Gentlemen of the Road presents… Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Saturday 6th July

What are you doing, oh, say… Saturday 6th July? Well, sure hope you’re free.

Because by that time Marcus, Ben, Ted and Winston will be back on home turf in London (post-Calgary-Telluride Summer Stampede) and not only that but it will of course also officially be Summer Time. And well you know how they like to celebrate these things with friends.

By friends we mean you and these friends from the road too, presented by Gentlemen of the Road…


Tickets will then go on general sale on Friday 19th April at 9am and

It’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Hope to see you there.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. Charlotte_McLean says:

    Hi, is there anywhere I can buy the poster for this event?

  2. Cleves says:

    Wow u were fab best day of my life was awsome going backstage and seeing ted was so worth the 4 hour journey carnt wait to see u again x

  3. MumfordSarah21 says:

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Love you guys so much, and it was great to see Ted feeling better x

  4. bob24788484 says:

    Great After party Venue 800M from Olympic Park for the gig tonight I have found!!!

    Urban sessions
    10 Bars – 60 beers on Tap
    Live Bands till 2am
    Great Art Deco Venue

    Urban sessions
    The Old Baths
    80 Eastway
    E8 5JH

    See you down there to carry on the night!

  5. Vo1ce says:

    Late I know but 2 tickets (physical) for sale, less than face value 100. I am going in in 30 mind

  6. Vo1ce says:

    Late I know but 2 tickets (physical) for sale, less than face value 100. I am going in in 30 mins

  7. tkommo says:

    Hi. I have 1 Eticket going if anyone is interested? Face value only £57.50. Please email me at


  8. throwaway says:

    I have two spare tickets to sell. Email me at if you’re interested :)

  9. mrmgy says:

    I have two spare tickets for thisafternoon as friends dropped out – £130 the pair – can meet at gate. Email at

  10. Boiled Octopus says:

    Two tickets. £50 each for quick sale as 2 friends have dropped out. Can meet at gates to exchange. Email

  11. smitsar41 says:

    Hi. Is anyone selling 2 tickets for today? My sister and her friend have been let down and she’s gutted. Please email me:

  12. Teddy1416 says:

    Am selling one e ticket for £65, let me know if your interested at

  13. CRR says:

    Please let me know if you have one ticket for sale for tomorrow’s concert:

  14. KGL says:

    two e-tickets for sale as can no longer make it £200 for both tickets or £250 including return trains from Manchester to london leaving sat am returning sun afternoon.

  15. I accidentally bought 4 tickets instead of two, so I have 2 spare tickets for 130 each. Can meet at Victoria Station around 5:30pm or at the venue around 6:30pm

    Drop me a line at

  16. tmcpl says:

    Selling two physical tickets for tomorrow, £200 for both. I paid 180 when i was over excited but now can no longer go so just want to make a little back. Can meet anywhere in London or even close to venue before 12pm tomorrow which is when doors open. email

  17. keating.mia says:

    Desperately looking for a ticket! please email

  18. Clare84 says:

    Looking for 2 tickets email

  19. didit says:

    ticket that I advertised yesterday is now sold sorry for the people who missed out

  20. catwickins says:

    Looking for one ticket. E-mail me if you have one

  21. s&j says:

    Looking to buy 2 tickets at retail price, email us at

  22. Mortface says:

    Tickets now sold – thanks for your interest :)

  23. Mortface says:

    2 tickets for sale at face value (unable to attend) – please contact

  24. Johnyb84 says:

    Need one ticket if anyone is selling one… :-)

  25. didit says:

    I have one e-ticket for sale at retail price as sadly I can no longer attend, email me if interested

  26. Have two tickets at 105 each. Email me at

  27. MackenHj says:

    4 Tickets on Sale, at retail price. E-mail me how many you want and we can sort details out…

  28. Phillippa says:

    Two tickets available for Saturday £57.50 each. Will email the tickets directly once payment is received (if payment received before 11am on 4/7/13 I can have them changed to your name via MusicGlue). Contact me at

  29. Lilymontgomery1 says:

    I’m looking for 2 tickets for Saturday…. Does anyone have an spare?

  30. Jonaverns says:

    Sorry, all tickets gone now.

  31. Matt-Mumford says:

    When are we expecting the tickets to be sent… i have he e-ticket but we do get tickets sent dont we?, if we dont get them by thursday/friday… what do we ring ?? Thanks

  32. Jonaverns says:

    3/4 tickets available at cost,

  33. paulcoyne says:

    Click on

    The set times below are subject to change:

    23:00 Curfew
    21:00-22:40 Mumford & Sons
    19:00-20:15 Vampire Weekend
    17:25-18:25 Ben Howard
    16:10-16:55 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    15:00-15:40 Haim
    14:00-14:30 Bears Den

  34. Foxyhunter says:

    Anyone looking for 2 tickets? We are struggling to make it now. They are etickets so can email as soon as money is transferred. Only want face value for them

  35. nicolaw says:

    hey is anyone selling tickets – i need two? Thanks

  36. Mum124 says:

    Useless email arrived from Music Glue today, repeating terms of access and telling us to plan transport, but still not giving concert timings. Is no one monitoring this forum? It can’t be that difficult.

