To our fans –

Our friend and bandmate Ted has been feeling unwell for a few days, and yesterday he was taken to a hospital to receive emergency treatment. The scans revealed a blood clot on the surface of his brain that requires an operation. Ted is receiving excellent care and we are being assured that he will recover quickly from surgery.

Sadly we have to postpone three upcoming headline shows planned for this week in Dallas on Tuesday 6/11, Woodlands on Wednesday 6/12, and New Orleans on Thursday 6/13. All dates will be rescheduled and will be announced as soon as we can; all tickets for this week’s events will be honoured at their rescheduled dates. We have no plans to cancel or postpone any other appearances along this current tour.

We’re all wishing Ted a speedy recovery.
Much love,
Mumford & Sons

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  1. Best wishes to him in a full recovery, modern medicine is a miracle!

  2. Ahh the lovely Ted, so glad you are doing OK, and for the rest of you, you are all lo lovely too. Take care and hopefully see you in Dublin and Lewes.xxxxx

  3. Luis Ramirez says:

    Though I was bummed that I drove 5hrs. from Oklahoma to Dallas just to turn back!! Wishing the band the best and Ted prayers to you..which I would’ve got online fast enough to have purchased tix to the Guthrie show but didn’t happen!! I Will Wait for the resheduled Dallas show!!..I wanna thank you for helping methrough my mothers loss with your music!!! much love to all..

  4. Got to see you guys in Austin on Sunday the 9th. Great show. Also have tix to the Woodlands show which is still considered postponed, instead of cancelled. I hope you guys make it back through. The week after Oklahoma (sorry you have to go there… we Texans understand the misery that is Oklahoma….JK, Okies) would be great… it won’t be “Hot as Balls” them… although still damn hot.
    Regardless, Ted’s health and predicted recovery is excellent news. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer. If you make it back, see you at The Woodlands. If not, see you next time. God Bless and God Speed!

  5. thora says:

    And, yeah, TED – I’m so happy you’re okay =) everyone must be very relieved and so am I. cheers from CROATIA <3

  6. thora says:

    EVERYONE! they’re not cancelling the rest of their tour (at least for now, but I doubt they will), but the following concerts ARE cancelled: Bonnaroo and Telluride Festivals and the show at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS.

  7. amanda_garcia says:

    Wishing that you get well swiftly and are.able to get back on tour doing what you love. To marcus ben and winnie continue to stand by your mate as you have done so. We have faith that all four of you will will recover from this stressful and shocking time. All four of you are in our prayers.
    With lots of love from arizona.

  8. Mrs.1CC says:

    Habs grad bei Facebook gelesen, Gott sei dank, es geht ihm den Umständen entsprechend GUT!!!! Weiterhin gute Besserung und Ben, Marcus und Win, passt gut auf ihn auf!!! Alles liebe, Claudia

  9. Libberlou says:

    Very sad that I had already flown to Dallas for the concert but glad to hear that Ted is doing well. Ready to fly back whenever I need to! I can’t wait to hear this band in concert!

  10. missoulamtj says:

    From Missoula, Montana: wishing Ted a full recovery; hoping all of you can get what I assume is going to be some much needed rest during this tough time; and when you’re ready to hit the stage after Ted heals, you’ll definitely be able to pick up where you left off because your fans will have been screaming warm fuzzies for you the whole time, now and when you come back! By the way, I heard you live for the first time at Sasquatch a few weeks ago, and it was one fantastic concert! Legendary! And by the way again, MISSOULA would love to host one of your concerts, whether it be for one night, or, better yet, a 2014 GOTR stopover. But first things first: Ben, Marcus, Winston: for now, just take care of Ted, take care of each other, and take care to take your time … Lub, a newby Mumfordian

  11. SuzDVM says:

    Though my Bonnaroo ticket was purchased for the treat of hearing Mumford and Sons on my birthday, June 15, I’m happy to hear that Ted is taking enough time off to fully recover. Prayers for his swift and complete healing and for safe travels home for all.

  12. John Henry says:

    Hi! We have tickets for Dallas and Telluride and though we’re unbelievably bummed that we’ll miss you we are equally unbelievably happy that Ted’s on the road to recovery! We’re also holding tickets for Guthrie so we’ll see you in Oklahoma! Rest up Ted!

  13. ctys says:

    I heard it is on facebook, which I cannot check.

  14. LadyyBluee11 says:

    Is it really true? Is the tour canceled? :(

  15. ctys says:

    Word is that they are canceling the rest of the tour. Gosh I hope that is not true :( Sure hope Ted recovers fully though.

  16. Jjcharles77 says:


  17. CatBeardsForTed says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Ted! I’d send you cat beard pictures if I could.

    Your fans in Calgary

  18. Isac1 says:

    Brasil is praying for Ted!

  19. NikiKehoe says:

    So glad to hear Ted is on the mend. Thinking of you and get well soon :)

  20. MissBennet says:

    Good thing you got it checked out when you did!! I had a stroke, so I know a little bit about the recovery process. Just take your time; hopefully you’ll be able to make your beautiful music again!! You are all loved!!

