid for four tickets to see you in Cardiff on the 5th December .  I had a confirmation in September with allocated section, level and balcony.  Email stated tickets may not be released until the week of the concert.  Three days before the event I had an email to say the tickets were not available.  Tickets issued via secondary seller Viagogo.  Gutted was an understatement.  You have my vote regarding getting rid of ticket touts as they let so many people down with cancelled tickets because they have found buyers who will pay treble and people like me who paid months in advance lose out.  Maybe next year when you tour I may get lucky enough to get a genuine seller. 

  47. Veritas7 says:

    Well said guys.

    However, I am equally disappointed by the fact that you will not provide me with a refund for your Manchester show, despite the fact I have medical evidence which prevented my attendance. Furthermore, even if I hadn’t been ill, a well documented Northern Rail cancellation prevented any possible chance of attending the show.

  48. seekingfelicitytravels says:

    My bf feels so strongly about this issue . He gets pretty worked up about it since it really makes it harder for us to buy tickets to concert shows, sports game, etc. Thank you for being very proactive about this! We love you guys all the more for this! btw, we truly enjoyed your concert at the O2 arena last dec9. cheers! -catherine