2013 Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers announced

As Pep Guardiola would probably say, keeping possession of the ball is Rules One, Two and Three of football. As Mumford & Sons would definitely say, Rules One, Two and Three of being a band are: Play Live.
The Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers are all about live music. We get to put them on in towns not normally frequented by touring bands in buses or splitter vans. We deliberately look for towns that have something unique, or some vibe of which they are proud,  explore them and enjoy what they have to offer.
It’s a real privilege that being in Mumford & Sons has allowed us to be able to shine a light on these towns, places that sometimes don’t get the love they deserve, and to be the facilitators of great musical coming-togethers. We actually get to put on our own shows. Which means that we get to ask our favourite bands to come and play a show with us, where we just get to watch them play all day. Five times in one summer too. Badass.
But there’s another rule that applies to both football and music. Doing the Stopovers means that we get to invite a whole bunch of other people to watch these bands with us. And that, the shared experience, is basically all that live music is about.
We’re really excited to be doing more Stopovers and we can’t wait to see as many of you as possible this summer!
M, W, B & T


19th-20th July
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover… in Lewes

Convent Fields
Friday headline: Vampire Weekend
Saturday headline: Mumford & Sons

Featuring, across the weekend, The Vaccines, Mystery Jets, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and The Very Best Soundsystem 

Weekend tickets go on sale from 11:00am on Friday 8th February from www.gentlemenoftheroad.com for £75 + £20 for limited camping tickets.

Canada and USA

23rd – 24th August 
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover… in Simcoe, Ontario

Friday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Saturday: Mumford & Sons
With following guests to join over the weekend: Old Crow Medicine Show, The Vaccines, Hey Rosetta!, Dan Mangan, Willy Mason, Bear’s Den plus more to be announced

30th – 31st August 
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover… Troy, Ohio

Friday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Saturday: Mumford & Sons
With following guests to join over the weekend: Old Crow Medicine Show, The Vaccines, Half Moon Run, Those Darlins, Willy Mason, Bear’s Den plus more to be announced

6th – 7th September 
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover… Guthrie, Oklahoma

Friday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Saturday: Mumford & Sons
With following guests to join over the weekend: Alabama Shakes, The Vaccines, Half Moon Run, Those Darlins, Willy Mason, Bear’s Den plus more to be announced

13th -14th September
Gentlemen of the Road Stopover… St Augustine, Florida

Friday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Saturday: Mumford & Sons
With following guests to join over the weekend: fun., The Vaccines, Half Moon Run, Those Darlins, Willy Mason, Bear’s Den plus more to be announced

For more details on all Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Shows, including a short film summing up last year’s events, head to  www.gentlemenoftheroad.com.

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    I also have one for the Chula Vista in Cali if anyone needs it. Thank you!

  2. WoeIsMum says:

    It’s really a bummer that brokers make all the money and actual fans can’t just go to the show. Hope I can find a way.

  3. Sarah40792 says:

    Seattle, WA would love to have you guys!!!

  4. jglatt says:

    absolutely devastated when I found out yesterday that you would be performing in Simcoe, but that your show was already sold out. I was sadly just too late. Hopefully there will be opportunities to somehow procure a ticket? maybe a draw or something. I’ll keep my hopes up, I love your music so much x

  5. Ounick2k3 says:

    Hey! I’m nick a big fan from Oklahoma! I head you all are coming this way and I’m very excited! But I wanted to share a little of our local music from around here. There is a band called Turnpike Troubadours that really captures us, and I would really encourage you all to check them out and see a little more about where we are coming from. Any feedback would be amazing! Look forward too seeing you all play!! It’s going to be a great time! Keep up the great music!!

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  7. casajeronimo says:

    Muchas Muchas Felicidades desde España por el #GRAMMY por #BABEL http://mumfordsonsfansclubspain.blogspot.com.es/

  8. meghan22 says:

    Please come to Salina Kansas at the Stiefel Theatre! I would treasure it always. I went and saw Kenny Wayne Shepard there and it was awesome. Please come. Congrats on the Grammys.
    Love you guys!

