The Road To Red Rocks – preview a clip

The Road To Red Rocks, the film documenting the band’s live concert at Red Rocks amphitheatre in Colorado, is not so very long away for readers from the UK.

In fact the standard DVD (or Blu Ray) edition is released here on Monday, with the Babel Gentlemen of the Road Edition (including the album, DVD and live CD) to follow on 3rd December, closely followed by the Road To Red Rocks Special Edition (including the album, DVD and live vinyl) on 10th December.

Until then however, you may have already seen the official trailer, and now you can watch a new clip of the band performing ‘Little Lion Man’ over here on MSN (select HD for the full effect). The clip will be coming to YouTube from tomorrow too.

Much love

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  1. makethisplaceyourhome says:

    I would cry if you guys came to Chicago or even better, Milwaukee. I know where I live there are A LOT of people who love mumford and sons. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like you. I would love to see you all in concert! If you don’t make it up here, that’s alright, I still think you’re the best band ever!

  2. DavidLawson33 says:

    Amazing and fun music. Can’t wait till you come to Toronto, Canada again. Too bad I did not know your music back in 2011.

  3. Bored with not coming to South Carolina yet? Why not come to Charleston SC?! We’re the #1 tourist city… :D And we LOVE YOUR MUSIC so much!!

  4. Lee Brown says:

    This sounded amazing. I’ll have to buy this when it comes out! Really good show, can’t wait for it to come out.

  5. oimy says:

    Well lads Just to shout out Love your band and everthing about ye and was wondering could you possibly add an extra date for ireland or even better tour ireland for a week next year ,i want to go see ye but tickets are soldout and ones i can find are being sold at twice and triple the price again love the music and the band Ta very much for reading

  6. DaveW121 says:

    Lads please put Hopeless Wanderer in the set list for Dublin. This is the tune that will lift the roof of the O2 that night I really cannot wait until I catch you live make my Christmas

  7. jennyfromdablock says:

    i love you. that is all