  21. Meadkeeper says:

    Like so many others I just wanted to say to Ted that I’ve been thinking about him all day, and send him my warmest wishes for a full and speedy recovery. We need you and your music! – but we do need you to get properly well before you go back on stage, so take your time.

  22. Tarcajr says:

    Thinking of you Ted! Hope you feel good as new soon. Glad you got checked out!

  23. susierob says:

    We are sending you our positive thoughts and prayers for a full recovery! We love you here in Austin. I’m sorry this happened following such wonderful and joyful shows last weekend. I hope you can feel the positive energy being sent your way. I hope to see you smiling on stage again soon.

  24. Marimarlis says:

    Sending good vibes your way! We are hoping to hear your beautiful music delight our ears again!!! I hope you have a quick recovery. Get well soon!

  25. mare2318 says:

    Ted, I hope you are feeling the love and energy coming from us from all over the world. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery. I was six feet away from you in Taos and loved your enthusiasm and huge smile. Get well and know you are loved and appreciated.

  26. Mrs.1CC says:

    Good and speedy convalescence for Ted and much power for Marcus, Ben, Winston and all Families!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love Claudia

  27. meghan22 says:

    Sending prayers for you Ted so that you feel better.
    Hoping to see you all doing well in Bonner Springs! Love you guys!

  28. rebecca sweeting says:

    hope that all goes well in the operation how every one in the band is okay
    get well soon ted my thoughts are with you all:)

  29. J Corley Ackley says:

    My family and I just had the honor of your performance in Taos last week. We were surely shocked to hear of Ted’s condition and are all wishing him the speediest of recoveries. Please, please, please, all of you take care of yourselves. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. You all are truly loved by more people than I think you can possibly imagine as you have brought music, love, & hope to so many. Good health and blessings…..

  30. marloclaire says:

    Mumford & Sons: Love and prayers from my family to you all and Ted!
    I recently turned 15, but my mom didn’t want me to have a quincenera (a Latin “sweet sixteen”) so instead offered to take me to Europe with one friend. We didn’t have enough money to go, but even if we did, I would have chosen your concert over it anyway. Even to endure the endless six hour flight from Hawaii to Portland (during which all I did was sleep and listen to your album). Your music brings tears to my eyes and gives me chickenskin, that’s how amazing and impactful it is! No matter hom many times I hear it, it never gets old. Thank you for making music! Aloha, Marlo

  31. britishgirl61 says:

    Mumford & Sons – my heart goes out to you and your mate Ted. When I heard the news it took me back to March 17 of this year, My beautiful 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Thanks to 2 absolutely wonderfully skilled Neurosurgeons and 18 days in the ICU, she is now back to an almost normal life. I send prayers and speedy recovery to you and your mate. alison s.

  32. mechaelles says:

    Thoughts and prayers to you for a healthy recovery! With love from ATX! <3

  33. suzicoin says:

    Amen, to charebear13! Praying for a speedy recovery for Ted and hope to see you in Kansas City, but if not, I will be happy to fly back and see you later if you have to postpone! Prayers for my (don’t tell the others) favorite son, Ted. Love to you all! Sue in St. Louis in June 2011 (but really from Chicago).

  34. charebear13 says:

    Just read that Ted is recovering nicely and am so happy to hear that. I saw a comment below where someone said to take as much time as needed to recuperate. We all know, love and respect the fact that y’all work so insanely hard, but your fans are not going anywhere and what we want first and foremost is y’alls safety and health. We can wait to see you when Ted has fully recuperated. Sorry that I am using “we”, but I think we pretty much all feel that way. I love you all very much and pray that everything continues to go smoothly for Ted and as always, for the safety of all of you. <3

  35. Regina Mabry says:

    I saw ya’ll in Austin, TX, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Take care of yourself, Ted, and take the time to recuperate before heading out again on the road. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  36. Aspen says:

    “We will wait we will wait for you” To come to dallas but in the mean time get well and only leave the hospital when the doctors say so

  37. Sienna_Beth says:

    Dear Ted, my thoughts are with you,the boys and your family. I wish you a quick and healthy recovery and i’m sure you’ll be back soon rocking your bass as always. all my love :* <3

  38. bex ask the panda says:

    You are in everyone’s thoughts ted “you are not alone in this, as brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand” we wish you the best and a nice, easy recovery,
    Love, EVERYONE!!

  39. englynnd says:

    Our thoughts are with you! Much love! Alicia in L.A.

  40. loriel0524 says:

    So sorry to hear this~Get well very soon Ted~xoxo! Lori

  41. jmenicole says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m very grateful that the doctors found what the problem was and hope your recovery is smooth and quick.

  42. charlotte mumford says:

    our dearest ted, all us fans are wishing you a GIANT get well soon and a speedy recovery so you can get on with that tour of yours! hope to see back on that bass/drums/guitar again soon, all our thoughts are with you and the band, if your ill Mumford and sons isn`t Mumford and sons! you complete the band!!! your such an inspiration and i have no doubt in the fact that you`ll be back shaking your head like mad on stage again soon! we love y`all!!! charlotte from somerset

  43. munby says:

    Get better soon you guys are a great inspiration to my kids we love you Anne

  44. jill says:

    To you all, we love you & are wishing Ted a speedy recovery, take care of each other, can’t wait to see you again. Much love.

