Official Huddersfield aftershow events announced – word from the band

So the night does not end in Greenhead Park. Think of the exodus from the park more as half time, as the Stopover gears up for the second half with a few uniquely different and great events in the centre of Huddersfield. We will be running between all of the events, but as is often the case, we’ll probably all end up at The House Party at The Other Rooms… 
We all love a House Party, right? It so happened the idea came to us when we arrived at The Other Rooms, which was in the middle of a refurbishment a couple of weeks ago. The owner has kindly allowed us make The Other Rooms after-party HQ as it were. Nick Etwell, who you may recognise from playing Trumpet with Mumford & Sons over the past couple of years, has brought up his exceptional band The Filthy Six from London to play their boogaloo/funk/soul/musicyoucannotstandstillto concoction in the first room. Downstairs, amongst the stone arches and caves and coves, people can get away from the craziness for a moment, whilst the fantastic Huddersfield natives "The Rag Tags" and M&S touring veteran "Albatross", will be serenading and rocking out in the back room. It’s hopefully going to cater for every flight of fancy, apart from the hardcore at Tokyo’s and happily amused at Club 122. 
Get tickets in advance HERE or on the door.



Venue: The Other Rooms, 

Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 2RD

Doors: Midnight

Age Restrictions: 18+ 

Price: £6

For those who have had their fair share of music throughout the day, and would something a bit different, it is with great pleasure that we have incorporated a Comedy show, with a couple of our favourite emerging comedians travelling to Huddersfield for the event. Kicking off at Midnight at Dominic Woodward, prepare to have your sides split open, or fall off your proverbial chair as the fantastically sharp Alfie Brown dissects popular culture, and the award winning Piff The Magic Dragon masterfully combines comedy and magic.
Get tickets in advance HERE or on the door.
Venue: Bar 122, 120 New Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2UD
Doors: 11.30pm
Age Restrictions: 18+
Price: £5
TOKYOS NIGHTCLUB – DJ set on terrace
Tokyo’s is where the rave is at. Well, more of an indie rave, but it’s going to be loud, and there’ll be dancing, and drinking, and at some point during the night Ben will be dropping in to spin some of his favourite tunes from the "golden year of naughties indie" – 2006 (The Strokes, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys etc). Tokyo’s has multiple rooms, and bars, spread across three floors, the usual night will be going on, but look out for us we’ll be there somewhere.. at some point. 

M, T, W & B x
Ps. the Stopover gates open at 2pm (not 3pm as previously stated – apologies) and the event is due to finish at 11pm.

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  1. kbellitto says:

    Very much looking forward to the Road trip up to Portland…now I just have to hope the ticket fairies are with me and my friends so we can rent our van;) Hotels booked! Optimism=Winning

  2. says:

    Please, oh please, I beg of you, come to Victoria or Vancouver, BC! Much love!

  3. harryonline says:

    Totally confused about Huddersfield, my ticket says that Doors open at 14:00 but above says 15:00. Need more info like can we take food and drink into park otherwise will be a number of very fed up people at the gig

  4. AntiFiFi says:

    Yay Albatross! Spreading the word! :)

  5. tielle says:

    @derangedhulahoop I had the same query but lo and behold, a PS appears in the article above saying it finishes at 11pm!

  6. derangedhulahoop says:

    Instead of deleting my facebook comments, please would someone be able to tell me when the gig finishes so I am able to book a train? I love you guys but the info is scarce….xx

  7. wrotaa says:

    First !;d I hope that you will visit someday my country ; )
    Love you guys x