Winter Fair: Over Sold Tickets – An Apology

To those of you who raced to buy tickets for the Mumford & Sons Winter Fair, and believed you had successfully purchased tickets from MusicGlue, only to then be informed today that in fact you do not have tickets, please accept our sincerest apologies.
This was due to the huge volume of traffic experienced by MusicGlue’s site, which resulted in the ticket system overloading and consequently crashing. With no ticket system in place, the site was unable to monitor sales, which led to the event being over sold. Everyone who has invalid tickets has now been notified and can expect to be fully refunded shortly.
*The Winter is now totally SOLD OUT – no tickets are available on the door*

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  1. m_drea says:

    Love. Love. Love this band.
    Have tickets for the London gig in March (Which subsequently is on my Birthday :) )with a load of College friends, etc.
    So so excited x

  2. MrAngry says:

    I appreciate and accept the personal apology MumfordHQ. I can’t pretend that I’m any less angry or disappointed about what was, after all, a mighty cock-up; I’m just not angry with you guys personally! And – moonstone take note – I have (of course) bought tickets for the March tour. I would like to know however, exactly how, with the server down, MusicGlue determined who had and who had not successfully booked a ticket. I was pretty quick to respond to the email actually. But hey! Subject closed

  3. moonstone says:

    Yeah it’s unfortunate what happened but give the guys a break, somethings are out of their control. Of course i would have been gutted if I’d ‘lost’ my tickets for next week but it wouldn’t have stopped me getting my tickets for the London gig in March, of which i immediately purchased too! Things of quality are worth waiting for and nice to pay £30 for 2 tickets, i’d call that a bargain. Just have a look at what most bands charge you. Thank you M&S. x

  4. NoTic4Me says:

    I was one of the people who got them, then got them taken away!! How about some free tickets to the shows in March for all the people who got guzumped!??

  5. MumfordHQ says:

    Dear Mr. Angry – the Winter Fair ticket situation is obviously more than a little unfortunate for all concerned, but undoubtedly more so for those of you who ‘bought’ tickets. Sadly, certain issues are beyond our control. No amount of apology can remedy the disappointment I know. I understand a refund may seem little more than a ‘slap in the face’, and appreciate that it is literally the very least we can do. Unfortunately, it appears the only solution. Sorry again, and thanks for your support.

  6. retep says:

    Many thanks for the money back for a gig I did have (past tense) tickets for.. then you announce new dates in March… “Come on we dicked you about once before, give us all your money, you might get lucky when you buy a ticket you may actually have a ticket M&S HQ x”
    Merry Christmas x

  7. MrAngry says:

    Wow! A refund. That makes it alright then. Nice to get a slap in the face as a reward for following you guys for the last 18 months & buying all your EPs & stuff. Season’s greetings to you too.

  8. moonstone says:

    I’m checking my email and re-checking and for once it’s not me ………….I got tickets ….yeah!!!!! Moonstone and the Stones will see you there. x