Wilder Mind

  • 1Tompkins Square Park
  • 2Believe
  • 3The Wolf
  • 4Wilder Mind
  • 5Just Smoke
  • 6Monster
  • 7Snake Eyes
  • 8Broad-Shouldered Beasts
  • 9Cold Arms
  • 10Ditmas
  • 11Only Love
  • 12Hot Gates

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  1. Ernstgh says:

    Firstclass album. Really moving songs. with content and humanity. Well plaid and sung. Keep up the good works.

  2. Michaela_Banasova says:

    SO one thing will be coming off my bucket list → I am thrilled you´ll be in surrounding countries as I´ve managed to buy Tickets for Prague, as three years ago Vienna was sold just after few days! Love your songs, love your work, keep it up

  3. Deborah_Davey says:

    Australia anytime soon guys or even New Zealand??

  4. Nigel_Carr says:

    This isn’t like their older stuff but after a few listens I liked it even better..Superb album

  5. Charlie_Staig says:

    Hi I was lucky enough to be at the last uk tour gig at Glasgow Hydro, a fantastic gig, just wondered if this tour was filmed and if a dvd will be produced, as the gig live camera was also very well done and edited

  6. Ascl_Shafaque says:

    brilliant……world muah and world thanks……

  7. Aries_Lono_Aditia_Nugraha says:

    I want Mumford and sons cometo Indonesia. This band have much fans in Indonesia..

  8. TriciaMatejek says:

    I’ve gone all over to see you twice before so THANK YOU for coming to Omaha, NE now so I can see you in my home town and drag everyone with me!!!!      

  9. Bryahna_Hamlett says:

    I want the Mumford and sons to come back to Boston Massachusetts I know all their songs and I love singing with them one of these days if they come back

  10. Natalia_Schulze says:

    I love

  11. lonnymccann says:

    Heard alot more of Mumford than I’d thought…loved the wolf….bought wilder minds…blew mine …. it grows…..full back catalogue here I come awesome music.lyrics…

  12. Katherine_Losoya says:

    Beautifully said!

  13. AEUser120382 says:

    To become one with the beauty in the sounds of the music presented through your albums and your travels has been amazing. Your last albums has been encouraging to those upon paths to higher ground to all facing the trials and tribulations of life, and for this I am grateful. Although the new sounds of this album is amazing, it is a little bit harder to find the same feelings of albums past. I still love your voice and your amazing talent, but miss the brighter undertones of past albums. Your mind is… Amazing at composition, and cam hardly wait until the next album. Regardless of what life brings, know you are a treasured part of this universe and your music is a blessing indeed to many of us. Much love and blessings your way. Wishing you the best this life can bring. Thank you so much Mumford and Sons!

  14. TUETSO says:

     Loved to see you twice a week in Nijmegen and in Bilbao! Love your music so much!!

  15. Therese_Heens says:

    je vous aime i love the new album iyou are the light in my life when my little eloise is gone too paredis you are the best boys god bless you♥♥♥

  16. Carolinadiazc says:

    This is the best thing ever! I’m such a big fan, please pleaseeee come to Mexico!

  17. mandieglennon says:

    LOVE the new album.  And now you guys are coming down under!  Can’t wait to see you live at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. xxx

  18. Farhaan_Shaikh says:

    Love all songs from this album. You guys are amazing.

  19. Gonçalves says:

    I’m 100% your fan!!!! In spite of missing the folk, this new album is AWESOME and I truly believe it will be the best indie-rock album of the year!!! And …… I will wait, I will wait for you in Portugal on 10 of JuLy!!!!! YOU’RE MY FAVOURITE BAND!!!!!!

  20. lindak says:

    Love it love it love it…but where are the lyrics????

  21. jnilis says:

    See you at Werchter, Belgium!

  22. jnilis says:

    Great album.

  23. Sebastien Monot-ratieuville says:

    listenin mumdford makes an agnostic feel like prayin’………..thanx for this guys!!!!!!

  24. Rodrigomumford says:


  25. Thayna Camargo says:

    Amazing album! Come to Brazil, pleeeease!!

  26. Amy Michelle Duncan says:

    Please come to TEXAS! Austin maybe??!

  27. Alisha Saied says:

     You guys are amazing!! Come play for us in Tulsa, OK!! Maybe at the Center of the Universe festival? 

  28. wero_menona says:

    Best album of 2015 so far, please come to Mexico!

  29. Mariarosa Bortolan says:

    Welcome back guys…you are greats !! Thank you for the music…Terrific!!

  30. NoeliaN (NN) says:

    come to Argentina please!

  31. hacesol says:

    See you in Walla Walla with the Foo Fights et all !

  32. FansSpain_M says:

    Abducted , kidnapped, absorbed , engaged by Mumford & Sons , no demure not want to be released or rescued. Long live the band

  33. Tatiana Lizcano says:

     I can’t  wait to see them in Colombia! 

  34. Burcu Sahin says:

    can’t wait for your show in Chicago. get here already!!!!! <3 

  35. Daniil Katsnelson says:

     love it! come play in Moscow :)