An Arrow Through The Heartland US Tour Announcement

Touring the United States of America in many ways fulfils the childhood dream of what touring might be like. Rolling from one great city to the next, each with its own personality and uniqueness whilst remaining familiar enough at the same time. Waking up every morning with a conversation amongst us about who wants to visit “that” bookshop or “the” ultimate music shop or whatever the various cities had to offer.

And on this note, we’re very excited to announce some new tour dates for 2016…

Hope you can make it!

Support for all dates (except Saratoga, NY) to come from a man whose music we’re all in awe of, Blake Mills.

Ben x

Tickets go on general sale from 10am local time on Friday November 13th




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  1. Isabella_Deal says:

    Cant they stop in sacremento or redding california

  2. Pamela_Nunley says:

    Awwwweeee, no Detroit? :*(

  3. amcgrain12 says:

    Who else is on the tour?!

  4. Michelle_Helton says:

    So just out of curiosity, any chance I can get my banjo signed by the band if I bring it to the Omaha concert?

  5. Benjamin_Bostock says:

    I think you guys should have region tours like the NE tour or THE SW tour that would be cool

  6. grimes_whitley says:

    @Armando_Betancourt Yes! Got my tickets last week. Instead of using Live Nation or Ticketmaster, I went through the arena’s website. I couldn’t get the other two sites to work for the Atlanta shows. Go to Infinite Energy Arena event calendar, scroll to April, and click on the date you want. Then hit “Buy Tickets” and it will direct you from there. I had no difficulty getting floor tickets for April 12th. 

  7. Erica_Ciminelli_Liebsch says:

    Where’s your stop in Detroit?

  8. MumfordFan16 says:

    @MarcDM Isn’t Saratoga in New York?? 

  9. MarcDM says:

    Will there be upcoming tours after June 2016 closer to NY?

  10. cmdickers says:

    @Jason_Johnston  I thought it was just me!  I couldn’t believe they were all “sold” the minute it turned 10:00a.m. – but  stubhub had them

  11. efowler00 says:

    @Christiana_Wilkerson WOW! Those are great seats, good for you! Did you get them during the TM presale or through StubHub? I got section 6 and was just happy to be in the lower level. 

  12. lisa0815 says:

    @pbc759 My friends are posting on FB that they are not getting any SPAC seats at all!

  13. MumfordFan16 says:

    @Don_Wilson I doubt it since West Coast is not in the Heartland. LOL

  14. Don_Wilson says:

    Any chance there might be additional stops added in on the West Coast?

  15. pbc759 says:

    did any one get Saratoga  I can only find lawn tickets!! wheres the cheapest place to get them

  16. mikeysv says:

    I got GA tix this morning! Stiil in shock!!

  17. LA_Squared says:

    @Jimmy_OConnor  I Used “TRACKS”  and it worked.

  18. MumfordFan16 says:

    @Josie_DrakeNorthuis  Yes Stubhub is Legit. Used them many times before.

  19. Josie_DrakeNorthuis says:

    I got tickets to Indy,, i got them through stubhub for a god awful amount. Has anyone else used stub hub ? are they legit?

  20. kindlykrafted says:

    @Michael_Lee1 I used both codes and got two adjacent tickets.  Good Luck!

  21. Armando_Betancourt says:

    Does anyone have any luck with the Atlanta show? I cant find anything on Live Nation

  22. kindlykrafted says:

    @Michael_Lee1 ARROW and KVIL

  23. Stephanie_Stephens says:

    @Carolyn_Bridges Did you have any luck? I used BELIEVE, but ARROW worked as well. It’s getting to be slim pickins for seats.

  24. Michael_Lee1 says:

    Dallas pre sale code anyone?

  25. Christiana_Wilkerson says:

    FINALLY got my ticket to Indy! Section 3 :)

  26. Jimmy_OConnor says:

    does anyone know the SPAC code for the Artist pre-sale?

  27. kkcald says:

    I used “tracks” to get tickets for Charlotte, NC this AM and it worked.  The Livenation website also lists “piano” as a password.

  28. drav87 says:

    @silvamich4 Yeah I believe so, I have been having the same problem. 

  29. silvamich4 says:

    @drav87 @silvamich4 Thank you! If it doesn’t give me an option, does that mean tickets are sold out for presale?

  30. Erin_Eckman says:

    Looking for ticketmaster presale code for st. Paul, mn

  31. MumfordFan16 says:

    WAIT is the Ticketmaster Pre Sale Code needed for the Little Rock Show.

  32. silvamich4 says:

    Does anyone know the presale code for Madison, WI? Please!

  33. rmussmann says:

    Scored 2 tickets St. Paul using BELIEVE code!

  34. Treshamarie says:

    Finally got my tickets to Tulsa!! So excited!

  35. MumfordFan16 says:

    @lisa0815 Hang in there. You’ll eventually get the Tickets You are wanting.

  36. lisa0815 says:

    Having no luck again!  So frustrating!!