A message of solidarity for the people of North Carolina

Dear friends,

We will be playing a show tomorrow in Charlotte, and recent events in North Carolina have got us talking a lot as a band the last few days, so we felt compelled to say something in advance to you.

As a band that relishes welcoming everyone to our shows and promoting tolerance, we do want to take a stand with the people of North Carolina who this week are shouting loudly against intolerance, fear and discrimination.

Over the years we’ve looked for ways to contribute to the vitality of local communities and, in that spirit, we’re now creating a charitable fund to support those who have made it their mission to pursue love and justice. We will be donating all of our profits from this show to this new fund. And we will start by making a donation from it to a local LGBTQ organisation.

As always, we will open the doors to our show to anyone who wants to come, and are excited to get down with the people of Charlotte.

M, B, W & T

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  1. Chimmeycap says:

    Simply put,  You guys are amazing!! There’s no other way to put it.

    You’re music resonates through the souls of many and lifts our spirits to a higher place!

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. anthonyguzzaldo says:

    @teamclaimscomp Amen.

  3. anthonyguzzaldo says:

    @Chelene_Jordan It’s hateful to want my little girl to be able to go to the bathroom without having to do so with grown men?

  4. camilabarish says:

    OMG!!! So fantastic this! Beautiful attitude of you guys ! There are people who have failed to understand that for the world to have a balance, the union of several different pieces is necessary for a big puzzle. Every human being is different and carries a world within itself, and who is still questioning the struggle of diversities , it is because never needed to be in the middle of this social battle to stop once the violence , threats and achieve equal rights. 

    Thank you for being such a wonderful band, which makes it a better world ! Empathy is everything .. and I hope that one day everyone can have. Kisses Brazil for y’all boys ! 

  5. teamclaimscomp says:

    Mumford and Sons! Stick to your music! 

    Everywhere you go you have unacceptable things going on!

    In Mexico City did you speak out against the CARTEL?

    In Germany did you speak out against refugees?

    In South America did you speak out against politicans eroding billions of dollars into their own personal fortune?

    In Africa did you speak out against the murder of Christians?

    Why use LGBTVQRSTUV as a platform for love? Why is it a few people, less than 10%, get your attention, but millions of believers worldwide are getting persecuted for their beliefs get ignored?

    Either you don’t know what love is OR you are just supporting a band mate’s beliefs. I get it.

  6. Jerrahutson says:

    Thank you for using your voice to make a difference.

  7. Rebekah_King_Parker says:

    Thanks for an awesome show last night and for not punishing us for the poor decisions of a few.

  8. Wells says:

    I’m so proud of M&S! I cried at the concert tonight to hear they were accepting of all who loved their music and wanting to make a positive difference in this world of negativity. Just one more reason to love what you guys do everyday! Our area at the concert was surrounded by kindred, music loving folk that didn’t know each other going in, but came out singing the same song and hugging each other over a fantastic night!! Thank you for that feeling of connectedness!!!!

  9. Joao_Fernandes1 says:

    as a fan, a gay fan, from the other side of the globe (brazil) I’m so proud of you guys! Thank you very very much! Every single act of love make difference! You are amazing as a band and more as people!  Long live Mumford And Sons! Love u all <3

  10. Shane_Windmeyer says:

    Campus Pride is based and founded in Charlotte, NC and has our annual leadership camp for LGBTQ youth in Charlotte every July.  This year will be difficult with the boycotts and now more than ever we need to support LGBTQ youth in the State of North Carolina.  Learn more online at CampusPride.org/CampPride

  11. Liz_Fitzgerald says:

    I welcome you to learn more about the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund as a local community fund that provides critical operating and project support to the LGBTQ organizations throughout Charlotte. CLGF would be proud stewards of your donation! http://www.fftc.org/page.aspx?pid=953

  12. Lauren_Lauschner_Gaikoski says:

    You never let me down as fan. Thank you so much for this, I am so proud of you guys!

  13. octordoctopus says:

    @jbmd4me From an NC native, I can say, with all  my heart, eat me. Keep your blessings and your mercy. You need them more than we do.

  14. Dave_Matthews1 says:

    Not to be a grammar or spelling nazi, but there are typos and misspellings in your message.  “Professionalism” guys !

  15. Chelene_Jordan says:

    Thank you for this. I know it’s hard to believe but there are a lot of us here that aren’t using religion for hate and discrimination but instead using it for what it’s real intent was, love and peace. I and many others here are fighting against the evil, ignorant people in this state as well as the local government, protesting daily. There was only one reason for this law to be passed and it was to allow hateful people to bully innocent people freely. It’s shameful and disgusting and I will personally not rest until PAT is out of office and this law has been repealed fully. 

  16. jbmd4me says:

    What a Goddess country to speak out against righteous. God bless NC. You should cancel like the Boss. My God have mercy on your souls