UK: BBC Four Glastonbury Footage

Maybe you were there, knee deep in mud, supping a cider (or four), feeling the festival spirit and just having a darn. good. time. Or maybe you were nowhere near at all, off on your ‘olidays, or out revelling in that delightful English June-rainfall we were gifted that weekend. Naughty jetstream. But whatever… you can all unite tonight (Friday 29th July), if you’re in, and catch the bits you missed on BBC Four. From 10:50pm they’ll be broadcasting the highlights of the band’s set, and precisely 59 minutes worth at that.
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  1. maggs says:

    the middle east arent makin music anymore :'(

  2. Alita says:

    I am so sad! You guys came to Canada and completely flew over Alberta! I live in Calgary and A TON of my friends and I would LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE LOOOVE love for you to come play for us! PLLLLEEEASE come to Calgary Alberta Canada ;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soooo today is my 18th birthday and the only thing I want is to see you guys play live. Please come back to the US soon! Preferably Florida. That’d be awesome :)

  4. alanpeak_9 says:

    Hey Up Chaps.. Keep Watching Glastonbury Highlights! Doesnt Get Much More Better Than Hopeless Wanderer..
    I Saw You Play At Thew New Adelphi Club In Hull IN 2009
    It Was Such A Unique Experience When Are You Likely To Be Playin In Yorkshire Again?
    Cheers Al x

  5. maggs says:

    Dont mean ta be a bitch but…….. i heard marcus and carey were engaged :O:O:O:O:O:O:O someone confirm for me ???? :) x

  6. janejane1187 says:

    Excited to see you live and have the complete sensual experience of a Mumford and Sons concert. Come to Seattle- you have a strong fan base here that is anxiously awaiting your arrival…

  7. Brooksy10VT says:

    Patiently waiting for you guys to come tour the US…specifically around the Vermont area.

  8. KatyD says:

    dear lord you lot are awesome. desperate to see you live. if you could just put up your next live date yes today, thatd be great, cheers.

  9. DMLOVER6 says:

    Hi guys Just wanted to say you are and amazing band with such soul! I’ve never had the pleasure off seeing you live but when you come to the states again I will make sure I’m in front row!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Luck touched me and I could see the whole show in BBC Four. I hadn’t had heard from you before I cannot stop singing any of your songs…. Btw, loving the classic literature influence :) Thanks!

  11. Linda12 says:

    Are you playing in the Isle of Man next week-end…I need to buy tickets if you are.

  12. janiceA says:

    How do we get to see it using the BBC iplayer? I am so lost send a runner to MS to let us see the Glastonbury set!!! U Mumford and Sons are so SOULFUL!!

  13. Bran_boat13 says:

    Hey guys please come to Alabama, USA so I can see y’all live!
    Please! Don’t worry we aren’t all Hill Billies…

  14. jamesparsons says:

    Am just watching this again on BBC 4, what an amazing set. Whilst my partner was watching Beyonce live on Tele, I was watching this instead on BBC iPlayer. Am looking forward to the new album. Amazing guys, as good live as in digital, how many bands can you say that for :-)

  15. laddertothestars says:

    Watched it on BBC three, really owned that stage guys, brought back good memories. You guys are truly the best band to watch at a festival!

  16. SarahJeanMontgomery says:

    Boo!! Cant watch it….: (

  17. KiranSuwali says:

    plz plz put Lover’s eyes on the next album it’s great soulful song and will get so far plz put it on it would make me so happy (people say it may not make it onto the album and it makes me sad)

  18. Dec_66 says:

    I don’t know wether it was my tv but this time Winston’s banjo was really quiet. But I’m glad they put The Cave and thistle and weeds in.

  19. KiranSuwali says:

    Hi guys can I just say you were AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love everyone of you the new songs had soul and heart cant wait for second album :)

  20. epgm says:

    Just watched ‘Kinks at the BBC’ that I recorded the other night and there you were. Finished watching that and there you were at glasto! Poured myself a large whiskey. Great stuff. Add some more live dates soon!

  21. michaeleoriordan says:

    I have seen you guys live 3 times now. In sheppards bush, Benicasim, and bestival. Could not have been a more incredible experience, well, maybe if ‘hold onto what you believe’ had been played, but apart from that – delightful. Why is that song never played live? it is my favorite!

  22. KingJemma says:

    Watching you guys now on BBC4 , loving every second- wish I was there to watch it live, but am happy I can watch it now :D

  23. zoe1313 says:

    Me a bottle of Thatchers and the boys cracking Friday night. Saw you all at the Eden project can wait to see you all again xxxxx

  24. Cromie says:

    Brilliant!! Thanks for the post, I will be listening in cos your music makes me so happy xxxx

  25. dec_66 says:

    I am a bit disappointed with the BBC coverage because they didn’t include The Cave on BBC 3 but still a great performance.

  26. jennyfromdablock says:

    i couldn’t have said it better myself tawnyburgess! enjoy you lucky UK fans!

  27. tawnyburgess says:

    What an amazing show – I will never forget it.

    But alas, I live in America and will not be able to watch it. :(

    Fellow UK Mumford & Sons Fans: Enjoy it for me please, and have some cider while you are at it!