KROQ Webcast footage

Mumford & Sons recently answered some questions, played some songs and showcased a dashing collection of Movember ‘tasches in a live outdoors webcast from sunny Los Angeles.

If you missed it here’s a link where you can watch again.

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M&S HQ x

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  1. Darvin says:

    1. I don’t understand why after EVERY single post on this site…95% of the comments in response have nothing to do with the post but are just frantic touring requests

    M/S: Hey everybody, check out our new Road to Red Rocks boxset
    Comment #1: PLEASE COME TO ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Comment #2: you guys HAVE to play Belgium this summer!?!
    Comment #3: etc etc etc etc

    My response to this post….

    The live songs were great as always….not much news there…

    HOWEVER…that interview was the most painful line of questioning I have ever witnessed. I desperately wanted to jump through my screen and suffocate those ignorant shock jocks with their own shitty leather. They literally backed the band into a corner and just fired horrible ball-busters at them for 10 minutes. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a morning interview with M/S get awkward either. The band even looks pissed off in this picture. I hope they get to a place where they’re able to do Stopover flavored things and not have to deal with idiots like Kevin and Bean……..REALLY?!….Kevin……….and Bean……………..really……..

    ….i need a drink…

  2. kimber561 says:

    It’s been awhile since you were in TX. Maybe soon? Houston or anywhere close?

  3. csmason says:

    And I am sure your shows will be sold out so maybe stay for 3 nights :)???

  4. csmason says:

    PLEASE COME TO SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!! It is a tease performing in LA and not making a stop in the best city that is loaded with your loving fans!

  5. LisaLub says:

    I really love those videos! Can you please do something like that in Holland? (I’ll be there March 30th, Amsterdam!)