  9. 007Paulus says:

    Please come to Cape Town South Africa

  10. Cindereye says:

    Yes, congratulations on your Grammy for Album of the Year!! Listening to you during the show, I turned to my teenage son and said, if I could when I die, I’d like to come back as a song… that’s how much you move people!! (Please come to West Coast of US.)

  11. megankayshipton says:

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  12. smurphy2 says:

    Big CONGRATS on the Grammy for album of the YEAR!!!! It is my favorite since Rubber Soul, or The Last Waltz or Byrds Definitive. Clearly showing my age thanks for bringing alot of lif back into music. Great show in Boston and can’t wait for roadtrip to Troy!!

  13. Simcoe Stopover LOCAL says:

    Seriously KICKING myself for not realizing it was you guys who came in to eat at my family’s restaurant in this TINY town of Waterford.. you are my FAVOURITE BAND.. but really, when do celebrities ever come to this town!! I can’t wait for you to come back and play in Simcoe, see you there for sure! NORFOLK COUNTY IS PUMPED! I will gladly cater/deliver Chinese food for you guys at ANY time while you are here, xoxoxo!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ashleydenise9584 says:

    Super bummed your shows are sold out…and that it is 12 hours away! Hopefully I will be able to catch you guys soon! Congrats on the win last and amazing set!

  15. jujubug40 says:

    Amazing performance guys! Although the camera was on Mark & Ben, which bummed my daughter out since she’s going to marry Winston! lol Great time to announce the tickets too, I think they all sold out prior to show, but still. Can’t wait to see you in FL. Perfect city too, lots of charm and character. Love yas! Enjoy your success!!!!!

  16. patjb says:

    Congratulations on the Grammy awards Guys, you sooooooo deserve it!!! x

  17. Rachael101 says:

    Congratulations on your Grammies!!!!! Such amazing performances last night. Can’t believe that Grammy winner Mumford & Sons are coming to Simcoe!!!!!!!

  18. bigcee says:


  19. amandalpelaez says:

    Congrats on all the awards!!! Love y’all to much anyways tickets sold out whole i was at work for sincoe Ontario do another spot!!!! Also ill legit pay like 1000 for meet n greet that’d be awesome if y’all did that

  20. Stipeac says:

    MASSIVE CONGRATS LADS! Loved the tribute performance – did Levon proud! xo :)

  21. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    CONGRATS ON ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. parksr1rachel says:

    Stoked for Troy, OH but in the meantime your performance on the Grammy’s tonight!!!

  23. Marfsies6 says:

    Can’t wait to see your show! I fell so unbelievebly lucky to have scored tickets! I’m already counting the days until the Ohio show!

  24. Stipeac says:

    ***ATTN: username9413 post*** – tix still available for Troy via package deal on GOTR site (includes hotel stay etc.) – go to site & click on buy tickets under Troy, then click link under “Sold Out” message. Much luck! A

  25. mwalker21 says:

    Please add another Ontario date. Tix sold out before i got home from work!

  26. username9413 says:

    I completely freaked out when I got the email announcing that you guys were only going to be 5 hours away from me and I was totally set on going, but now troy, oh is sold out! Why!!!!?!?!

  27. elizamarie28 says:

    I cannot wait for St. Augustine! I am so excited!!

  28. MichelleLee says:

    So excited for Simcoe Ontario!

  29. Lestaylor009 says:

    So excited to see you guys and Fun. in St Aug! Your music is amazing. I can’t war to hear it live!

