A note from Mumford & Sons on ticketing

Dear friends,

We’ve heard from many of you recently with issues regarding ticketing for Mumford & Sons shows.

As musicians and gig goers ourselves, we hate seeing tickets for our shows up on sites within minutes of going on sale at double and triple face value just as much as you do. We don’t control these sites. We can’t guarantee the tickets are real. And we don’t benefit financially.

The fact remains that ticket reselling in one form or another is legal in the vast majority of situations, which distorts the market and encourages speculation. In the absence of government legislation, the best we can promise you is to do everything we can to make the ticket-buying experience as fair and affordable as possible, and to work with promoters and ticket-selling companies to keep tickets out of the secondary markets.

To that end, we are working on new ways to ensure that as many tickets as possible end up in the right hands. Some will undoubtedly work better than others, so we ask that you bear with us if it takes an extra few minutes to get into a venue, or if the purchasing page requires an extra step. We believe ultimately we can create a fairer experience that will benefit everyone. Everyone but the touts and scalpers, that is.

In the meantime, thanks as ever for being amazing and in the immortal words of Bryan Adams: ‘Everything we do, we do it for you.’

See you on the road.


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  1. sfdobbs33 says:

    I am studying abroad in Aberdeen for the summer, and I am a huge fan. I have been working my ass off for the past 3 years to go on this trip. I have been working full time and attending evening law school in the states, and I’m entering my last year of law school. When I found out you all were playing so close, I immediately tried to buy a ticket, but the country of residence for the billing info, will not let me put US. My billing address is in the US but I am living here for the summer. I am not just attending school here, I have been wanting to go to Scotland since I was a kid and my Grandpa told me about how great a place it is. Anyway, I am connecting with some distant relatives in the Caithness area just before the show and it is going to kill me to miss it. Please let me know if you can do anything.



  2. KjEnloe says:

    I recently bought 2 tickets for the Sept. 9 show at Oak Mountain Amphitheater from VividSeats and am giving them to a friend (I will not be attending). I purchased the tickets with a VISA gift card. Whenever the tickets came in the mail, they were issued to a different person. Will my friend be rejected from the concerted? Please let me know ASAP!


  4. Tamara3107 says:

    I paid £270 for two tickets to men arena in December as that was the only way I could get tickets but would I do it again hell yeah sorry but your worth it

  5. ochrasy says:

    i need only one ticket.
    ugh please … :C
    do something

  6. Dave Matthews Band had the same problem and developed the “Warehouse” fan club. Fans pay an annual membership fee to the club and each fan has their own number number. Tickets are then sold through the Warehouse only, sometimes seniority, sometimes random. Regardless, it keeps the tickets it the fans hands, not on secondary sites. This is one of the few ways to help fans and would be greatly appreciated if you started one.
    Nonetheless, it brings me great joy to hear that you are as concerned about this as much as your devoted fans are.

  7. Nor says:

    Dear friends, thanks for talk about this problem..

    It´s really sad to find Madrid tickets available from 149 € in the secondary markets.

    Solutions?… Sure !!…. Let´s see: It´s easier to cross the US border (ESTA, passport..) than buy a pass to Michael Eavis´ farm, but actually you´ll get your Glasto weekend ticket..

    However, I´m not sure the promoters want to walk that path. In Spain (thieves´land) we say “if you think the worst, you won’t be far wrong”, so : What if the promoters have its own interest on the secondary markets?

    Well, thanks again and hope to see you on the road.

  8. Geoff_Chapple says:

    Gasoline is 9 dollars a gallon in Europe, maybe thats why you dont complain having to pay 3.50

  9. LaMike says:

    I don’t have time to wait on line or count the days and minutes as to when the tickets go on sale, so i have no problem paying extra to get what I want which is a good seat and a good experience. I thought we live in America the land of opportunity. I pay exorbitant amounts of money for gasoline & other products people mark up & I don’t hear as much complaining about it…

  10. maggy says:

    this is great! you won’t escape me next time around!!

