Everybody In Love/The Guardian Music Weekly Podcast Put Your Hands Up’ – JLS, 2009

"’It’s Friday! Hurrah!’ *sigh* Forced fun, eh? Is there anything worse? Far as I’m concerned you can file Friday afternoons alongside New Year’s Eves and SingStar as the worst culprits for holding you hostage to a ‘good time’…"
Hush up grump and get a load of this; Mumford & Sons are the featured band this week in the Guardian’s Music Weekly podcast! Who needs Crunchies for that ‘Friday Feeling’ when you’ve got The Sons talking all things music, discussing great works of literature and just generally having a solid chin-wag with the show’s lovely hosts, Paul MacInnes and Rosie Swash? No man, woman or beast that’s who… And not only that, the ‘cast also includes a very special, live and stripped-back performance The Sons recorded exclusively for the occasion!
You can listen to the show and download the podcast from the site, which is over there… No, not here… Right a bit… Bit more… Bit more… right HERE !
Have a good weekend!

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  1. TRC30 says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. Timshel is so moving every time I hear it. That performance was no different!

  2. Anonymous says:

    have you guys got any idea how huge you are in australia? talent like yours does not go un-noticed! Stunning album. i’m addicted!

  3. Anna says:

    I’ve just downloaded this and will listen in bed while having an early night and enjoying a nice, no-enforced-jollity-here-thank-you-very-much mug of hot chocolate. Life in the fast lane, eh?