Gentlemen of the Road Stopover shows in Huddersfield and Galway announced

We are very pleased to announce details of a series of ‘Gentlemen of the Road Stopover…’ shows this Summer. To explain more, here’s word from the band themselves:
“The Gentlemen of the Road Stopover is based loosely upon our favourite festivals like Colorado’s Telluride Bluegrass and Scotland’s Loopallu Festivals.

We want to stop off in towns not usually heavily toured by bands, and celebrate the people, food and music that inhabit them. We’re keen to promote the town’s local businesses, and we’ll be using the local bars and venues for aftershow parties, whilst working closely with the local people to get everyone involved in making these shows spectacular.

There will be a host of our friends playing too, and the vibe falls somewhere between ‘travelling Victorian circus’ and ‘Victorian travelling circus’. It should be a whole lot of fun.”
The one-day outdoor events will tour globally and will be headlined and curated by Mumford & Sons, with heavy involvement from local communities, from the produce sold on the sites, to engaging visitors with the towns as a whole.
In addition to the 2 confirmed Stopover shows, the band will also play a series of evening gigs preceding and inbetween, with the support acts selected from the summer show line-ups. Here are the dates and venues. 
Gentlemen of The Road presents:
30th May – St David’s Hall, Cardiff
31st May – Leas Cliff Pavilion, Folkestone
2nd June – Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Huddersfield – Mumford & Sons, Willy Mason, Michael Kiwanuka, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Correspondents
4th June – The Apex, Bury St Edmonds
5th June – Marina Theatre, Lowestoft
6th June – The Sage, Gateshead 
9th June – Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Galway – Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines, Willy Mason, Zulu Winter, Nathaniel Rateliff, The Correspondents
Tickets for all dates will go on pre-sale from 9am on the 20th April via the links below and local ticket outlets*. Tickets go on general sale from 21st April.
Pre-sale tickets for the Stopover shows will be available via and . Pre-sale tickets for the other shows will be available from
For more information and to keep abreast of more events to be announced head over to
Hope to see you there!
M&S HQ x
*Huddersfield local vendors:
Revival Vintage Clothing, 
23a Westgate, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England HD1 1NP.
01484 422255
The Lawrence Batley Theatre, 
Queen’s Square, Queen Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2SP
01484 430528
Huddersfield Information Centre, Inside Huddersfield Library
Princess Alexandra Walk,
*Galway local vendors:
Roisin Dubh, Henry St. Galway
OMG @ Zhivago, Shop St. Galway
Bell, Book & Candle Record Store, The Small Crane, Galway
Galway Arts Centre, Dominick St, Galway
DC Galway, Cross St, Galway
Origin, Middle St, Galway

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  1. kezza123 says:

    Hello im looking to buy 2 x tickets for Saturday 6th July
    If anyone is selling 2 then please email me

    I can collect in London

    thanks :)

  2. dan81192 says:

    Anyone got any tickets without camping? Looking for two? Email me: please!! Preferably not E-Tickets as I’m worried someone could just print of 100s of them!! Thanks

  3. Helen Offord says:

    Just to give you guys some very biased feedback, I have been lucky enough to see you 3x in 6mths, 1st at Bury St Edmunds when you blew me away, then 2wks ago at Ipswich, ditto, & last night at NEC where I thought you were sublime! Cannot wait for the next time, just adore the music/harmonies/lyrics, such skill, love u all!!!

  4. pma06dw says:

    Just to let you all know I’ve just revisite musicglue and they have released extra tickets for all the UK tour dates. Hope this helps anyone who missed out first time round and doesn’t want to pay ridiculous prices to touts. When i looked there we’re tickets to all dates available. Be quick before they all go!

  5. sam-brown says:

    just wondering…….. are you guys going to come to Australia!?

  6. oh-lili says:

    Hey folks! When will you come to Brazil? Curitiba is waiting for you, my friends! Thank you so much for your music and life inspiration!

  7. 1muserp1 says:

    When are you all coming to DALLAS TEXAS?!?!?!?! I need a Mumford and Sons concert to make my life complete. I bet you all are such a GREAT show

  8. ebrazzill says:

    I’m so super excited!! Been waiting so long to see my favourite band live, it’s going to be epic!x

  9. HayJay11 says:

    does anyone know if u can go 2 the aftershow parties?? Or will it just be VIP?