  11. Geoff_Chapple says:

    Good stuff chaps. If tickets are printed ‘Not for Resale’ on the back, does that not make it illegal?

  12. sndafir says:

    How kind of you to acknowledge this issue as it has unfortunately affected so many of your fans. I would have loved to see you all in VA (or NJ even) and would definitely have paid a ghastly amount to do so, however the uncertainty of the so called secondary sites is enough to put me off. How is this legal!? As for queueing, the drive I’d be making without the comfort of a physical ticket… well.
    May I suggest you come to Hershey, PA sometime? We’ve got this great little amusement park :)
    Love you guys! You should know how heartbroken I am.

  13. adrianna says:

    @Aliiciaclare I have had to do that as well for many concerts/shows that I have attended. It is a good idea & ensures the fans get the tickets. Yes, it takes longer to get into the venue but it is so worth it !

  14. vtindal says:

    I got scammed on gumtree – very upsetting as was so desperate to see this gig. Such a shame a small minority ruin this for the majority and my only hope is what goes around comes around

  15. colt321 says:

    I don’t know about other fans but for me I appreciate that they took the time to address the issue because I know I’m not the only one who was at the computer at 10 and still did not get tickets. Fingers crossed more tickets show up

  16. Aliciaclare says:

    We went to a Snow Patrol concert where our names were on the tickets and we had to provide ID before we got the tickets and received an arm band. This was at Shepherds Bush Empire.

    Glastonbury manages to issue tickets that need photo ID.

    It is possible to do this IF bands want to. It will be more difficult but better than all the tickets being on eBay within 5 mins for outrageous prices.
    Well done for acknowledging the problem though.

  17. max0691 says:

    “La cerise sur le gateau” will be a second show Paris ;) Thanks to listen your fans

  18. bzwench says:

    Thanks for at least addressing it, even if nothing (or not much) can be done … and remember at your shows, the people in the “cheap” seats (as you called them at the Hollywood Bowl) … :( may have paid a fortune for those seats. Believe me, we sure didn’t want to shell out $285 apiece for seats that far back – but we sure were glad we got to see M&S – just wish they could have gotten the profit and not some scalper. Keep playing and being true to yourselves, you guys are WONDERFUL!

  19. I am surprised that everyone is not aware of use Brown Paper Tickets, the not just for profit ticket company…….lowest service charge in the industry (99 cents per ticket) plus credit card charge….no cost to producer….phone service, paperless,, all good things…….As a veteran of the industry for many years this company is finally reducing ticket prices and assuring availability for all….no hidden charges. If promoters really cared about prices for the customers, this is what they would use.

  20. dkhenry says:

    This is great! Thanks for recognizing the difficulty, having a response for the fans and trying to alleviate the situation. We will bear with you through the whole adventure. Good luck!

  21. Even in Italy it is impossible to get a ticket for any date of your concerts. It ‘a real problem, all tickets are in the hands of the black market in a few days and I do not know how to get hold of a ticket less than 90 Euros, this is not nice towards the fans who follow you and support you. I hope you will do something, maybe move the date of Rome in a larger location and sell more tickets. Thank you anyway for this post.

  22. dester says:

    Thank you very much for this message it makes me feel that, unlike so other bands, you do care about your fans. ….Now all need is a second Boston show and we will be all set! …maybe you could start the new way of buying tickets on the 2nd Boston show? :)

  23. MaineDave says:

    Right now there are almost 1500 tickets for the Boston show available — in blocks as high as 12 . . . that’s almost 10 percent of all tickets that were made available. And that’s just on one brokerage site. I blame ticketmaster.

  24. oimy says:

    thanks very much lads you are one of the rare bands that listen to their fans and do something about thank you very much ta for reading and fair play

  25. Thanks guys! I tried to see y’all in Atlanta last year and ran into these problems. Hoping to have an opportunity soon!

