‘Johannesburg’ with Baaba Maal, The Very Best & Beatenberg

Friends, we’re very proud and excited to announce the release of ‘Johannesburg’, a collection of new recordings with Baaba Maal, Beatenberg and The Very Best, out now.

Conceived in Johannesburg in February during the band’s sell-out debut South Africa tour, the tourmates recorded these songs over two all-day-and-all-night sessions, with production handled by Mumford & Sons and The Very Best’s Johan Hugo.


Here’s a note from Ted on the inspiration behind the songs:

Since day one, we have been proactive in touring places that most bands don’t often get to. It keeps us from the monotony. I think the road could easily feel like Groundhog Day but whether it’s the Scottish Highlands, India, or a tour on barge boats, our travels still feel fresh and exciting.

Going to South Africa felt to us to be an adventure into a continent that none of us knew well. The appetite for live music is huge and the youth culture is exploding with energy and rejuvenation.

By now you may have already heard the first track, ‘There Will Be Time’ with Baaba Maal. When the bands took to the stage in Pretoria to perform it live, a storm raged overhead and the thunder seemed to crack with percussionist Mamadou Saar’s every other beat. In the rain the good people of Pretoria danced and embraced the moment as their own.

Whether you helped get the song to number 1 in South Africa or helped support your local record store by grabbing it on 7″ during Record Store Day, we hope you enjoyed it – and we hope you picture the tropical storm that kicked up Pretoria’s dustbowl when you listen to it as part of these new songs.

You can now order¬†‘Johannesburg’¬†here.

We can’t wait for you all to hear these new songs, and hope you’ll join us as the journey to Johannesburg unfolds.

M&S HQ x

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  1. Max_Maw says:

    Can’t wait for the eventual return to Johannesburg! Awesome music, guys :D

  2. Tyrone_Vos says:

    Amped! How about a concert DVD/Bluray?