  10. LeahMusic says:

    I recently heard that Marcus got married. I just wanted to wish you and your new wife a happy and healthy life together. Congrats! :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    After being ecstatic to find out mumford were coming to cardiff, I was so disappointed that the tickets sold out so fast. I was up early for the presale, and general sale, and didn’t get a ticket! It killed me to see the tickets selling for hundreds on ebay, please sort it out!! And please announce extra dates, I’ve waited years to see you guys here and I love your music so much!!!

  12. feelthetideturning says:

    Yes, completely agree. I am travelling all the way from the USA to attend Bushstock and Rockness and when I heard M&S where adding shows I screamed with delight. I stayed up until 1 am, 9 am UK time to purchase tickets. Tried for an hour! And no luck. Who is sucking up the tickets and then selling them on Ebay. Didn’t this happen in Nashville? Obviously something needs to change!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I got 2 x GotRS in Huddersfield when they went on presale at 9am on 20/04/12 (they are an anniversary present for my husband as we both love the band). They are Etickets and they clearly display my name and I have to bring ID with me to prove it was me that bought them. Postal tickets are not being sent out until a few days before the event. BEWARE of Ebay tickets!

  14. Anonymous says:

    your songs give me peace, I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

  15. jessicamumford says:

    my 1 aim in life is to meet you 4 amazing men, not as a crazy fangirl (even though my username portrays me as one), but just to casually talk to and have a drink in a country pub with, you have no idea how big a part you play in my life, p.s.. COME TO BRISTOL

  16. Anonymous says:

    Have to agree – it is deeply frustrating to try to get tickets for a local show, be unsuccessful and then see loads of tickets on Ebay for extortionate prices. Simply ask for ID to match tickets, other big bands have done it to ensure fans actually get tickets without being ripped off. Mumford & Sons please stick up for your fans!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Marcus! I wish you the best of luck! love you all and hope to see u in Canada soon

  18. wrotaa says:

    Congratulations Marcus :) Good luck and I hope you will be happy together :>
    Love you guys x

  19. Modernman19 says:

    Getting caught up on recent news in the media and read that Marcus recently got married. Congrats!!! May this new journey bring you great joy. Saw you guys last year in Santa Barbara, but the show still plays in my mind as if I saw you guys play yesterday. Please come back to southern California. Once again congrats!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am also a resident of Bury St Edmunds, and a dedicated fan (to answer an earlier post) and tried desperately to get a ticket but found they appeared to sell out in seconds! I have logged onto e-bay only to find them selling at £270 a pair for a face value of £23.50. People with touted tickets should be refused entry, come on M&S be the first band to stick up for your fans.

  21. oj2772 says:

    So did any actual fans manage to get tickets for Bury St Edmunds? I’ve had the whole day to calm down, now i’m just really cross( rather than being cross and upset!). Next time get some id from people buying tickets and attending gigs, so only the people who are actually going to attend buy them rather than all this cash going to touts. obviously delighted for anyone who did manage to get tickets – enjoy!

  22. brighton says:

    People, ignore whereistherent or anybody else defending or downplaying the situation. What’s happened with hundreds of these tickets transferring over to Ebay and other sites is not excusable. £23 tickets for £100 within half an hour, yesterday. Today, all sound out… but low and behold, plenty rip-off tickets available on Ebay. The band DO NOT need to play massive venues to please everybody; but the touts should keep out. Keep complaining, people.

  23. spendlove says:

    Looked on E bay and guess what?

  24. spendlove says:

    I live in Bury St Edmunds, I work in Bury St Edmunds, My kids school in Bury St Edmunds. Mumford and Sons are coming to Bury St Edmunds. Can someone please tell me why I cannot get tickets to see them in Bury St Edmunds. I am trying hard not to be too synical on my birthday!!!!

  25. kellyt1981 says:

    I’ve got tickets for the stopover in Galway and it says tickets will be cancelled if they’re sold on eBay etc……..

