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  1. Ojalá en España en 2018, Sierra de Gredos sería espectacular.

  2. Me gustaría que en la gira 2018 un concierto en España. Sería espectacular en Músicosenlanaturaleza, Sierra de Gredos

  3. Argentina is waiting for you

  4. Sue_Lawry says:

    Took my breath away! Please come to NH on tour! ❤️️

  5. Tears, joy, happiness!! Every. Time. Pure and real music–but even better, pure and real love in everyone’s faces. I must see you live–and sing, and cry, and jam, and experience the power of it all in person. Can’t wait to see more tour dates in the U.S. I live in UT but will drive long and far if I must. Keep shining, M&S!!!

  6. You are AMAZING!!!! This performance makes me cry every time!

    Please come to Brazil!!!

  7. Sally_LaFave says:

    What a beautiful video! I LOVE this! I love the people of South Africa.

    Hello, I met a very nice young woman that travels with you the other day. She was from Germany, but traveling with you. I mentioned to her that I am a photographer. She took my card.
    As I told her, I have been working for 20 yrs., taking pictures of the music in Nashville. It’s one of those things that I don’t understand, but I can’t silence the call in my heart. I feel the need to document everything musical here.
    I’m getting up in age, I’m 62 now. I don’t do photography for money, it’s just something I can’t NOT do. I never figured out how to make money at it, haha….nor do I care if I do. I have two other jobs. I’m a Visiting Angel, which is a non medical care giver, for a stroke victim, and I work at World Market where I met the young lady I mentioned.
    I can’t stay up late for concerts any more because I have jobs. I have also taken live performance shots for 20 yrs. and want something different.
    What I would LIKE to do, if you would allow me, is to come to the studio when you are recording in Nashville the next time. I would like shots of you guys during a recording session. (or rehearsal? ) I promise I won’t stay long, or get in your way.
    I also want you to understand that I’m not a thrill seeker, but a serious photographer that is just trying to continue doing what is in her heart to do. I’m documenting music in Nashville, TN.

    Please consider it,
    A dear Fan,
    Sally LaFave

  8. I’ve never been a fan of all caps but oh my god it’s so hard to not use them right now. This song is absolutely amazing and the band looks so happy. The cold chills come back every time.

  9. Loris_Seca says:

    We are Waiting that you Come back to Europe.. To belgium please!!

  10. nickihdot says:

    the video is not available in Germany :-(

  11. ediekitchens says:

    What awesome music!  Just love this!