Hoe Down Album Launch Announced!

Picture this… the Autumn sun retreating into hibernation the light fading on a barn, two figures stand with backs together their breath quickening; ten paces take them away from each other before they turn on the final step and face their fates, a hundred lights awake dark corners as the band strikes up, and the figures shape to throw the first moves of the night – and so begins…

So here we are, the four of us, 500 of you and one hell of an album launch party!
On Monday the 5th Oct, we’ll be hosting our very own Hoedown out in a Barn deep in the Hertfordshire courtryside, and we’d like to invite you to join us..

We’ve arranged for a number of coaches to pick up ticket holders from Kings Cross, London at 6pm on Monday, bringing everyone out to join us… there will be a live set from our goodselves and some close friends, as well as an hour of barndancing from the super Cutashine.

Buses will leave the Barn at 11.30pm, and all prevailing and going to plan we’ll be back in London, York Way, no later than 1am.


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  1. AwakeMySoul_333 says:

    that sounds like a bloody good time! but…i live in billings, MT :( we have tons of barns come here!

  2. dano says:

    Australia welcomes mumfords and sons !!!!! when can we expect you ????? hope its soon….. u guys are awesome ………