US Tour Announcement: The Full English Tour & Rescheduled Date

Firstly, we are pleased to report that our beloved Ted is making a steady recovery from his operation and wearing his newly acquired shaven-headed hairstyle with enviable levels of suave. A huge, huge thank you to all for your messages of support; the man himself is rather overwhelmed.

Secondly, on a related note, we can now confirm details of the rescheduled dates for the recently canceled US shows – see below for further details.

And thirdly – wildcard – we are thrilled to inform you that the, all-be-it-abrupt, ending of the recent run of shows marks the closing of but one chapter in the book of ‘Mumford & Sons North American Tour Travels 2013’. ‘The Full English’ North American tour, featuring Bear’s Den and The Vaccines too, will commence on 26th August in Toronto and take in the following places.


8/26 – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON
8/28 – Forest Hills Stadium – Queens, NY (Gentlemen Of The Road presents)
8/29 – First Niagara Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
9/02 – Klipsch Music Center – Noblesville, IN
9/03 – Marcus Amphitheater – Milwaukee, WI
9/04 – Xcel Energy Center – Saint Paul, MN
9/09 – Oak Mountain Amphitheatre – Pelham, AL
9/10 – Centennial Olympic Park – Atlanta, GA
9/11 – Charter Amphitheatre – Simpsonville, SC

9/16 – New Orleans LA @ Mardi Gras World*
9/17 – Woodlands TX @ Cynthia Woods Pavilion*
9/18 – Dallas TX @ GEXA Energy Pavilion*
9/20 – Bonner Springs KS @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre*

*supporting acts to be announced

For an opportunity to purchase tickets you’ll need to register for the ‘Invitation Onsale’. Register right now here – then keep your fingers crossed for an email invite. It’s a simple process and the most effective way we’ve found to ensure the real fans get in and the ticket touts stay out.

Registration closes on 3rd July and invites will be sent out from 8th July.

Can’t wait – much love,
M&S HQ x

Ps. Webstore update: Limited edition US Summer Stampede prints are now up for ordering. There are only a very, very limited number available per show .

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  1. lonelyman says:

    I am seperated from my wife, not living at home. I see her and my kids throughout the week but I am lonely and broken hearted, I am the little lion man. We started listening to you guys when I played little lion man for her. Now we all love you. She is from the Savannah, Georgia area and I am desperate to bring all 6 of us to a near by show anywhere would be fine even Scotland. I don’t know how the invites work but we would like to get invited or just be able to buy tickets. Thanks, Lonelyman.

  2. Rachelalane says:

    My boyfriend an I had tickets to the New Orleans show before it was rescheduled. Will the tickets still be good or would we have to repurchase them?

  3. GTSA101 says:

    Let me start of by saying, You Guys Are Amazing. Like legit AWESOME. I have never loved a band sooo much in my entire life. I dont want to call myself your #1 fan, but I AM YOUR #1 FAN. With that said, it is with extreme sorrow that i inform you that i did not get the invite for the august 28th concert. I have never been so torn in my life. The venue is literally 10 minutes away from my house. Perhaps the method you guys are using isnt the best? I dont know. I just wanted to inform someone about this. Dont worry, I still think you guys are incredible
    Much love from Queens, NY!!. xoxoxo

  4. Myrachael says:

    I registered on time before you did the first invites, but then it made me do it again today , so I guess there was an error so we will just miss out , we went to bonnaroo to see you , but I guess it’s not meant to be, glad Ted is doing better though! I really wanted to get tickets to South Carolina show, will it be possible with out invite !

  5. michellelbarnes says:

    i’m sooo excited you guys are coming to the twin cities- but i haven’t received any invite yet…. i so hope i receive one soon. love your music and would love to see you guys live! please please!!!!

  6. says:

    You hear this all the time I’m sure, but your music is amazing, and has meant the world to me! I haven stopped listening to it from the moment I first heard “Little Lion Man”, and I hope I can come to your St. Paul concert!

  7. RFleminglovesu says:

    There are no words to explain how overjoyed I am that I got tickets to the Toronto show!!!

  8. binnybear says:

    I’m a big fan and missed the invite deadline. Can I purchase tickets after July 12th?

  9. donnals says:

    Would be such a great way to end the summer if i got invited to the show!! Fingers and toes crossed… Hoping Ted is doing well :)

  10. Pieshutter2 says:

    I am hoping to get invited to either Al, GA, or SC. I hoped to see y’all at Bonnaroo, but understand.

