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  1. northjesst says:

    Good God this gives me the chills, soooo good. Sigh…

  2. marysmith_1914comcastnet says:

    I just saw you all last night at Music Midtown – Atlanta, Georgia, what an amazing show! I want to follow you all forever! I wish I was that girl you gave a hug!!

  3. kalie_irwin says:

    I just want to how much love I have this band they have absolutely changed my life and completely made it better for me. They help me every day to put smile on my face and just fill me with joy and passion the second I hear the first few chords of their songs. They are honestly my favorite people on earth ! Lol. I feel as tho Marcus pours so much emotion into every word that it just puts you on the edge of your seat wanting to hear what he has to say next. They always leave me wanting more! The rasp in marcus’s voice is beautiful and powerful! I just love them so much for all of what they are and I would not have them any other way, they are the best of this generation and there music is raw and real!❤❤ -biggest fan