  45. lisaj235 says:

    Ted!!!!! We love you! Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Speedy and healthy recovery.
    Mucho love to you

  46. Sye says:

    To all the band… just wanted to let you know that you appeared on the front of the METRO newspaper in London today. Headline “Mumfords star hit by brain blood clot” with a picture of Ted performing. All – this is a freebie news paper hander out to over 4 million Londoners every day. The secondary readership could have reached TEN millions. Personal message from me; I had clots that caused multiple pulmonary embolis a few years ago and they nearly took me(I’m 100% fit now tho!) Wishing you a full recovery, Sye (London) oh and that’s from the other 9,999,999 of us!!!

  47. crfrech says:

    My dearest sweet lads, how lucky you are Ted to have your three brothers in arms to watch over you and carry you through this trial of life. May the surgeon be quick and precise, may the recovery be speedy and may your hearts be made even more gracious for every day you have together. Take care of each other. I look forward to the day when all is right for my favorite quartet and I believe the music will take care of itself. Much love and many blessings.

  48. One Man & His WaistCoat says:

    Dear Ted
    Hope you get well soon. You have a place in my prayers, your a great man and musician and you’ve got the support of three others as well as countless more.
    Some Man Love

  49. rebecca sweeting says:

    hope that ted gets well soon hope all of you will look after him :)

  50. garym2k12 says:

    Get well soon ted, all thinking of you here in ireland.. Marcus, Winston and Ben will give you the world of care :)

  51. big pez 2013 says:

    get will soom ted

  52. big pez 2013 says:

    dear ted i very sorry of you mate are you ok mate

  53. kristin85 says:

    Dear Ted
    Despite you feeling ill, you did an incredible job at the show in Austin, TX on Sunday. I hope you are better soon and we are sending prayers your way for a good recovery from surgery.

  54. Hannah :D says:

    Dear Ted:
    I’m so very sorry that you and your friends have to go through this trying ordeal, but keep your courage strong, Teddy! You’ll be back where you belong, playing that beautiful bass, in no time at all. Hugs are being sent your way! :D
    Love, Hannah

  55. The Teller says:


    I am very sorry to here this, hoping all goes well. My thoughts and wish’s are yours today Ted….

    The Teller

  56. Danny Mifsud says:

    Dear Ted my prayers are with u and your family . God bless you and the rest of the band . You guys are honestly the best band in my generation and wanna say thanks to you guys

  57. rustytx says:

    Dear Ted,
    Thank you for a great concert in Austin! We all wish you the best and are praying for your complete recovery.

  58. Améliemélie says:

    Dear Ted,
    I hope that you’re well right now :) and I know that you can count on your 3 bandmates !
    So I wish you a speedy recovery and I look forward to see you in good shape on stage ( and in Paris ;) )
    My thoughts also go towards Marcus, Ben and Winston as well as your family and friends.
    Much love from France

  59. tldct says:

    Life touring must be exhausting- Recover, rest and most of all take care our yourself. I hope M&S will come to CT.

  60. luckylukas says:

    Dear Ted
    Best wishes from Germany and get well soon!

  61. bookworm3377 says:

    Dear Ted,
    I wish you a quick recovery! Please get well soon. All of us in Maine are remembering your amazing performance in Portland and wishing you all well!

  62. flemdelaflem says:

    Reading all these lovely messages to Ted makes me proud to a fan of Mumford and Sons, hope Ted is better soon, xoxoxoxo

  63. tfskalsky says:

    Dear Ted,
    Wishing you nothing but the best for your surgery and after! Hopefully your recovery is a quick one and your back to doing what you love in no time! Much love and prayers being sent your way. Xoxo Tiffany

  64. oligaga says:

    Dear Ted

    We all hope and wish you a very quick recovery, hope this would not be serious and you could get back as soon as posible.
    Healing energy, prayers and wishes for you.

  65. alexkeyless says:

    Mumford & Sons,
    This past Saturday I went to your Austin performance and was blown away by the amazing talent you all bestow. I first discovered your guys’ band when The Cave was released. I remember showing my mom the song and she never thought anything of it. When “I Will Wait” was released as a #1 hit my mom had surprised me with tickets to see you. I was incredibly shocked and excited to see you. I am now a hardcore american fan and cannot wait to HOPEFULLY buy tickets for next years world tour. Your lyrics melt my heart and make me want to pursue my dream with singing and song writing. Much love and support to Ted and his recovery.

  66. charebear13 says:

    Can you update us as to how Ted is doing….there are ALOT of us that are worried sick and just need an update as to how he is. When is the surgery gonna take place? Well, just know that many, many of us are praying for Ted, as well as all of you. Love you all so much and please, please just take care – be careful.

    all of my love and adoration,,