Sirius Live Broadcast: last night of the Railroad Revival Tour

Quick heads’up for US folks: tomorrow, Wednesday 27th April, at 7pm (ET) Sirius 18 XM 45 will broadcast live and in its entirety the last night of the Railroad Revival Tour in New Orleans. So if you’re about, tune in then to listen to sets from Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and, of course, Mumford & Sons. If you’re not a Sirius subscriber you can find info about a free 30 day trial here
Catch up with all the blogs and photos and things from the Railroad Revival Tour so far here.

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  1. susanann_m says:

    Thank you so much for such a fabulous show in Oakland. I was so thrilled to see all the bands! It was a magical night. Best wishes for a wonderful tour, and thank you again for such a fantastic show :)

  2. bkppya5 says:

    so the NOLA RRT ticket was the coolest concert ticket I’ve ever seen. You gentlemen are AWESOME! Thanks for always putting on a great show! I loved the broadcast of Coachella as well. I can’t wait to see you guys again in Kansas City in about a month! Love you guys! Keep being fabulous! :)

  3. TayLavender says:


  4. TayLavender says:

    You guys are absolutely incredible! What you guys do is exactly what ive been wanting do to for the rest of my life, play music and travel. Im glad you guys play the way you do. You’re really inspirational. Dont forget that

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mumford & Sons. I know you probably already have hundreds of thousands of adoring fans begging you to come to where they live, but I think it’d be cool if you did a tour of the north of the United States. I understand that you are very busy, and that’s cool. And I know also that your style of music is appealing to the south. I dunno, just an idea. I adore your music, I’ve learned almost every song of yours on guitar or piano. Ok I’ve said my piece. Shine on, Mumf!

  6. maxine.hiller says:


  7. lunadog33 says:

    The Austin show was great! I really enjoyed all three bands.
    I wanted to jump on the train, you guys looked like you were having so much fun together.
    Lover’s Eyes is an incredible song!
    Thank you Mumford & Sons

  8. kthrnklly says:

    AMAZING show in N.O. Wednesday night! Y’all rocked my ass off. I was lucky enough to see the show at JazzFest today also. It was the kind of life-changing experience that only awesome music can provide. N.O. definitely loves Mumford & Sons! Come back and see us again soon!!!

  9. xoswtcutiiox says:

    come to new york or new jersey!!!!!!! i would do anything to see you guys live! i love mumford and sons =]

  10. sykebrooke1234 says:

    IM SO MAD I COULDNT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i listened to it live and i cried :)) you guys were amazing! tell jade its okay everyone loses there voice haha

  11. mgnmeadows says:

    I miss you guys already. Thanks for such a fabulous show. Loved it that you invited our Austin High-school band to play on stage! Now I’m wishing to join your band. Love the new songs…wish you played Nothing is Written too. Luv ~ Megan

  12. Seattlepwnsall says:

    I SO hope they come to Seattle, if they don’t my life has no meaning

  13. boleksy16 says:


  14. starshinegrl says:

    Rebroadcasts for those (like me) who missed it – hurrah! (I assume “tonight” means Thursday since it’s already after midnight?)
    From the Sirius website: “Tonight 6pm ET. Rebroadcast: Tomorrow 10:00 pm ET; Sat 4/30 4:00 pm ET; Sun 5/1 12:00 pm ET”

  15. mrs.mumfordandsons says:

    WOOP WOOP! totally listened. you guys did great! love you ! sounded just like when i saw you guys in san pedro ;) loved the encore. it was like i was at the concert all over again. brought back week old memories :) haha

    THUMBS UP!! “ya alright mate?” love you winston, marcus , ben, and of course, T-Bear

  16. Glass_Skin says:

    Had a smashing time just listening! I can only imagine what it was like to see it. well, I suppose I’ll know soon enough; my plane departs New York City for Memphis at 8:00 am tomorrow. Cheers from the bearer of the Mustard Tartan!

  17. YogaGirl says:

    Is it premature if i said i am utterly smitten by you (especially marcus)? You guys rocked the house in Tempe, AZ and was blown away…seriously. Completly life changing. Love, love love white blank page…..thank you for making great music and being the catapult to inspiration. i heart u. please come back soon!

  18. jennyfromdablock says:

    unreal!!!!!!!!! im sitting in my dorm room rocking the f out. you guys are the absolute best. thank god for mumford & sons and thank godddd for XM radio

  19. Anonymous says:

    Any minute now!!

  20. jenniferp7 says:

    It’s on!! Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are up first!

  21. AirBearGrl23 says:

    Mark Goodman just commented that there is a tech issue. Keep the faith! It’ll be on. God, I wish I was home (New Orleans) right now. :)

  22. AirBearGrl23 says:

    Yep. Spectrum playlist. :( Is it just online or also with the sirius/xm radio equipment?

  23. davideward says:

    7.23 PM ET and all we’re getting is regular Spectrum playlist.

    Anyone else?


  24. AirBearGrl23 says:

    I put on channel 45 and they were advertising that they would be going live at 7ET to New Orleans, but it’s 7:13pm and I’m hearing Paul Simon. :/ ? For those listening online, there is a 7 day trial you just have to look for it on the website.

  25. videoqueen says:

    I keep getting an error when trying to sign up for their free trial. Darn.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I looked on scheduling and found a channel 18 XM 45, and it shows a block called The Spectrum with Mark Goodman from 6 to 12. I assume the broadcast is embedded in this show, beginning at 7.

  27. bsagirl101 says:

    I just signed up for Sirius online. I checked out the channels. Is it channel 18 or channel 45?

    Also, is M&S going to make this available at any other time?

  28. Anonymous says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! this is awesome!!!! im sooo glad that XM station is broadcasting it!! cant wait to listen!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Please come to Bend, Oregon! You would be so well received here! We are a town of music crazed, bike riding, dog loving, art appreciating (did I say music crazed?) musical people! Pleeeeeeeeease! I guarantee a very warm reception!!!!

  30. mylobster27 says:

    Tempe was beyond incredible! The Train Tour should become annual xx

  31. Anonymous says:

    NICE! =)