  26. itsnubs says:

    i was extremely disappointed after a long week and not being able to get tickets to the camden show, but i completely understand that you guys were not the reason for that. you are wonderful to your fans and im extremely grateful that i was able to see you in hoboken at least. keep up the amazing work! im glad to call you guys my absolute favorite band!

  27. richfen says:

    I was disappointed not to get tickets through the Box Office web/phone for Dundee last night. Came onto this site, and was lucky enough to get an invite and a success in the ballot for extra tickets through Musicglue… good system, but the email notifications could be done a little better – maybe an SMS alert?

  28. Ticketing for hot shows can be very difficult. It seems impossible how fast they go. So far you all and Russell Crowe seem to be front runners in looking out for fans. Glad to be supporting talent that supports it’s fans rights too. Thanks.

  29. Julka says:

    It’s so sad and unfair ;/
    But guys, do something about the way of receiving pre-sale tickets by the agency of Music Glue. At least in Poland. I bought the tickets for me and my friends and now I’m out of my mind because they expect me to collect the tickets from the venue box office when doors open for the show. I found out that all the other tickets (standard purchase) have been sent to people and they’ve already had it home. That’s not the idea of pre-sale that others take the best places and pre-sale fans stand in queue for the tickets at the same time! I dread to think that I won’t be able to be in the first row just because I bought pre-sale tickets ;/ Paradox… And Music Glue says it’s not their business now. I try to contact with the venue managers but they remain silent. Just let you know, it’s really unfair.

    However, I’m waiting for you to come to Warsaw! It’s going to be great, I know it :) xxx

  30. kbellitto says:

    Once again your kindness and humility shine through. It is sadly a system long broken (at least here in the US for sure). Whatever system you used for the GOTR stopovers seemed to be quite fair as me and 8 of my friends had no difficulty getting tickets to Portland. That said many of us had no luck for Brooklyn and Camden shows and almost none of us can sit together. Fingers crossed for figuring something out:) xo

  31. richellephant says:

    as you guys grow in your music and in your fame, i hope and pray that you guys stay HUMBLE with warm hearts and remember our good God who so graciously has give you this amazing gift of music as well as the opportunity to explore the world and share this love with people of different cultures. enjoy these moments and stay firmly grounded in your faiths and never forget where you came from.


  32. awkwardpotato says:

    I couldn’t agree more. After pretending I’m ill and not going to school just to buy tickets, I still hadn’t gotten any and now people and companies are selling theirs at least three as expensive as the tickets were in the first place. So many tears omg.

  33. LeeParis says:

    I had the same tearful frustration earlier in the year when ALL ticket for ALL venues were being sold at the same time through one internet company. I logged on and within seconds selected 2 tickets, I even got through to putting in my bank details and THEN told it was sold out. I was furious and couldn’t see why a large proportion of the tickets available weren’t sold at the venue itself, either by telephone, call in or venue website. Luckily this happened recently at Ipswich and I got two tickets by queuing at the venue. Best thing I did and had THE best night. It’s the local venues selling the tickets that ensure local residents have a fighting chance of seeing you.
    I do feel for you guys trying to get tickets. It’s painful. I wish you luck for another time. Worth the wait!!

  34. JHopkins says:

    My daughter had hoped to buy tix for the two of us to see you in Camden, NJ, but they were gone in minutes and neither of us could afford them on the “secondary” (scalper’s) market.

  35. silentflame says:

    I need a ticket! This is awful. Can’t believe how the ticket system can tolerate this. It’s not fair at all. I really want to go to one of your concerts in scandinavia. Everything is sold out. :(..

  36. dgrober says:

    As I found the Boston show sold out on Ticketmaster 3 minutes after tickets went on sale, I very much appreciate the note. Thank you M&S.

  37. Cornelius says:

    As one of many who’s had a lot of issues with Ticketmaster and the like, it’s nice to know there’s something being done. Wicked pumped to see you in Boston!

  38. ewik says:

    I’m still hoping for a ticket to your concert in Poland.
    So see You on the road ! ( fingers crossed ;)