The Fly Gives ‘Boring Chart’ Myth Another Beating

Yet more incredible chart-related news from the paper press frontline; the happy chappies and chappettes (…is ‘chappettes’ a word? Is ‘chappies’?) over at exceptionally exceptional monthly publication The Fly have heard sufficient enough greatness in Sigh No More to put it at No. 13 in their Top 50 Albums of The Year list! Fantastiche!
You can pick up your free copy of The Fly from loads of great places – too numerous to list here – and see the entire list for yourself, or, alternatively, take a wander over to their site and absorb it right HERE.

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  1. Leilani says:

    In this vein, but writing of another kind, is Butcher’s Crossing by John Williams. The novel is one of a few great novels about the American west or in this case, the end of the American west.

  2. nevly says:

    Marcus, Great idea! Read ‘The other hand’ by Chris Cleave, very beautifully written and the way the story unfolds is unique. X

  3. astateful says:

    hey! i am going to be in paris from dec 4th to 9th, any chance you guys can do a show there?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this book although it is incomplete and only when you have read the other 2 books that make up McCarthys border trilogy will you realise the power of the writer. the fight scene in the final book is the most lifelike and disturbing fiction I have read.
    I have bought many copies of all the pretty horses to give to friends. I would agree fully with Marcus’s endorsment…everyone should read this book.