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  1. Martin_Bosko says:

    This pretty much looks like O2 arena in Prague where the gig took place on May 20, 2016. Am I right in thinking that?

  2. camilabarish says:

    Amazing!!!!! So much work , so many people involved in such a wonderful show! Eternal wish success for you guys ! For me the show would have a minimum of 3 hours, even at festivals , and a break in the middle of half an hour, like in the concert of the band “Rush” hahahahaha , it would be fantastic! 

    I was in line since the previous day, Lollapalooza , and worth every waiting outside and in front of the stage in the grid. To this day I do not believe that I could see you as a close, and think I got the ticket from a friend only three days before the festival, almost missed the show because I had not been able to raise money to go. But everything went well and can not wait for the next concert ! It passed so fast! Kisses Brazil Luv. u. guys!

  3. Aldo_Ivan_Martinez says:

    Ok guys… I’m definitely crying.