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So, Little Lion Man, eh? Remember him? Small fella, looked a little bit like a lion? Had a healthy relationship with the chart and a rebound ‘thing’ with Mr. Cruz a while back? Well, he’s officially off-the-shelf, snapped up by a whole host of handsome young things (that’s you btw), and though his mane blazed brightly in the Autumn sun, it’s a new dawn, a new day, and, apparently, a whole new season…
Mumford and Sons are fit to burst with pride and excitement as they officially announce the release of Winter Winds! The second offering from Sigh No More is set to breeze casually, but firmly, on to the shelf and into the game on December the 7th two-zero-zero-nine. Winter Winds will be available to buy from all the usual suspects, in all the usual formats, and will also come complete with the sparkling endorsement of a certain Scott Mills, who has made Winter Winds his Record of The Week this week over at Radio 1! Wonderful! Here’s to you Mr. Mills… And to all of you reading this, here’s to you and yours too, just because we’re nice like that.
Breaking News!! Peep a FIRST look at the artwork for Winter Winds below…


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  1. Alice4Hatter says:

    It’s going under my tree this Christmas for sure. :)

  2. Pabloenrigue says:

    All the way across the sea, I got so drunk with my best friend listening to your music in Mexico City. We couldn´t stop listening all your songs while the sun was coming out. I know its hard, but we hope you can come to the biggest city in the world.