  26. Stephtat says:

    CONGRATS Marcus hope you have one amazing day today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was dreading the day you got married but if you love her that’s fine!! I love you so much I hope you have a good day, byeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Seeeeej says:

    Woooooooo so excited I only have to drive 15 minutes to see Mumford and the Marina theatre Lowestoft is a small place so will be so intimate. Good times!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Could not get tickets for sage gateshead and now tickets being sold on ebay for at least £150. Im really unhappy that this is still able to happen. True fans who want to see them cant get tickets unless they pay stupid amounts to sly people. Would have loved to see them .

  29. loverealmusic says:

    So upset that I couldn’t get tickets for Cardiff – I agree with everyone here about ridiculous prices on ebay! Not fair for the real fans

  30. Anonymous says:

    was sitting at my PC from 8.45 this morning waiting to get 2 tickets for me and my daughter. At 9.02 I thought I had got them, but no, while I was inputting my details it suddenly came up that there were no tickets!! Went onto Ebay and there is someone selling tickets, 8 in fact, for The leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone (where I wanted tickets for). That person is selling them at £99 EACH (face value £23.50). How the hell did that person get 8 tickets when I couldn’t manage to get 2? I know it’s nothing to do with M & Sons, but surely there is a better way to make sure fans get tickets rather than all the touts. I would rather have queued outside the venue all night to try to get a ticket than have to suffer from this farce.
    A very disappointed fan who’s whole weekend has been ruined.

  31. ILoveThisBand says:

    (St Davids Hall gig) I’m a teenager, and to find out the band I love most was playing in a reachable distance from me was amazing! So I got up early, and got completely ready before nine. When the clock hit nine I called up, got through and as I was just about to say how many tickets I wanted the line went dead. So I call again, engaged. I do it again, te same thing. I frantically get my dad to try and book online but the servers down. In less than 10 mins they had sold out. So instead of paying £25 from the venue I would of had to of gone to one of the company’s who bought the tickets ad pay £80 (minimum) instead. Now, I’ve just got a job and its amazing pay for my age but I currently work once a month. How the he’ll am I meant to pay like £90 in a day?! It’s ridiculous, and has totally ruined my weekend…

  32. whereistherent says:

    Look guys, the bottom line is that M&S are incredibly popular, these are small shows and more people want to see them then there are tickets available. Genuine fans will have got tickets, the only way the band could possibly please everyone is by constantly playing massive venues. Some of you missed out on this occasion, that’s life. The guys will tour again soon, no doubt in bigger venues and you’ll just have to try again! Stop taking it personally.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have sat for 2 mornings trying to get 4 tickets for myself, husbad and 2 sons. Today I managed to get 2 but during final stage of submitting payment received notification that they were sold out! 2 years ago we paid £180 for 3 tickets with face value of £18 each because we wanted to see them so much – will not be doing that again! It’s an absolute disgrace that people are getting away with making so much money on these ticket sales it has to be stopped.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Got cut off there! Mumford and sons profess a desire for collaboration with the local community. I know they are not responsible for the behaviour of touts but it would b interesting to see how many local people actualy got tickets and at what cost! I wish someone with power would change the system and stand up for the fans. please read these comments mumford and sons! Your fans need you!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I too am dismayed. Dont undestand how when advertised to go on sale at 10am they are sold out straightaway. I set my alarm and registered with the Sage at Gateshead so come 10am I would b ready to book. I also phoned repeatedly but got no such number tone!! I now have two very upset children and myself who were so excited as we dont get many good bands playing in the North East…….

  36. cambs says:

    Have been checking tour dates for months and was thrilled to find the bury st edmunds date appear. Wanted 2 tix as surprise for my husband- Mumford and Sons is the only band he likes. Like others, it was hard to even figure out how to buy tix. Like others, I sat in front of my computer from about 8:30 for presale. Sold out instantly. Then I sat in front of my computer for general. Got tickets! No wait, during my purchase, they sold out. Horrible, frustrating, and a slap in the face to fans.

