The Road To Red Rocks – The Film

A few months ago beneath a misty moon the band played two sold out nights at the beautiful amphitheatre set amongst the Red Rocks of Colorado.

As well as heralding the imminent release of Babel, the shows provided the background for the video for I Will Wait as well as, we can now reveal, the basis for an official Road to Red Rocks DVD, now set for release in the UK and Europe on 26th November and available to pre-order from the official M&S webstore. The DVD is also due to be released in Australia and New Zealand on 30th November and in the US and Canada on 22nd January.

The Road to Red Rocks consists of official live footage shot by FRED & NICK at the two sold out concerts, in addition to interviews and footage with the band recorded whilst on Gentlemen of the Road touring circuit. Find the tracklisting, formats and release dates below.

DVD Tracklisting:
Lovers Eyes
Little Lion Man
Below My Feet
Roll Away Your Stone
Lover of the Light
Thistle & Weeds
Ghost That We Knew
Awake My Soul
Dustbowl Dance
I Will Wait
The Cave

The Road To Red Rocks – DVD/Blu-Ray

Released UK/EU 26th November

Babel – The Gentlemen of the Road Edition


Including the live audio from Red Rocks and the album Babel.
Released UK/EU 26th November

The Road to Red Rocks Edition

redrocked redrocksbox

Including the Red Rocks audio vinyl (MP3 download included), and a 96 page book consisting of photos and written commentary from the band, as well journalists who accompanied them on the road.
Released UK/EU 10th December

To pre-order in Australia or New Zealand click here.
To pre-order in the US or Canada click here.

Much love
M&S HQ x

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  1. chucknoldcomcastnet says:

    who are the other musicians, not the horns or fiddle, playing with mumford and sons at redrocks during lovers eyes?

  2. Bent_Loock says:

    I bought the special edition, I entered but it was a 404. Where can I download the Album?

  3. Goretti says:

    Hey, can any one tell me if Road to Red Rocks will be release in Mexico, if not to go ahead and order it online.

    Thank you.

  4. megankayshipton says:

    south Africa, please please please!

  5. gman820 says:

    hey..just wondering if anyone knows the reason as to why the red rocks film release date in the US is 2 months after the date in UK and Europe ?

  6. NicolaM says:

    Thank you so much for coming to NZ! Was an absolute dream watching you guys jam on stage! Amazing Amazing Amazing!x

  7. Pip Tully says:

    You guys are my all time favourite band. I am a (nearly 18) South African girl coming on a hockey tour to England in late March of next year and I would give anything for a London concert between the 28th and the 3rd of March 2013! (juuust hinting). This will be my first time going overseas and it would make my entire year if I could see you guys.

  8. Niamh devlin says:

    Please please have another date for Belfast :( it was impossible to get tickets,

  9. nordicgoddess613 says:

    You are top of the CBC Radio 2 chart – so come to Canada. More specifically, come to Ottawa, Canada!

  10. Cambria says:

    Come to Canada!! We love you here too!

  11. Glass_Skin says:

    Question: why is there not a Special Edition for those of us who prefer Blu-ray? Will there be a Gentlemen of the Road edition of Babel that includes Blu-ray rather than DVD? The HD footage shot for the “I Will Wait” video was so gorgeous; I’d love to have the opportunity to own one of the “ultimate experience” specials with an HD option.

  12. cocovita says:

    When are they coming to argentina?… i hope it will be soon =)

  13. StaceyEternity says:

    You know, I really am disappointed that USA gets the DVD so late. I mean c’mon, it was filmed here in the States!! USA loves you guys more than you even know!!!! Please change the date. It would have made a great Christmas gift!!!

  14. Stipeac says:

    Ace Special Edition gents! Can’t wait to see the footage & re-live Red Rocks in HD glory – next best thing to the show itself! Let’s make this an annual event fellas – I’m in!!! :). Much MUCH love from Walnut IA xxoo A

  15. HadaRigby says:

    This is the story of how I became poor. Was woth it.
    I hope so.

  16. cthules says:

    Why do folks who live on the same continent as Red Rocks have to wait so much longer?

  17. tarotx says:

    Yes :) Super happy!

  18. eje6582 says:

    Just pre-ordered mine, cant wait for this!!

  19. Gelfling says:

    YEA!!!! More Happiness!!!!