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  1. Ana_Luiza_Machado says:

    Im waiting for you in brazil!! you are amazing!

  2. Lilly_Lestar says:

    Thank you for the years of  inspiration with all your music. It allows  me to create from within my soul and escape a beautiful mess that lies in my mind. 

  3. Rebecca_Porto says:

    Great all your music and new album!!! When are you coming to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, please??

  4. ccassie940 says:


  5. Miguel A. Bribiesca says:

    Are you coming any time soon to México? this new album is as great as the ones you did before but with a very different style!

  6. Terri-anne Gibbs says:

    Loved the show at the Dome last night….you guys rocked it out!   Totally awesome and already pre ordered the cd

  7. WolfKat says:

    Absolutely beautiful.