Want To See The New Winter Winds Video? Natch! Read On…

We talked at length last week about the state of saturation regarding guardians – establishing point was reached and breached quite some time ago, and that, in amongst the throbbing throngs, two stood head and shoulders clear of the rest in the affections of Mumford & Sons HQ: those that literally guard the universe, and The Guardian – fine purveyor of print that it is, standing guard at the gates of the written word…
…And, so it would seem, the moving image. In a rather touching display of continued support and burgeoning love, The Guardian are playing host to an advance and exclusive screening of The Sons’ brand new videoh-oh-oh for their equally brand, equally new, single Winter Winds!
As a cheery aside, if you missed the previous week’s Music Weekly podcast, you can still download the bleeder on the site.
We can heartily recommend and endorse both – enjoy!

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  1. Anna says:

    What a fun video! Nice to see the various stages of moustache evolution!

  2. missss_emma says:

    Hey guys, heard you in Australia on Triple J when Sign no More was the feature album of the week. Where are you going to be performing over New Years and January as I will be in London, Paris and Dublin!

    Em xo

  3. archibabble says:

    much love from australia guys. bloody amazing :)

  4. Mo1 says:

    Great video, very cute;-)

  5. melp says:

    Hi guys – I HEART your album and this new vid. Do you have plans for an upcoming N. American tour? Canada would love to have you!