  37. born36 says:

    Not sure why you are saying that live nation site has it ending at 2300. I don’t see that at all


  38. laurenjharrison says:

    Hey Mumford and Sons, please could you tell me what time the gig will finish on Saturday 6th? Can’t wait! Thank you. :)

  39. LYDS says:

    Smitsar41 I am selling two tickets as I can no longer go :( !

  40. smitsar41 says:

    Has anyone got any spare tickets. I’m looking for 2?

  41. Laurabowe says:

    Mumford & Sons completes their set at around 23:00. (TBC) Found this on the Livenation website. :/

  42. skinz says:

    Please please please give us the set times… i’ve booked the train home already but now i’m thinking i have booked it too early :-\

  43. katwu says:

    PLEASE announce the finishing time!!! People need to plan/book their journeys back home! Excited for the 6th!

  44. Bradders123 says:

    If anyone is still looking for tickets – I’ve got 2 available.

  45. bexsueg says:

    Has anyone got any idea on timings? need to book trains etc.

    So excited!!!!

  46. wattsml says:

    Really need to know what time it finishes so I can book my trains! Does anybody have any idea? Can’t wait! So excited!

  47. Mixer says:

    Hey! Two tickets for sale for Queen Elizabeth gig on 6th July…see link

  48. Rah75 says:

    Has anyone found out what time it finishes and also what time Mumford and Sons will be coming on? Thanks, can’t wait :-)

  49. Hannah125 says:

    You can still buy tickets from
    although it says that they are sold out you can still buy them under the search for tickets box. Sooo excited less than two weeks!

  50. Nolose says:

    hey! any idea of how early should we arrive to the gig? this is the first time we go to the park

  51. itisaphid says:

    any idea on end time as my wife and I might have to bum around the stadium for 5 or 6 hours after waiting for a train…….or leave early! unless you can put us up somewhere for less than 150 fekkin quid. ta.

  52. Mum124 says:

    Please, please let us know what time you will be appearing and what time the concert ends. We have tickets, but have to be somewhere else in the afternoon and are hoping we’ll still be able to see you in the evening.

  53. becki_05 says:

    For anyone still looking to buy a ticket I’m selling my ticket as I’m unfortunately not able to go. Here is the link to purchase:|10531698|1|635071085032686465

  54. Jeff Shurr says:

    Can I still get a ticket?

  55. MeganBentley says:

    So glad to hear Ted is out of the hospital and recovering! I hope he will be well enough for this event cause I’m coming all the way from South Africa to see my favorite band! Get well soon and keep us updated :)

  56. teresayau says:

    @mumfordlightyear, where did you get your tickets from?

  57. teresayau says:

    anyone know where i can get tickets from? i know i’m extremely pushing my luck haha!

  58. mumfordlightyear says:

    got tickets. Very very excited. Less than a month to go! Dream concert

  59. jess88rabbit says:

    very excited! but does anyone know when it finishes, it doesn’t seem to say anywhere which is rather annoying when you’ve got to book trains etc ???

  60. Anna Wiseman says:

    Bought tickets, money debited, no confirmation nor tickets recieved. Help please?

  61. rgeier5 says:

    I really really wish u would do more in Utah! would love to see you gents around here!

  62. minipomj says:

    Cannot wait untill the 6th! I am slowly counting down! This is my dream gig! I think I may just scream a little ;D

  63. Hannah :D says:

    Aww, Mumford & Sons with Ben Howard, my dream concert! So bummed out I can’t make this one (being an ocean apart and all :D) Oh please, oh, please, oh please, boys, tell me your coming to Ottawa soon???

  64. mumfordandsons1170 says:

    so want to go its unerlevabal but im going spain with my school and come back on the 3rd of july and then later on in july im going up to london!!! :( please come to cornwall or at least plymouth or exeter please!!! love you guys you are amazing and would make my life if you did and it would be my first concer!! xxxx

  65. JulieKnight says:

    Does anyone know the start and finish time to arrange trains etc please?

  66. Su Ogunyemi says:

    Friends have alrady booked and we are about to, is it unreserved seating and standing, we would like to go together? Does anyone know? Thanks

  67. Matt-Mumford says:

    I have bought 2 tickets, and in an email it said about the e ticket(s) it only shows one, despite me buying 2, is this okay? Anyone can let me know that would be great :)

  68. Meg2313 says:

    Can every one check out my brothers EP!! You will love it if you love mumford and sons!!! go to

  69. carlmac says:

    Need to book train tickets back from London, does it state anywhere what time the gig finishes?????

  70. holly_101 says:

    I brought tickets on the pre-sale and I thought I selected unreserved standing, but it has given me seat and row numbers? Does anyone know what this means, i thought the event would just be standing?

  71. flightykelly says:

    John Kelly Did anyone buy tickets through the pre sale on Mumford site and not have to give names of everyone going on each ticket? I bought 4 and was not asked to give names. I have since seen on the pre sale page that you have to give names. I emailed them and they said my tickets were fine but the email sounded generic and can’t say I’m happy. Did anyone else have to give names for each ticket in pre sale or thru ticketmaster?

  72. Maria Külen says:

    See you there!!! /love from sweden <3

  73. aodhbha1 says:

    Hey all. My birthday too and had booked Othello tickets at 19:15! Anyone know if M&S will have wrapped up by then ?! x