Barcelona and Madrid shows moved to larger venues

For any fans in Spain who thought they’d missed out on the chance to see Mumford & Sons live in March – we are very pleased to announce that the shows in Barcelona and Madrid have been moved to bigger venues, meaning more tickets can be released:

20th – Barcelona, Sant Jordi Club (originally Sala Razzmatazz)
21st – Madrid, Palacio Vistalegre (originally Sala Riviera)

A ticket pre-sale will begin on Tuesday 15th January at 10.30am (CET) at Tickets will then go on general sale on Thursday 17th January via, and

Original tickets remain valid.

Hope to see you there.

M&S HQ x

Or roughly translated…

Para aquellos fans en España que pensaban habían perdido la oportunidad de ver a Mumford & Sons en directo en Marzo – nos alegra poder anunciar que los conciertos de Barcelona y Madrid cambian a salas más grandes por lo que se pondrán a la venta más entradas.

20 – Barcelona, Sant Jordi Club (anteriormente Sala Razzmatazz)
21 – Madrid, Palacio Vistalegre (anteriormente Sala Riviera)

El Martes, 15 de enero, a las 10.30 (CET) en comenzará la pre-venta de entradas. La venta de entradas general será a partir del Jueves, 17 de Enero a través de,,

Original tickets remain valid.

Esperamos veros allí.

M&S HQ x

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  1. Daniel_Martinez_Lozano says:

    Please come back to Barcelona folks!!!! I can’t wait no more to see you and I’ll have to travel through Europe!! Don’t forget Spain for your Tours please!!

  2. AMGAMMIERI says:

    Hi Gentlemen!
    Please come to Montreal! I would love to see you live instead of You Tube! LOL!
    You guyz are amazing!!! Beautiful voices!
    Ciao :)

  3. cristinavramoff says:

    somebody who has 2 tickets for the concert in Madrid?

  4. please, do the same in portugal!! the tickets ran out to quickly, there’s so many people that really want to see you!

  5. meldew says:

    When are you coming to South Africa????????

  6. sookie49 says:

    Please, come in France for more dates and concerts. only two concerts were scheduled, it is not enough for all your French fans can come see you. The France love you !!!!

  7. CubeQB says:



  8. Newfiegrl says:

    Was recently introduced to your music and I instantly feel in love y’all are brilliant! Here’s hoping to catching a live show sometime soon! Watching on you tube is as close as I get to live. Lol safe travels and hurry back to Canada please!

  9. danimicheletti says:

    Hope you can make your way back to Seattle soon!!

  10. And do not forget about Ukraine please. We really love you, too, and wait.

  11. cate924 says:


  12. My husband and I would greatly like to see you come to Houston Tx. We live on Galveston Island. Not sure if you had a chance to explore this far south last time y’all were in Houston, but I think you’d love the Island.
    Thanks so much, God Bless

  13. XYZXYZ says:

    Thanks for the new Madrid venue, we now have tickets, can’t wait!

  14. skmejia says:

    Have you guys ever considered performing at the House of Blues in Chicago? It’s my favorite venue for music: major performers in a medium/smaller setting. We weren’t able to get tickets for your most recent tour that came nearby to Chicago and would really love to see you in concert!!

  15. kébek fan says:

    Is it true that you will be in Montreal, February 7?

  16. amandalpelaez says:

    PLEASSE come to ontario canada toronto or london I’m dying to see y’all!!!!!!!

  17. Rami says:

    is there any possibility to move to bigger venue in munich or vienna too? would love to see you there ;( pls

  18. Hey I can’t buy my tickets for the Barcelona concert!! What’s happening??

  19. Briaaaaaal says:

    Please come to California sometime this year!!! I love you guys soooo much!!! Such an amazing group!!!!

  20. Fiona Weikl says:

    can you please make the show in vienna bigger? i just want to see you and sing with you :-(

  21. shaylevy says:

    Please please please come to New Orleans some time later in 2013. Please please please. You must !!!!

  22. lee0010 says:

    Come to the Hangout Music Festival this summer in Alabama PLEASE

  23. rasiacki says:

    You guys seriously need to upgrade the opening gig in Warsaw. Stodola is really small and it would not handle all the people who have been at Your gig during the Open’er festival <3 I'm begging You, think about it.

  24. Sigrid16517 says:

    can under 18 go to this gig? are they allowed? please, answer me! :)

  25. mand9966 says:

    No, no, no, all other countries!! That’s enough!! They are British, get your own band!!

  26. Bago says:

    Please , I beg you change the venue also in Milan. Alcatraz is too small .
    We love you
    Italians Fan

  27. Thomas Medina, this morning I saw at the livenation website that the pre-sale will be tomorrow at 10.30am CET

  28. what the hell is happening with the tickets for barcelona’s concert?? i can’t buy any!! when i try there’s always this message written on the quantity column ‘ check back soon’ and i’ve been trying every five minutes for the last hour!!!the tickets are available today or tomorrow??please help!

  29. LauraBru says:

    Aquí pone que la preventa es hoy, pero en la página de las entradas pone que es mañana a partir de las 10:00 alguien sabe algo?

  30. SarahRum says:


  31. Nateshurtz says:


  32. bigcee says:


  33. chels_vincent says:


  34. diotunder says:

    hey guys! please replace the hungarian show to a bigger venue too! PLEASE! i’m begging you! :) please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lolapalmer says:

    Eduardo Díaz Rodríguez.. no puedo creer lo que leo.. la envidia será el deporte nacional, o no, pero desde luego esto no va de envidia, esto va de que a algunos nos gustaría verles en otro “ambiente”, incluso menor que La Riviera, con mejor sonido y más cercano. Eso es todo. No por eso esperamos que la gente se quede sin entradas, también podrían tocar más días en un sitio menor. Y Vistalegre es horrible, pero lo importante es ver a M&S en vivo, por supuesto. Son opiniones. Saludos.

  36. Joschlinger says:

    You upgraded Sweden, Norway, Czech, Italy and Spain, but you apparently forgot to upgrade the shows I wanted to go. So PLEASE upgrade the German shows, too, make a young guy – and plenty other guys – overwhelmingly happy.

    a bothered Franconian soul

  37. god, This is who runs Spain, is a very good news VistaAlegre is more bigger MUCH better option that la Riviera (I hate this place). (Security, space.. and many more is better in VistaAlegre). Envy/selfishness is a national sport here.. if any want to see close, go early and take a place… but don’t hate the opportunity to anybody else see the group.. my goodness..

  38. Sofia says:

    Please upgrade in Sweden again, I mean you’re doing two shows in Spain AND upgrading venues. Pleaaaseeeee?

  39. HadaRigby says:

    I mean, it’s going to be funny to see you try to perform Timshel unplugged there. Good luck.

  40. HadaRigby says:

    Why have you done this? The Vistalegre is the most horrible venue in this city. It’s hell. Security is a chaos, the whole management of the venue is chaotic, and even if you try to sound good, it’ll sound like shit because the fucking cement walls can’t hold the sound. The ventilation is terrible and it’s hot like hell.
    This is bad news. Real bad news.

  41. Adrienne_G says:

    @lolapalmer I just got an e-mail from musicglue saying that the tickets will still be valid, so don’t worry about that! :)

  42. Nor says:

    Great News !!
    Thanks a lot !!

  43. lolapalmer says:

    Hi! I’m not very happy with these news.. I rather see you guys in a smaller place with better sound :( But anyway, my question is: What happens with the tickets we already have for La Riviera? Are they valid?