  11. jessischmit says:

    I really hope I am lucky enough to get an invite! My friend and I are so excited to see you live at the St. Paul date! :)

  12. afterthestorm1 says:

    Please, please invite my family and I! I’ve been looking so forward to seeing you guys, especially since I missed you at Bonnaroo! Hope that Ted is feeling better! I am so excited to see you guys in Atlanta! (hopefully)

  13. yelhsaforler says:

    My husband is in the Army with the 591st and in Afghanistan until sometime in the fall. Before his deployment we would have “M&S nights” where we would sing your songs over and over again all night long. Now that he is deployed we often send each other song lyrics and youtube videos of your music. It’s a way toremind us of our fun nights we had at home and of the ones we will have when he returns. Thank you for making amazing music and we hope to be able to see you in concert when he returns safely in the fall.

  14. Lgs5357s says:

    So will you open the rescheduled shows for ticket purchase???

  15. melaniemason77 says:

    Please please please invite us!!! My twin sister and I have loved you guys since the very beginning. We have been waiting to go to one of your concerts for years and this tour is the only one that has concerts close to us! Thank you for this tour! But even more than that, thank you for your music. It has changed my life and shown me the beauty that is in music and in life. I owe you my musical and worldly enlightenment. Also our prayers go out to Ted. We are so happy he is healing so well! The shaved head really suits him! <3 <3 <3

  16. Superstar* says:

    hoping to be invited to see you guys in Toronto ON … dreams do come true <3 ... sending hugs from Canada xo

  17. dagates1 says:

    I would just love to be invited! I have been waiting for so long to see you in Minnesota. There’s not a day that goes by where I at least listen to one of your songs. You all mean so much to me and I cannot wait to have you in my state. Love you all!

  18. PatriceLuvsM&S says:

    Please invite me! August 28th – Queens, NY – will take the train from DC. Your music matters to me. Thank you for helping me get through by hearing what I think grace sounds like…your music links us to our archetypes and reminds us to keep connected to the part of our humanity that’s noble, even in the face of bitter, sometimes wrenching, realities. Thank you!

  19. mkpowers says:

    My girlfriends and I are thrilled that you will becoming to Milwaukee!! What a great way to bring the summer to an end! Hope to get an invite! See you all in September, fingers crossed!

  20. I was at work when my BFF texted me a pic of the Milwaukee Journal ad announcing Mumford and Sons Sept 3rd, I was soooo willing to travel to indiana or Michigan!! So excited I put my truck into drive instead reverse and almost crashed the car infront of me!! PRETTY PLEASE INVITE ME, IT WOULD MAKE MY YEAR!!

  21. ester says:

    :) absolute amazingly good news, overwhelmed! what did you expect from us dear Mr. Dwane? WE ADORE YA:) Can’t wait till you guys come back to Spain (anytime soon I hope!!!), be certain that I will be there singing all your songs out loud xxxX one kiss for each one of you and a huge kiss for Ted ***blushes***

  22. kei379 says:

    So excited for this show! September 2nd…hoping to get that email :)

  23. shamrock2228 says:

    So happy you’re doing well Ted! Keep it up… have millions of us crazy fans behind you. Love you guys! Nichole Shand

  24. csadakhom says:

    Would love to see M&S with my family

  25. JuliafromLouisville says:

    So sad to see tickets for the new shows posted for sale StubHub, Ticket Network and others for as much as a $1000. How did these people get tickets for an invitation only tour?

  26. masome01 says:

    So incredibly excited about a chance to see you in Nobelsville!! I’ve been praying you would come close enough to Fort Wayne, Indiana!! Now praying I can come to the show!!! Keep getting better Ted!!

  27. dester says:



    August 17- Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT;
    August 18- Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT;
    August 19- Comcast Center, Boston (Mansfield), MA;
    August 20- Comcast Center, Boston (Mansfield), MA;
    August 23- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Simcoe, ON, CA;
    August 24- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Simcoe, ON, CA;
    August 26- Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON, CA;
    August 28- Gentlemen Of The Road Presents @ Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NY;
    August 29- First Niagara Pavilion, Pittsburg (Burgettstown), PA;
    August 30- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Troy, OH;
    August 31- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Troy, OH;
    September 2- Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville, IN;
    September 3- Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI;
    September 4- Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN;
    September 6- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Guthrie, OK;
    September 7- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, Guthrie, OK;
    September 9- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL;
    September 10- Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA;
    September 11- Charter Amphitheatre, Simpsonville, SC;
    September 13- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, St. Augustine, FL;
    September 14- Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover, St. Augustine, FL;
    September 16- Mardi Gras World, New Orleans, LA;
    September 17- Cynthia Woods Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX;
    September 18- GEXA Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX;
    September 20- Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS.

    Support from The Vaccines & Bear’s Den expect Boston (Mansfield), MA; New Orleans, LA; The Woodlands, TX; Dallas, TX; and Bonner Springs, KS, where support is TBA.