  37. Anonymous says:

    SO UPSET!!! had two people one on internet one on phone trying to get two tickets for myself. internet sold out dead on 9am. have checked eBay and there is one individual selling FOUR tickets for the venue i want. how did this person get FOUR tickets just to sell for profit when I cant get two tickets to actually see the band?? this is not fair! Mumford you should realise more tickets for all your true broken heartened fans :(

  38. Anonymous says:

    Same story here. Sat at computer from half eight. Only wanted two tickets for my husband and I. Refreshed page every 30 seconds or so. Tickets appeared at 9am and although I clicked immediatly sold out as soon as i clicked to confirm order. Who has got tickets? I realise Mumford and Sons need to make money but I hope they feel a tad dismayed that fans are not being able to get tickets unless they can afford vastly inflated prices. I wanted tickets to the Bury St Edmunds gig. Mumford and sons profess a desire for strong collaboration with the local community but it would be interesting to get an idea of exactly how many local people actually got tickets and if any got them at the price advertised. I am trying not to let this marr my opinion of the band because I know this is not their fault, but at some point somebody with power has to change the system and make a stand against the touts and professional tickets buyers. Mumford and Sons!!!!! PLEASE READ THESE COMMENTS!! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN!!! YOUR FANS NEED YOU!!!

  39. fiwirose says:

    Absolutely gutted! Seems the same thing happened to me as most others, literally had the tickets in the basket and was paying both yesterday and today and when I pressed pay it said they had been removed due to high demand. Shocking. Neither of my friends managed to get tickets either, none of us have seen Mumford and Sons live, we were truly upset. But well done to the re-sellers, you certainly won’t be cashing in with our money though.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I tried to get tickets to the Bury St Edmunds gig both in the presale and the general sale, with two of my friends trying in the general sale as well. We all got to the final stage of checking out, but it went to “Check Back Soon” and then “Sold Out” whilst our payments are processing, so all three of us are empty handed. Though, from what I’ve seen, not even ticket touts could get them for The Apex. I just think that, as you’ve not been in the UK for so long, there should have been more shows.

  41. brighton says:

    Bravo prichard38!! Come on fans, the more you all complain about this, the more likely the webeditor will see these comments and pass them onto the band! Why should there already be so many tickets selling at grossly inflated prices and the event be sold out, when everybody else is trying to purchase their tickets honestly. If Radiohead can prevent this sort of activity, so can M&Sons. And don’t worry about anybody on here who defends selling tickets at massive profits: they’re touts.

  42. prichard38 says:

    Like many others I didnt manage to get tickets despite trying at 09.00 on both Friday and Saturday, yet the touts are already reselling tickets at vastly inflated prices. As a previous comment said the only way to stop this is to sell concert tickets in the same way as airline tickets, i.e. with name details and having to show ID at the door. That way at least the fans get to see the band and its only the touts who lose out!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Ive been trying to get bury st edmunds tickets and Ive got to say, this system stinks. Advertising presale at 9am then putting tickets on sale at 0840 is a joke. Today for the general sale, bury st edmunds just says SOLD OUT,this website doesnt sell, the venue website does not sell and box office phone number is just saying opening times – so how and where can they be sold out from!?! This is amateur. A big F U to scumbag touts.

  44. chrissybrowne says:

    Absolutely gutted that we didn’t get Lowesoft tickets, only wanted 2. Been waiting for Mumford to announce tour dates and even though it’s still miles from where we live we were going to take a weeks holiday to Lowesoft just to see Mumford. Tried both Friday presale and Saturday with no joy. Nice to see touts have already put them on ebay. Refuse to pay that much to give the none tax paying low life scum a wage!

  45. theanoevil says:

    absolute joke been sat at computer for an hour again this morning refreshing page every 10 seconds and using laptop trying to get Mumford and Sons tickets for lowestoft gig, when they come online i get thro as far as payment to be told high demand try again do by then sold out in seconds – how rude. but if i now go on othersites can buy tickets for £100 each instead of the £23.50 I tried to pay a few minutes ago….. not happy – what can i do any advise anyone got some they dont want and will sell at a reasonable price say £40

  46. brighton says:

    Wow! Tickets all sold out for Folkstone on ATG at 9am, yes 9am, but lots available at extortionate prices on eBay for the same event. So me and a fellow fan miss out on seeing the band. Well done, touts! Band, please see if you can help your genuine fans a little by stopping this madness! I will say no more on the matter. *Sighs more*

  47. oj2772 says:

    Gutted again no tickets for me at Bury Apex or Lowestoft, even with two computers running with 2 different programmes tickets were sold out before i could complete payment on any of them, not a very good system, would rather have q’d in person at the venue then do this – at least that way you have a chance a beating touts!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Check out ebay page 1 result for ‘Mumford and Sons tickets.’ There’s a guy selling EIGHT tickets priced at £69.00 each. (exc p&p) Do the maths. That’s a cool £364 profit on actual cost. (ex booking fees) No doubt this geezer will buy another 4-8 this morning, as four is meant to be the limit, so lots of credit cards being used. Yes, we really ought to feel sorry for the touts. 8 fans never got their tickets at the standard price, and there’s lots more on Ebay. Genius!