  30. dester says:


  31. dester says:

    YOU WILL BE touring the USA this june (headlining a festival in WA), so, even though you are currently touring the east cost of the USA, can you place come to Providence, RI (you said you loved playing in Providence) at The Dunkin Donuts Center, an arena that sits 15,000 people for the fans that, once agin, COULD NOT GET TICKETS TO YOUR SHOWS! please?
    Just a 14 year old die hard fan
    Dante Joseph

  32. shannon_b says:

    Possibly the best thing in my whole 16 years of existence happened today. My wonderful wonderful parents adapted and re-scheduled our summer holiday so we can go to lewes! Not only that I also have a very excited 5 year old brother who shall also be coming and will have a great time. So I just want to say thank you for the brilliant last 4 years and for the best day ever. You truly have changed my life!
    S x

  33. debbieyf1 says:

    My husband and I are so excited! We’ll be attending in St. Augustine – probably the oldest in the audience!

  34. JohnRegan says:

    St Augustine is pumped!

  35. JenniferG says:

    Been thinking nonstop about seeing you again nonstop the 2nd night at the Hollywood Bowl. Never thought I’d have a chance to see you in my native OK!!! Thanks for choosing Guthrie, see you there with my camping gear! I’ve never looked forward so much to September.

  36. mustardmom says:

    Going to Guthrie! About an hr & a half fm Tulsa!

  37. She. says:

    To Simcoe we will go! About a four hour drive from W. Bloomfield MI. and two of our party will be from Grand Rapids MI. Six hours for them.
    Considering buying for another show since they are still available. Like Guthrie OK What a place to see folk music. Yes I think I will!

  38. Rachael101 says:

    So excited to see you all in Simcoe!!!! Can’t believe I got tickets!

  39. Erinlg26 says:

    Managed to score tics for Simcoe. We’ll be heading up from Cape Breton, NS. Cannot wait, saw Mumford in London in Dec in an arena, but I really wanted to see them outside! So stoked!

  40. parksr1rachel says:

    Girls weekend in Troy!!! Feel way bad for those that didn’t get tickets :( wish the states could have Mumford to ourselves!

  41. rotary65 says:

    Simcoe is a 2 days drive for me. We are driving just for this. Trouble is we needed 7 tickets and got 3 before they sold out. My wife and I were on seperate accoutns for an hour trying to buy. Now we need to pick the lucky three and then figure out what the rest of us are going to do. In some ways, 3 isn’t better than none. The ones we choose to go will have a blast.

  42. heyitsmonicaaa says:

    got my ticket to Troy. That was the most stressful ticket buying waiting list thing of my life. I was worried for a second.

  43. atyra says:

    Thanks batgirl! We got 8 for Troy in two transactions! Made my day!

  44. NoelSM says:

    Just got my two tickets for Simcoe! Can’t wait!

  45. batgirl07 says:

    just an update regarding Simcoe, got through again all sold out, even if just 1 ticket selected, hope they release single day tickets!

  46. nickjackson says:

    @atyra when i got through 4 tickets was the max able to be selected (that was for Simcoe btw)

  47. batgirl07 says:

    I tried to purchase tickets for simcoe, on the standby page and have made it through to the ticket order page. Once I select my number of tickets (2) it kicks me back to the standby page. WTH is going on????? So disappointed. Still waiting just in case it makes it through again but have made it back twice and same thing happens every time.

  48. atyra says:

    For those of you that have purchased tickets, how many can you purchase in a single transaction?

  49. ALUMNI says:

    If you could use a drum and bugle corps in your Simcoe, Ontario show in any way, shape, or form , The United Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps from Simcoe may be able to help. Check us out on the Web …Thanks

  50. Getting closer…Guthrie here I come. I would love it if you could get Old Crow to show up there.

  51. Winter Winds says:

    I also just got my ticket for Lewes!!! Can’t wait! So much fun…

  52. babette says:

    I’ve just got tickets for Lewes too!!!!!!!!! So excited – this is my first time!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. sallyl says:

    Yay! Got tickets for Lewes! So Happy :)

  54. amywhugs says:

    I live in Dayton south of Troy, OH. My husband, oldest son and I are coming to the concert and I CAN’T WAIT!!! You guys are SO AMAZING TALENTED!!!

  55. Marycanale1 says:

    Come to New York City again!!! Hoboken wants you back again!!! <33

  56. MiniFinn says:

    Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!! PLEASE come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!!!!!! I’d be able to die happy!