  28. dester says:

    8/17-8/18- Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT
    8/19-8/20- Comcast Center, Boston (Mansfield), MA

    the kick off of the tour will be CT, then MA then the rest of the announced tour. PLEASE

  29. eva103 says:

    I have been hoping and praying that someday Mumford & Sons would come to Pittsburgh and I cant believe its finally going to happen!!! Not only is it going to happen, but its happening on my brother’s birthday (not to mention he is a huge Mumford fan as well)!!! Would be awesome to surprise him with tickets

  30. Jwills says:

    Definitely happy to hear that you’re getting better and excited to hear that shows are already being rescheduled. I was really hoping to see you all in Telluride too, but perhaps I’ll get to see you guys in Noblesville. Rest on and play hard!

  31. Vanessa Pimentel says:

    We are very excited to have you come to Toronto!!! We have been waiting for this…my son is going to be 2 years old in July and he is your “Biggest” Littlest fan!! He currently knows how to sign 5 of your songs, Lover of the Light, Ghosts That We Knew, Sigh No More and I Will Wait is his favorite! He demands to hear “I Will Wait” in the car, and every night before he goes to bed he watches you on the I Pad the concert. We have a video of him singing your songs…he would love to see you guys in Toronto, we hope we can see you guys!

  32. goddess86 says:

    Very happy Ted is recovering well!! I am super bummed no shows are planned near Colorado. WAs really looking forward to Telluride but hopefully they’ll be there next year!!

  33. lhouser says:

    Ted I hope you are making a speedy recovery! You are amazing and always ever humble about it. Loved seeing all of you on my Valentines Day in Fairfax Virginia. Hope to see you again soon
    Leah, Lititz Pa

  34. Soallmustbewell_x says:

    I am so happy that Ted is doing well! It makes me so happy that you guys have such a brotherly love- all bands should take after you!

    I agree with all of the people who mentioned Connecticut- Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT! you guys have never been to Connecticut, it’s a great little state!

    much love, sar xx

  35. bigcee says:

    Great that Ted’s doing well! You rock that hair, or not-so-hairdo!!!
    have a great time on your travels!!!

  36. MadisonPatten says:

    Thrilled Ted is doing okay, and thrilled to see all of you happy and healthy on 9/20!

  37. GentsOfRoad1313 says:

    The dedication and commitment you guys have for touring and to each other is heart warming!!! So glad to hear that Ted is feeling better and that you’re coming back to the States! You were well missed!!

  38. MAM says:

    So glad Ted is doing well!!! Xoxo
    Thanks for coming to Indy!!! GOTR in Troy then off to the Sept 2nd gig. Can’t wait to experience M&S live! Safe travels back to the States!

  39. dester says:

    OK! Updated Comcast Center shows…. the new England shows could be…

    8/17-8/18- Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT
    8/19-8/20- Comcast Center, Boston (Mansfield), MA

  40. Thomas Willows says:

    Saw you in Nottingham last year and was blown away by your amazebalssness…when you lads heading to South Africa we want you!!!

  41. bex ask the panda says:

    when are you going to be touring and doing stuff back in England, other than festivals and other things that are probably already sold out ;-(
    Its great that ted is getting better and doing well!!!!!
    just a quick reminder, EVERYONE in England just happens to be missing some of your tours, especially those who were not able to get tickets fro some strange, abnormal, alien reason (hint hint)
    next year can you guys come back home and doing things near London or Chelmsford around September, preferably on the 9th, or any other year that may just happen to convenient (again, hint hint) because that would make a few mumsons happy :-) so maybe remember that and book something or whatever you guys need to do and make many people happy, ;-)
    only joking, or am i?
    Ciara and Rebecca (aka, the two people who adore your music and music in general) xxx

  42. dester says:

    more shows to be announced. August 18-19 Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA or August 20-21 Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT or, even better, both! please add more shows!

  43. Missed you guys the last time you were in Atlanta due to family issues. So glad you guys are coming back! :]

  44. MommaRock says:

    I picked up a snapping turtle today and carried it across the road – good karma must surely follow! Hooray for the Toronto date – fingers crossed – thank you! ( and hooray for Ted)!

  45. QuadAce says:

    Super happy Ted is okay! I missed you guys at bonnaroo but im happy to say ill get a chance to see you guys perform in my home town of st.paul.

  46. jqueller says:

    yes! finally coming to atlanta again!!!!! glad ted is feeling better, please pick me for tix!

  47. mand9966 says:

    So pleased Ted is on the mend.

