Yoiiks. As Fridays go, this one just past provided quite the unforgettable experience. Thank you to everyone who traipsed through the mud to catch the band on the Other Stage. The BBC have now posted just over an hour’s worth of footage from the evening set on their website (we fear this may be viewable to UK based persons only, but worth a try), available to watch for a few more days. Watch a clip of Roll Away Your Stone below or head over to view the full footage from the night plus some photos too.



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  1. Suziwoo says:

    It may have been the wettest day, I was soaked to my skin but you guys were amazing! My 10 year old son and I danced in the rain with loads of random fellow keen supporters linking arms and doing the jig, you were fab and made my Glastonbury!!! Thank you!!!

  2. nee24 says:

    Call me obsessed, but I do not know what your music does to my soul!! Mumford and Sons is like a smoothie for the soul. Please come to California very soon, I have asked for nothing but a Mumford and Sons concert for my birthday the last two years and I have missed your past shows. Please come to CALIFORNIA soon!! I get tears every time I listen to you guys. I want to see you all front row:) Please please, LOVE, NEELA

  3. rosy says:

    Your set at glasto made me cry… Infact you were my best performance of the whole weekend. First time I’ve seen you live but definitley not the last. Can’t wait for the new album. All the best till then..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know that if you guys ever read this that I am eternally grateful for your music at the moment – I am suffering a monumental case of post natal sh1t and finding it hard. Thanks for the tunes guys (especially Glastonbury) – my body lightens when I hear your music and I am glad to have it in my life. I’m not some psycho – just a new mammy with a lot on her shoulders. Love the tunes – forever a fan. xxxx

  5. franham85 says:

    I saw you guys last year in the John Peel tent which was great…this year on the Other Stage you were even better and totally derserved to be on that stage. You made dancing in the rain and mud very enjoyable.

  6. coffeegrace says:

    “not-unforgettable”? Does that mean it was forgettable? ;-P

  7. melissam.umford says:

    finally got round to watching the coverage, — it doesn’t matter how many times i’ve seen you guys perform (sadly only on t.v but no doubt one day in real life!) i’m absolutely mesmerized by you guys. always have been and always will be a fan! well done! love melissa xx

  8. bethers says:

    you were incredible ;)
    lover’s eyes is my new favourite song
    muchos love xx

  9. abstar says:

    .You blew my mind. I had come over all the way from Spain, and you made all the mud and rain go away in an instant. Your set was so beautiful it made me cry. Please come and do a gig in Barcelona. Abby xxx

  10. alex.kucharski says:

    amazing show. right up front to see you guys. i missed Radiohead to see you and it was completely worth it. that was my first time seeing you live and you did not disappoint. Come to Canada more though so i can see you again :)

  11. SarahJeanMontgomery says:

    BTW, hope your feeling better Marcus! A Much needed break is in need.

  12. sAzulay says:

    For all you non UK fans like Me BBC has posted this video on YouTube as well. Here is the link…

  13. SarahJeanMontgomery says:

    Sad to say, I cannot watch it in my “country”. Bummer. Ill have to watch amateur video on you tube. Shucks. Hope to see you back in the States soon. “Below My Feet” is brilliant by the way. One of my faves. Then again, all are. Loves ♥

  14. stuwakley says:

    cannot wait for the new album, the new songs played at glasto where phenominal… long live mumford & sons.. truly inspiring, will never stop listening to them!!

  15. tananna says:

    amazing set at glasto, you guys made all your fans so proud :) Hope to see you live soon and looking forward to the new album! God Bless xxx

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you SO much for the lovely treat I saw last night on BBC3! You were wonderful as always. There was such a lovely atmosphere & to hear the crowd singing along was amazing. LOVED the new songs & really looking forward to the new album. It will be fantastic, I know! Really proud of you as always boys! Love & God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  17. Anonymous says:

    ooh I loved it!! I wish I was there to see you guys live, although I cried my eyes out at ‘timshel’ – it’s just so sad! but anyways I would love to see you guys and am waiting for any giggs you may be doing in london – will definitely go to them!!
    Well done! Much love, Justyna xx

  18. MMitb says:

    Well done guys, you were amazing!

  19. Courtkneemichelle says:

    Just have to wait for something to be released of it over here in America for those of us who adore you guys and your beautiful music! :)

  20. Courtkneemichelle says:

    I am so heartbroken. The BBC iPlayer doesn’t support devices outside of the UK. Therefore, I cannot view your performance at Glastonbury 2011. It honestly does break my heart. Oh well, I know you guys will kill em’! As always! I love your music and can’t go a day without it! It gives me so much strength and always will! Thank you so much for making the music that you make! It means more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m still sad about not being able to view the Glastonbury show live, but I’ll just have to be patient and wait until they release it for us over here in America who adore you guys! :)

  21. amberbrackenbury says:

    :DDDDDDDDDD ayaaayyy!

  22. annamumfordxx says:

    recorded it 2 watch wiv another m&s fan 2morrow, flicked on and nearly started crying!!!!!! luv u guys xxxxx hav a good one! xx

  23. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to a week off work & seeing you on BBC3 tonight! Life feels good today! Never underestimate how much happiness you will bring to people today. Life is tough these days so remember you really are the highlight of people’s day! Have a fantastic Glastonbury, have fun, drink cider & enjoy meeting people & your performance. I’ll be watching!! God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  24. kyleesinger says:

    I know you guys are probably not going to see this so this is just a cry in the dark… But i would love love love to meet you guys! i want to be a singer sooo bad. i am in my high school advanced choir, and write songs and keep them in a book. Ever since i have heard your music i have wanted to do a duet with Marcus. i know that probably sounds wierd coming from a 14 year old but i love you guys soooo much!!

  25. smallandwise says:

    I can’t wait to watch it! :)

  26. MMitb says:

    if i manage to save up, im going 2013 with my friends :D WOO, i hope mumford and sons will be there in 2013, if not then i’ll cry :/

  27. m4rko says:

    I can’t wait!! :)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Watched you in the JP last year and new instantly you’d be playing on a bigger stage at glasto 2011. Can’t wait to hear your new songs, no doubt everyone will already be singing along to them!! x

  29. anasierra says:

    you have to come to mexico cityy!!! please come and play heree!!

  30. broni.wildfire says:

    Ahhh..saw you last year at Glasto and coming again this year!!! Can’t wait to see you guys and Laura Marling!! Big love to you guys xx

  31. Anonymous says:

    M&S!!!! We coming all the way from South Africa to Glasto – cant wait to see you guys perform live!!! “Sigh no More” is the driving force behind our venture! Make us proud…. its a along flight over :)

  32. alex.kucharski says:

    SO excited to see you guys!!! this will be my first time at Glasto, and my first time seeing you. No better place for my first Mumford and sons concert!

  33. Tobly says:

    Literally cannot wait till glasto – missed you last last year by 30 minss!

  34. Lics says:

    so excited about seeing mumfords again at glasto!!! x

  35. LouieK says:

    So you’ve announced Glasto, how long is it ’til you announce V?