East Coast US dates announced!

As Ben’s latest blog attests to, Mumford & Sons have been busy over in Australia and New Zealand lately and are soon to set their sights briefly to Los Angeles for their sold out Hollywood Bowl dates, before returning homewards for a UK and Ireland tour.

However, readers in the US, we are very pleased to reveal that the band will be returning to your East Coast shores next year for some more shows. Mumford & Sons will play the following dates in February 2013:

Tuesday 5th – TD Garden, Boston MA
Wednesday 6th – Barclays Center, New York NY
Wednesday 13th – Patriot Center, Fairfax VA
Saturday 16th – Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden NJ

Tickets go on sale at 10am on Friday 9th November via www.ticketmaster.com.

See you there?

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. polskagola13 says:

    Toronto is east, right? Please tour Canada!!!

  2. charlie.chaplin says:

    Ya’ll need to come to Huntsville, Alabama!!! :)

  3. CaseRocker says:

    Come to Baltimore Maryland!!

  4. MrBigZ says:

    Ticketmaster is a bunch of crock!! Please find an alternative to making tickets more available. So pissed that we could not get tickets!!!

  5. adrianna says:

    I tried ordering pre-sale tickets and they were sold out so quickly but I was so lucky enough to get my tickets for Camden on the 16th !!! I was at the YMCA exercising and made sure to stop and order tickets. I logged on right at 10 AM and had to keep on refreshing but finally at 10:04 I got tickets. By the time I got them they were almost sold out !!! I AM SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS !!!! I cannot wait !!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. Lisaannafaye says:

    Mumford could do what U2 does as far as tickets for their fans. Members of U2’s fan club receives an email with a code in it that allows them to purchase a certain amount of tickets (2 or 4) and a specific pre-sale exclusively for U2.com members. Typically the pre-sale for members was 48 hours. Then on the U2.com fansite there was a thread for fans who had tickets but needed to sell them, and only at face value. It was a win-win for the fans and the band. Happy fans equals the happy fans loving the band more equals them spending more money!

  7. Zackfoly says:

    Two of us tried to get tickets for Boston at the same time. Sold out in 5 minutes. Plenty of ticket agencies had tickets now from 3 to 400 dollars. Come on really. You need to do what the Grateful Dead did. Mail order tickets or fan club like Dave Mathews. Then your fans get the tickets. I hope you will be adding more dates after your Europe tour in the fall of 2013.

  8. Blackbird115 says:

    Yep I’m having problems getting the Fairfax tickets as well. This really ruined my day.

  9. cpaciulli5209 says:

    i completely agree CamTheFan..

  10. CamTheFan says:

    Funny how I fail to get tickets both during the presale and regular sale, yet all the third party companies can get right in, buy them, then sell em for $150+. What a joke, guess I wont being seeing them again any time soon. :(
    You guys should definitely find an easy way to get tickets FOR THE FANS, not for the scalpers.

  11. cpaciulli5209 says:

    Couldn’t be more annoyed that I couldn’t get tickets for camden.. I don’t know how these people get the tickets so fast when I had been sitting here refreshing since like two minutes before they went on sale. HUGE BUMMER, seeing as how I’m not even thinking about paying more than double the price on stub hub. why buy the tickets if you’re not actually interested in seeing the show and just want to rip other people off? Love you mumford, but looks like i won’t get to see you anytime soon. xo

  12. NewEnglandK says:

    You only get a chance to buy presale tickets is if you are a Citi card member…not just because you have signed up for M&S newsletters….Forget Stubhub, hope for last minute deals on Craiglist!

  13. dmbpig4041 says:

    I tried to get Camden tickets at 10:00 and it was already sold out. I hope they add a 2nd show!

  14. Tiffanny13 says:

    While y’all are on the East coast, you might as well stop by Atlanta!

  15. beckalyn13 says:

    I thought we would receive emails with presale passwords to get tickets a day early. Stubhub is charging $400+ for them! I am a loyal fan and got no email. Now there is only about an hour left and no chance in hell of getting a presale ticket. Totally screwed.

  16. gumper76 says:

    Just called Camden NJ and all sold out. Pretty crappy at 10:00 you where already sold out. And presale goes on till 10pm. Why to really stick it to ur fans. My wife’s loves ur band and that’s who I was trying to get tickets for. Thanks a lot.

  17. idaso says:

    Just spoke with the box office at the Patriot Center for the Fairfax show. They claim that there are still plenty of tickets available for the presale and that you should just keep refreshing the page and checking over and over again. I’ve been doing that literally nonstop since 10 AM and Ticketmaster keeps telling me that it can’t find any tickets…

  18. Oahu14 says:

    I attempted to get tickets to the Fairfax show on presale between 10-10:30, over and over again. By 10:20, Stub hub had over a 100 tickets at their hands, selling at 145 a piece. Now how did they get through so efficient, when the max purchase at ticketmaster is 4… BS.

  19. bltbfour says:

    Ticketmaster claims all the pre-sale tickets are sold out for Fairfax show.

  20. TheRedBaron says:

    @jswilson6 – same here, not happy seeing the tickets available at other sights for $300 plus already. wth? I’ll try tomorrow again with ticketmaster, but I’m NOT paying scalpers.

  21. carolineclark10 says:

    It is sad that the only place you can get tickets for this show is stubhub, and that you might have to sell an organ to afford them. Not cool.

  22. jswilson6 says:

    No one that I know is having luck in Ticketmaster, I’m really angry about this. I hope the band is able to put some of their weight into this and figure out what the problem is, i’ve been trying for the Fairfax show for 30 min and then I even tried the NJ show because I was so desprate….. This is really irritating and frustrating. I must now go to class and I can’t keep trying…. ridiculous.

  23. gumper76 says:

    U know this sucks trying to get presale for Camden NJ and can’t but see them all on stubhub. They have had them since Momday the 5. Amazing how they have the tickets before the presale and charging crazy price. Thanks for looking out for ur fans.

  24. xmezani89 says:

    anyone have any luck with camden presale?? I’ve been trying for the past half hour

  25. carolineclark10 says:

    What the heck is going on with tickets for Fairfax???? I was on before 10 and there were none.

  26. jswilson6 says:

    did you get it from the other vendor? what vendor did you use?

  27. bltbfour says:

    Same here for Fairfax, Its my daughters B-day when they will be here! When I looked at Patriot Center, another “online” were already selling tickets

  28. jswilson6 says:

    has anyone had success?

  29. jswilson6 says:

    this is terrible I started right at 10 and been trying for 20 minutes… same thing…

  30. jswilson6 says:

    for the Fairfax prerelease i’ve tried about 20 times and every time it says “Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available on Ticketmaster.com.”


  31. TheRedBaron says:

    F ticketmaster

  32. In an email from the 9:30 club it says that pre sale tix go on sale tomorrow from 10 am to 10 pm and the code is Whispers

  33. bamproffitt says:

    Live Nation has presale tix tomorrow at 10am EST (download the mobile app, too). I managed to get mine today via the artist arena page.