Note from Winston: Baaba Maal x Charity:Water

Back in the summer of 2013, our good buddies in The Very Best brought down the great Baaba Maal to our Stopover festival in Lewes. How fortuitous that turned out to be.

Upon meeting him Baaba immediately told us about his festival in Senegal, Blues du Fleuve. Baaba told us that it had the same focus on community and the same focus on celebrating the local. Well it turns out that his festival is even more of a stopover than our stopovers.

I jumped at his invitation to join him and go out to his home in the desert frontier town of Podor, a casual 12 hour drive from Dakar out into the Sahara. I’ve not worked out how to describe it to people but thankfully I don’t have to anymore because this wonderful documentary has been made.

The week I spent out there was pure magic and this film gives a pretty good glimpse of it. Sit back, enjoy, and hopefully, see you at the next Blues du Fleuve!


You can check out the album and film here. By buying it through charity: water, 100% of profits, after credit card fees, will go to help bring clean water to communities in the developing world.

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