Design Time

Many a time the band are given or sent artworks by fans, and many a time they are left stunned at how good these pieces are.

So with a new merch range on the horizon, Marcus, Ben, Ted and Winston thought it might be an idea to turn the design tables and celebrate your creativity. We are very excited to invite you to design a t-shirt for their new official range. Here’s word from the guys about what they’re looking for…

“The emphasis here is on originality. We’re really keen to see some totally new ideas, using fresh designs and imagery and unlike any of our previous tour ranges. We’ll be looking to add the winning design to our new range. Thanks for taking part and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

Entries should be submitted via Talenthouse – click here for the full details. Deadline: 30th May. Voting opens: 31st May. Winner announced: 10th June.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Much love
M&S HQ x

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  1. SilvanaP says:


  2. mand9966 says:

    Good luck to all that have willingly entered…I think it’s a fab idea, & so do all real fans. Those whose are moaning…. go and complain elsewhere, this is for Mumford fans. I’m sure there will be a forum somewhere for collective whingeing, producing enough hot air to do something positive with your griping!

  3. Artist :) says:

    I love the idea but WHY do u have to be 18. I love art and would have a chance if I was 18 but I’m only 13!

  4. shannon_b says:

    This is an absolutely amazing oppurtunity, i feel so priveliged to even enter. Luckily my art project was mumford inspired so a little adapting and it should be brilliant! Best of luck to everyone who enters. You are genuinely the best, kindest most brilliant guys in the music business x

  5. SpringFlowers says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! This is so exciting! I was planning to give you guys a drawing as a thank you for your wonderful music, and now I have a chance to show it for sure!! I love you guys so much and this is going to be a great artistic challenge for me! Even if I don’t win, I still know that you will see it, which is what counts! I will try my best!! I do not care if I get paid or not! What matters is that I am drawing something for my most favorite band in the world. Your music makes me so happy and I am so excited!!

  6. Hannah :D says:

    Awesome idea, boys! It’s nice that you take such an interest in your fans; keep it coming! Oh, and BTW, I wish all you jerks would stop saying it’s “wrong” to ask us to design without getting paid. You are totally missing the point of the contest: not to make money, but to take this oppotunity to share both our creativity and our love of music with the world in this unique way. I’m sure all of us REAL Mumfie fans consider it a privilege, whether we win or not, to offer our best ideas to our favorite band :D

  7. hey Monika & bitebee dont go bitching about a contest that could start someones career if you dont like having to be creative for free and not being garnered to get paid then you have the wrong attitude from the start, so dont even enter and stop wasting other peoples time

  8. wendels28 says:

    Please please please come to South Africa. You guys are awesome the best I would be sooooo excited and the happiest girl in the world you guys rock you are my favourite band. Please come to South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bitebee says:

    Hey HadaRigby,

    Why don’t you watch the video and fully understand what spec work means. Just because the winners get prizes its not cool cos all the other designer basically work for free. M&S get to pick and choose whoever works best for them, therefore screwing over the rest.

    I tots agree with you Monika! They’re asking people for free work… not cool.

  10. emilywatson says:

    It stinks that you have to be over 18 I’m 16 and I really wanted to this, maybe the opportunity will come about again in two years, crossing my fingers

  11. melalic says:

    Hey M&S that sounds amazing :) can’t wait to get started on a design. Thanks for being such an amazing band can’t wait to see you at splendour in the grass!

  12. HadaRigby says:

    Hello Monika, why don’t you look at the contest before criticising?

    ” Mumford & Son’s Choices
    Mumford & Sons goodie bag
    People’s Choice
    Mumford & Sons goodie bag”

    Love the idea, besides the prize. Something brilliant will get out of this, for sure.

  13. Monika Hoex says:

    Asking people to work for free isn’t cool:

  14. Have got an awesome idea cant wait thanks for the opportunity x