  48. RyeGuy523 says:


  49. charebear13 says:

    I am Sooo happy that you added a show in PA, as that’s only a 5 1/2 hour drive for me!!! AND I will be sporting my second (which Im getting this week!) M&S tattoo of Winstons banjo on my right wrist and forearm! :) I love you men so much and am sooo very happy that T-Bear is doing well!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  50. amandarose82 says:

    So excited they are coming to pittsburgh!!! Please pick me for tix!!!

  51. momtosophie says:

    Thank you for adding a new tour & for coming to Indiana! Love the Full English poster. I had tickets for the Bonner Springs concert, can’t make the 9/20 rescheduled date, was horribly disappointed 9/20 wouldn’t work for me, and now ecstatic that 9/2 Noblesville concert is 1) 3.5 hours from my home and 2) at a fabulous venue. Beyond excited and hopeful I can get tickets. You are an extraordinary band–my all time favorite. Your music brings joy to my life daily.

  52. Erin Reising says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see a music performance. PUMPED that you’re coming to Milwaukee. Thank you. Fingers crossed that I get the chance!

  53. dester says:

    So, it could be…

    August 17-18, Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA*
    August 19-20, Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT
    August 23-24, Gentlemen of The Road, Simcoe, ON, CA
    August 26, Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON
    August 28- Forest Hills Stadium – Queens, NY (Gentlemen Of The Road presents)
    August 29- First Niagara Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
    August 30-31- Gentlemen of The Road Stopover, Troy, OH
    September 2 – Klipsch Music Center – Noblesville, IN
    September 3- Marcus Amphitheater – Milwaukee, WI
    September 4- Xcel Energy Center – Saint Paul, MN
    September 6-7- Gentlemen of The Road, Guthrie, OK
    September 9- Oak Mountain Amphitheatre – Pelham, AL
    September 10- Centennial Olympic Park – Atlanta, GA
    September 11- Charter Amphitheatre – Simpsonville, SC
    September 16- Mardi Gras World, New Orleans LA*
    September 17- Cynthia Woods Pavilion, Woodlands, TX*
    September 18- GEXA Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX*
    September 20- Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS*

    all support from The Vaccines and Bear’s Den, expect Mansfield, MA; Bonner Springs, KS; Dallas, TX; Woodlands, TX; and New Orleans LA.

  54. wareagle81 says:

    Hey guys, I have a single ticket to the Nola show. I won’t be able to attend. Selling at face value.

  55. dester says:


    August 15- Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI (maybe 2 shows, if you don’t do any of the other cities)
    August 17-18, Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
    August 19-20, Comcast Theater, Hartford, CT


  56. slb84 says:

    Flew down with a friend for your Austin shows and made it to the front on Saturday. Completely exceeded my expectations and had the time of my life. (My mind is still blown) Can’t wait to see you @ Troy in just a couple months!!! :-)

  57. lizzwiz says:

    This new tour just made my day…week…month….year!!! I missed out on the Simcoe tickets because of computer issues at work – I had them and the computer crashed before I could finish and it sold out :( The best part of this all; the ticket draw date is my birthdate (July 8th) so I am hoping Mumford & Sons give me the gift I want most this year!!! ps. Way to go Ted; you rock!

  58. Missed you at Bonnaroo but more then happy Ted is well. I’m sending nothing but good vibes to Mumph.

  59. jessica.loverofthelight. says:

    You’ll be playing at Marcus Amphitheatre! How cute :P. I am sad to see there is still no Winnipeg,
    Manitoba date. I’m also
    quite jealous of Toronto getting a show, but HEY, I’m seeing you in Simcoe and that is going to be AMAZING!! Can’t wait! It’s all I think about!

  60. MeganLace23 says:

    I am so excited that you’re coming to South Carolina, a day after my Birthday. I really want to go. It would be the best Birthday Present ever!

  61. Rowe736 says:

    Would be an excellent birthday gift for my step daughter Kristin Bomboy she is a huge fan!

  62. Pamballinas says:

    For my daughter who is so excited right now and crying!!! Kristin Bomboy

  63. dester says:

    WHAT THE HELL!?!? WHy is the not a single Southern New England date??? We exist too, you know! Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI on August 23-24. OR Comcast Center on August 22-23 in Mansfield, MA OR Hartford, CT at Comcast Theater on August 20-21! OR ALL OF THEM! GIVE US SOMETHING, M&S, SOMETHING!!

  64. boilergal says:

    I’m going to be a nervous wreck by 7 July…I want to see you so bad in Noblesville I could scream!!!!!

  65. richarldluva124 says:

    what if you can’t attend the rescheduled dates and you already bought tickets? :(

  66. kristinbomboy says:

    I’m literally crying from excitement right now.

  67. andrea020202 says:

    hola mi nombre es andrea y soy de chile… Porque no vienen para sudamerica especialmente a chile… Los adoro !!!!