Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder – Out Now

It’s been exactly one year since the band played their first ever South African tour, where a handful of shows turned into a massive adventure.

Today we’re excited to be arriving full circle to finally share it with you all. Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder is available now!

You can get your copy of the film in Standard or Gentlemen of the Road Deluxe edition, which includes a live CD, 20 page booklet & the documentary We Wrote This Yesterday, telling the story of the recording of the Johannesburg mini-album.

You can also find We Wrote This Yesterday and Dust And Thunder available separately on iTunes.

For a taste of the live film and documentary, check out the trailers below:

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M&S HQ x

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  1. Lara_Franco says:

    Please, come back to Brazil !!!

  2. Hedogirl says:

    My friend introduced me to the New Basement Tapes and I just want to say, Marcus, both songs that you sang make me cry with happy emotions every time I listen to them, and that has been a lot in the last three weeks! And they made my friend wonder why she hasn’t appreciated you guys before like I always have!! Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. One of the best concerts I have ever been to, you guys ROCK!!!

  4. Please come back to Texas! I live in Dallas but saw both shows in Austin AND Dallas during your first tour. We still LOVE YOU!!!! Of course the Austin venue was a bit better, wasn’t it.