Portland, the band are heading your way before the year is out. Specifically to Rose Garden Arena on 6th December. Tickets go on general sale on Friday 21st October…. however, a ticket pre-sale is now live here
Username: mumford
Password: tickets
M&S HqQ x

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  1. austab29 says:

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  2. austab29 says:

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  3. gsparx says:

    The show was fantastic! Thank you Mumford and Sons!

  4. pakedi says:

    I’ve listened this little jewel again and again since then and definitely can’t enough of it, it’ll be for sure in my top 10.
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  5. jencaazor says:

    How did I miss this update???

  6. snowbunni1279 says:

    We are so greatful to have you visit us again in the Portland area! Looking forward to an amazing show, cannot wait!

  7. oliviacaughell says:

    Just one month and 2 days untill the show and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  8. georgia93 says:

    please come got the northeast!!

  9. elwaysdad says:

    Time to add the 300 level seats. Please!

  10. jillytoole says:

    The southeast US wants you too!!! The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta…great location.

  11. aspinks says:

    NOOOOO! Please tell me this isn’t sold out!

  12. janiceA says:

    Is the radio station the edge 102 carrying it live streaming??

  13. purdyfine says:

    What’s the deal with this paperless ticket business for the Toronto concert? It’s a pain if you purchased tickets for someone else and now have to show up a the venue in order to get them in. And since the seat location gets printed out at the venue anyway, the whole thing isn’t even paperless! It may prevent scalping, but it’s a huge inconvenience for many. Stop doing it please.

  14. hannahsmom says:

    Saw the Sunday Bridge School Benefit show – thank you so much for the good time!

  15. jasonpease says:

    North East USA ???? Please

  16. lmgreenwood says:

    Any chance you will come to NYC!!??

  17. LeahMusic says:

    Will you four be touring the U.K. by any chance? Please come to the Midlands! :)

  18. hubbs says:

    All I know is everyone with a show coming soon is lucky. I was VERY fortunate to see these guys in Denver earlier this summer. Incredible show. Praying for Red Rocks next summer.

  19. klayne0129 says:

    de66228, yes tickets that say general admission are for the floor! so get there early and you’ll have a good spot, hopefully up close!

  20. klayne0129 says:

    agirl1bike2dogs, if you bought your tickets from M&S pre-sale, they are always general admission, so get there early and youll have a good spot!

  21. agirl1bike2dogs says:

    What is the deal with the presale tickets? I don’t totally understand since I bought my tickets for $40 each with no choice as to seats and the Rose Garden site has multiple seating choices? I want good seats and am concerned I am going to be out in nosebleed section.

  22. AwokenSoul says:


  23. hillary87 says:

    Please please pretty please come to Utah!!! I love your music and want to see you live sooo bad. :D

  24. josephrose says:

    Why the Rose Garden? Ugh. What a crap place to see a show. No way Mumford & Sons is going to fill it either.

  25. mumchevy says:

    So it says pre-order tickets are sold out, but you can go to the rose quarter website, find the event. Click pre order tickets and put in mumford for the code. They didn’t make a very secure code….

  26. jstroud says:

    nooooo! Im from PDX but wont be there, man timing is everything! Come back to Seattle December 26th to the 30th? :)

  27. janet1016 says:

    Got my tickets for Portland!! YES!

  28. Brenton says:

    Ok, so what does it take to get you here in Idaho.. I’m sure Knitting Factory in Boise would be a great place. The Idaho Center Arena in Boise/Nampa is a BIG venue as well. Would love to meet you guys! Big fan. Plus you’re pretty sexy :)

  29. mandithom1126 says:

    Come to the east coast :)

  30. lexluvsron says:

    come back to southern california PLEASE! I want to see M&S live soooo bad!!!

  31. artie says:

    Does anyone want to buy a poor college student and her room mates some tickets, and possibly money for gas? Oh come on that’s not that unreasonable…. Please….

  32. Anonymous says:

    portland oh yeah ~ i just got my tickets and am dancing too!~ love you m&s, can’t wait to see you here~ ~x

  33. vagabondyogini says:

    What’s amazing is that you all are coming to PORTLAND – we have all been waiting. Tickets are bought and we are STOKED! What’s even more amazing is that all these comments have been left in the future…Oct 20 – what’s a’happenin to the site?

  34. jeanetter says:

    YES YES YES YES YES!! I’m going to this concert!! FINALLY I’ll be able to see them live!!

  35. de66228 says:

    Are these tickets for the floor? it says general admission. someone please help!

  36. Caligirl says:

    I see how it is…no love for California.

  37. agentheather says:

    Please Please Please come to Louisville KY or somewhere close to there PLEASE

  38. oliviacaughell says: