Extra Tickets for Selected US Shows

UPDATED: 02.08.12: Invitation Onsale registration is now closed. Invitations and codes will be sent beginning at 12 noon eastern on Friday, Aug. 2.

Greetings once again to all you ladyz and fellaz across the Atlantic Ocean…

The following shows will be opening up to public sale at 10am this Friday 2nd August.

8/29 – First Niagara Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA – http://concerts.livenation.com/event/16004AD8A6196525
9/02 – Klipsch Music Center – Noblesville, IN – http://concerts.livenation.com/event/05004ACCB5F2F13D

These are the only two shows from the tour that will get a public sale.


Much love
M&S HQ x

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  1. Selling a ticket for today and tomorrows show in St Augustine, FL! Super cheap!!! Please call 205-566-8964

  2. Linda_Ann says:

    Which date and what time are Mumford and Sons playing in Troy, OH? I bought the 2-day pass at almost $600.00 but really only want to see M&S play. I do not plan on staying there for the full 2 days, and I don’t want to miss M&S! I have called Ticketliquidators (where I purchased the tickets) and also the broker (Boulder Tickets) and I got 2 different days. One says on Fri. and one says on Sat. ????

  3. Holly3419 says:

    I bought and paid for tickets to Troy, OH show in July – through in email invitation. The link took me to FrontGateTickets. I haven’t received my tickets. Is FrontGateTickets a legitimate ticket provider for GOTR tour? Is there a phone number to call to make an inquiry?

  4. claudia124 says:

    por favor algun productor que traiga a Munford a BUENOS AIRES, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. OK, I was fortunate enough to get invitation. Made connection with ticket site but do not see “Invitation Onsale” entry tab. Any suggestions or help? The ticket site phone agent was absolutely no help.

  6. kdrinkwater says:

    i was wondering why there are tickets on sale through stub hub, vivid seats, ticket liquidators but tickets were only supposed to be available through invitation only. ?? so now if we want to go we have to pay a higher price. i hope you rethink this invitation style of selling tickets. a lot of your biggest fans didn’t get invitations.

  7. kdrinkwater says:

    I live in Birmingham and was so excited to see that Mumford and Sons are playing in Pelham. My son and I are huge fans. Unfortunately, i see that tickets are only sold by invitation. I have never seen tickets sold like that before. How does this benefit the band or the fans? Why can’t the tickets be sold just like all other concert tickets? Sorry Mumford and Sons, you’ll lost 2 fans.

  8. Marmedh says:

    Has anyone received an invitation yet’? Btw if you receive a code for the rescheduled dates in texas, and you’re not using it please! Send it to me:(

  9. HCarden says:

    Uh I realize why they are doing this invitation only sale, but it is so unfair. I didn’t get an invitation the first go around and now I probably won’t with these extra tickets for the Pelham show. I will be watching my email all day for an invitation that will probably never come.

  10. jillybeans says:

    Waiting for invitation for show in Alabama. When will we find out.

  11. cajunlady131 says:

    I’d love to go to the Milwaukee show and bring my 21 y.o. Son!!!!

  12. Dorlando says:

    Can I get the presale password code to purchase tickets for your August 26th show in Toronto, Ontario canada? Please please!!

  13. Jaffy says:

    Bought and paid for my tickets to Simcoe, ON show months ago. Was told tickets would be mailed in July. Still haven’t got them yet. Not impressed with that.

  14. Erinlg26 says:

    Could Johnny Flynn join you Simcoe, ON as well? Just love his sound!!!

  15. Nfmontes says:

    Can someone please clarify for me … if I have tickets from the old show date, are those still good or do I need to register for this Invitation Onsale?

  16. SRK_Marcus_Mish says:

    I am very happy that you guys will be sending out invitations. I so want to go to the show here in Minnesota. At first I did agree with this>>> “the best way we’ve found so far to keep the touts out” but then I realize its not. Its a very annoying way. How do you guys know that the people who signed up are not a bunch of “touts”? lol The first time you guys send out tickets for the show in St. Paul, I’ve seen/heard people on twitter got invites to the show in Minnesota but decided not to buy tickets because they had other things in life to pay for…*whateverrrr*…whereas, I who was ready to by tickets didn’t get an invite. So not fair.:( I rather battle it out with people on ticketmaster to try and purchase a ticket at the same time as everyone else then wait for an invite. Either way, It’s a luck and chance to try and get tickets. So annoying, really. I love you guys and I’m sorry to say but its how I feel.:) ~Peace~

  17. Kyls77 says:

    Hope to see you guys back in Australia next year, missed you at Splendour so really looking forward to seeing you live x

  18. jessicad says:

    I’d quite like to take my cousin to the KS gig if I get a code, she’s 15. Anyone know if there are age restrictions for these things? I can’t find any info on the venue website. thanks, prematurely-out-of-touch-older-person xx

  19. JuliafromLouisville says:

    I am going to Nobelsville but also need tickets for New Orleans. If anybody gets a code for the Big Easy and does not want all of their allotment would you please send to ceciliaquiltlady@gmail.com. thanks