Mumford & Sons to play at Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball

With great pleasure and pride Mumford & Sons will perform at this year’s – the  50th -Amnesty International Secret Policeman’s Ball. The Ball has been held annually since 1976 in celebration of all things free speech and will this year take place at New York’s Radio City Hall, it’s first time in a non-UK location, on 4th March. 
The band are joining a bill topped by Coldplay and hosted by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and Russell Brand and the evening will include performances, collaborations, comedy sketches and stand-up routines and, UK folks, will be broadcast on Channel 4.
Tickets go on sale on Monday 30th January at
For more information on the event visit and for more information on Amnesty International visit

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  1. sf4663 says:

    Spent way to much money to only hear 3 songs!! What a bummer!

  2. srb8522 says:

    Just bought tickets today. They were NOT cheap! Hopefully you can play at least a few songs. Can’t wait!

  3. ginbin1 says:

    @RebeccaPierce I don’t know how many people have already made an inquiry, but I’m always up for 2 tickets. How much?

  4. RebeccaPierce says:

    I have two extra tickets. I don’t know what to do…I’m in a Pickle! I got them from the devil (I will admit that) and then my friend managed to get me a ticket in a better section. I paid THROUGH the nose for a nosebleed ticket! I have to sell them for the price I paid. (which I don’t want to admit in public) ha! I don’t want to put them on stubhub (the devil) because another ‘scalper’ will buy them and turn around and sell them for three times the price. So I’ll leave it up to one of you who might be interested. you can find me on FB and send me a message. to find me there…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello guys – you are lucky to be so loved. And try as I might I never succeed in getting tickets (at a price I could possibly afford). What about acknowledging that with offering a pair of tickets up via a lottery – you could use it to collect donations for a cause you’d like to support? I would be happy to buy lottery tickets for $10 knowing that either I support a good cause or … win tickets to your concert?
    Just a thought – from someone who wants to get a look in …

  6. carriecarrie1 says:

    Tried all morning to get tickets to see you in NYC but the only that were available cost $500 each, so, needless to say I won’t be seeing you in March. I think you’re worth the money but I need to pay the bills:-(

  7. amu295 says:

    I’ll be there!!!

  8. TallyMcNally says:

    Oh awesome! When are you guys gonna drop by Arizona? Right now we have what you guys would call “nice” weather… to us it’s freezing when it’s 54 degrees in the early morning! If you guys come in the summer when basically everyone is melting from the heat I know a great town that’s just about two hours from Phoenix. I’m sure you guys would love the small town-ness after going through all those big cities!

  9. countrysunnie says:

    Oh my gosh, and with Russell Brand co-hosting……so will this be on channel 4 in the US, or is that Channel 4 in the UK?

  10. MaryLynn says:

    Since you are in the United States PLEASE PLEASE come to MINNESOTA!!! The midwest loves you!!!

  11. ibaba92 says:

    This is on my birthday! I can’t miss this!! :D

  12. frogber says:

    You guys are really going to show up Coldplay… They should have found a group that could even attempt to be half as good as you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    hi, I just want to know when is the new album finished???? (sorry for my English I’m Italian)

  14. bcfcpker says:

    Guys, please do some stuff around the UK, we are desperate!

  15. Glass_Skin says:

    Watching? I’ll be GOING!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be watching :D wouldn’t want to miss that!

  17. gogh_stars says:

    Awesome! Will be watching this for sure.

  18. wrotaa says:

    Visit Poland some day ;)

  19. kingjemma says:

    Will definatley be watching this! love you guys

  20. Anonymous says:

    I love the fact that you, lads, play in some many different events! I hope it will be transmited by internet!!! So, when you are coming to BRASIL???? Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!