Holy Communion Batman! It’s a Stream!’ – Robin

Hurrah! It’s Friday! Have to love Fridays, it’s the law. There’s no actual law pertaining specifically, or indeed directly, to Fridays, more a good feeling towards weekends as a whole… But still, THE LAW. We’ve discussed at great length our affection for all things week’s end before, but until now never divulged our secret passion for one night in particular.
Sunday night.
‘Tis a good night. A great night. Sure, when Mumford HQ was younger, Sunday nights represented The End of the weekend, and as a great wave of impending doom crashed down around our fragile selves as we struggled to finish (read; start) our homework we came to resent all things Sunday; roasts and the Antiques Roadshow for two, but most of all, the Last of The Summer Wine (except Compo, God bless his soul. What a hero, such a joker and such dedication to that hat. And indeed Bat(ty)).
But this all changed the moment of the Communion club night’s inception in the mind’s of two young men, and the second it was delivered into our embrace at Notting Hill Arts Club. Run by one of our beloved boys – Mr. Ben Lovett – alongside Mr. Kevin Jones, Communion takes place each first Sunday of every month and offers a platform to emerging, and established, bands and artists to peddle their musical wares. DJ’s soundtrack the later stages and everyone has an amazing time as they wave farewell to the weekend in style and set themselves up in positive mind to face the week ahead. Who could ask for more…?
No one. But such is the generous spirit of the Communion brethren that they have put together a wonderful compilation LP featuring a hand-picked selection of the great and good that have passed through the doors and performed, and this wonderful album is now available to buy!! Not only that, but to celebrate the release, the album is streaming IN IT’S ENTIRITY over at the Independent‘s websites!! Featuring tracks from Kurran & The Wolfnotes, Johnny Flynn, Jeremy Warmsley and Peggy Sue, it’s 21 tracks of pure Sunday evening bliss…
Stream the dream HERE! Where you can also download free Mp3s from Alessi’s Ark and Matthew & The Atlas! Wonderful!
There’s also a launch party happening this Sunday, so if you’re about, pop along and have yourself a fantastic time! What else are you gonna do? Geography…?

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  1. Gina says:

    Bummer. I’m in Australia and….

    “Unfortunately due to contractual restrictions, access to this promotion is not available
    to residents of Australia”

  2. cindyrobert says:

    the communion compilation is magical. simply put. can i buy it somewhere?

  3. Poetlaurite2009 says:

    Hey you guys rock, but it kinda sucks ass that as a fan who bought your CD Sigh No More and then visited the site to see that there was bonus material and cannot even access it because I am in america (well I am american too)…boo. You guys have an awesome sound though…wish I was in England again…Good luck on your tour!!

  4. Johnny says:

    When will tickts for the Rome gig in May go on sale?

  5. jabberwock says:

    Is it still a blog when the last entry is four months old? Don’t give me busy. Everybody’s busy. Your fans keep sending notes that don’t get a response. What would your mama say?

  6. little_lainey says:

    Finally something to look forward to on a quiet dreary sunday when everyone naps aaaaall day (sundays are always the laziest)

  7. Bethany says:

    Just what I need. Sundays for me are a bore, the beginning of another drooling week. I was searching the internet for music like yours to widden the range of indie/ folk I am listening to and Johnny Flynn was recommeded, may have to listen… still nothing can quite beat M & sons. :D

  8. littlemissgiggles says:

    it’s beautiful. can’t wait to check it out when i’m in the country.