  49. brighton says:

    2/2 Genuine fans don’t queue up for tickets, then sign into ripofftickets dot com and put on the highest price they can decide on. It’s abhorrent behaviour and the legal language doesn’t make it any better. How about you make a limited profit then? Something reasonable so people can still afford the ticket? NO WAY! Make as much as you can make, squeeze out those last few pounds, rip off the fans for all your hard work of getting the tickets before them. Great work, ‘lay person’!

  50. brighton says:

    1/2 To the ‘lay person’ who thinks using the technical language borrowed from a ticket selling site somehow gives you authority: do you honestly think this justifies people buying up tickets yesterday and immediately selling them on rip-off sites within the same hour? A £23 ticket for £100. Sorry pal, but this ain’t the work of genuine fans; genuine fans happen to go to the gigs or sell tickets onto their mates…

  51. ggaffey says:

    My hubby, my 20 year old daughter, my ten year old son and myself are now proud owners of Galway stopover tickets. Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    I have been listening to M & S for the past two years and my son who is ten years old loves your music. My hubby got us tickets today for the Galway stopover and we are so excited. We can’t wait. We will be the ones singing the loudest in Salthill. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

  53. zepland says:

    It must be upsetting to not being able to go see the artist you love. I too wish I could go see Federer playing the final in Paris sometime soon, but I can not afford it. I do not blame anyone for being tickets more expensive than I can afford.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I hate all those pathetic websites who take tickets from genuine fans and sell them on for unaffordable prices. It’s so annoying, I’m only 15 how on earth am I supposed to get a ticket, to put it simply I can’t :( I don’t have that kind of money and I’m sure as hell not going to take it from my parents. Words cant describe how gutted I am! :(

  55. Anonymous says:

    To everyone who grossly tries to offend and categorize those who make a business out of taking a risk in buying and reselling tickets (or attempting to) for profits.
    Ticket brokering may defined as the activity of buying a product (such a ticket) at the value it is emitted in the market (or successive variations), with the intention or reselling at a higher price for profit. Contrary to common discourse in the lay person, ticket brokers are not evil beings who hate you personally and destroy the music business. In the researcher`s opinion, ticket brokering is very important (in most cases) for the finance balances of the music industry (theme that would require much more time)…to be continued….to all the touts I say THANK YOU, thank you for being there on the street to sell us a ticket when we are desperate to see a band, thanks to all those ticket brokers on ebay who work hard to get the best seats for an event and sell them onto those who are willing to pay for it, thanks for making some events sold-out (that otherwise would not) and LOWER in the market (thanks free markets) the price of the tickets – thus effectively, not only making money for Paypal, Ebay and so on, but also making music more accessible. So, talking out of ignorance is simple, thinking is much harder. Being liberal and intelligent is a gift. THINK!

  56. jjones says:

    Have 2 tickets for Huddersfield to sell :( Date clash. Selling them at face value and will sort out the name change on the ticket. Please get in touch!

  57. Nickg says:

    I too for the Appex at Bury got through to the payment section, entered my payment details, then after a few minutes got a message payment timed out, all tickets sold out.

    After in the past going on many sites for other gigs this has never and should not happen.

    To stop the resale of tickets and allow the genuine fans the chance these sites should be like a concert I recently booked. For these tickets you had to enter the name of each person attending and on the actual day you have got to turn up with the original booking e-mail, another one that they are going to forward nearer to the date plus photo id for each person to prove who they are. They have warned on the original acknowledgement plus on another follow up one that if a person does not match up with the id they will not be allowed in. The result of this is that you cannot find a ticket for this gig on any of the secondary ticket sites.

    This must be the way ahead to stop onward selling of tickets.