Portsmouth Gig Goers Please Read

Portsmouth gig goers: we have been alerted to the fact that some people have fraudulently been making and selling fake tickets for tonight’s gig. This is a criminal activity and these fake tickets will not grant you access to the show. If you have purchased tickets from any secondary vendors then we would urge you to seek your money back immediately.

We are extremely concerned about this kind of activity and the police have been notified. We sincerely hope that not too many of you good honest Mumford & Sons fans have been affected. Remember to always purchase tickets from official vendors only.

These are the only legitimate ticket vendors for Mumford & Sons shows: Mumfordandsons.com, Musicglue, Ticketmaster, Seetickets, Ticketweb or directly from the venue.

We have no control over tickets being sold on any other sites, and can not guarantee their authenticity.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. rosatoe13 says:

    @JImatthews2628 – i was one half of that US couple that you met. Thank you so much for helping us find the police station to file a report. We hope you get fully compensated and are able to see them in the future! We will keep trying!

  2. aslaugfinnsdottir says:

    Will you be coming to Iceland please…….:)

  3. Paula Wynne says:

    We were devastated at being tossed out with fake tickets but it made us even more determined to see you guys! I will wait for you! So we set up a facebook page FindMumfordAndSons200 – please spread the word so we can find the other fans who had fake tickets to help them too.

    We were very lucky to get a refund and seeing you guys in Dec to ‘awake my soul’ but how can we all stop this fraud and help your devastated fans to get a refund and most importanly to finally see you guys in action. That is the most important thing we all wanted.

  4. Kattak says:

    All I kept saying between my swearing was ‘ I just cant believe it?’ Utter disbelief. From full on excitment to massive dissapointment in a second! I fell for the fake tickets on Viagogo and yes they have already arranged for my refund. But it doesnt make up for missing out at you Portsmouth gig. I really was a Hopeless Wanderer last night…..but I couldnt keep away from the banjo briliance for long and babel is back in my ears already!

  5. Sarah Terry says:

    7 months pregnant made a real effort to get tickets, lots of stress caused last night, very sad mummy to be : (
    Been offered money back and another ticket or the same amount again in a voucher but would you trust Viagogo again, and how can they get tickets if i cant ??

  6. Jane Linford says:

    What a fantastic night, thank you! You are an inspiration to young singers everywhere!

  7. dearjohnlady73 says:

    You are a intense band. Enjoy. Each one of ur talents. Keep the music coming.. thank u for feeling the music…and spreadin it to the world..

  8. Jlmatthews2628 says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. You guys are amazing and are the show I most want to see if you end up adding a western US leg, but I won’t support scalpers. Even the fake ticket issue aside, the rampant scalping of your tickets is making your real fans furious…and frankly it should make you furious, too. Why should some jerk with a lot of broadband and no morals get to scoop up tickets and make hundreds, maybe thousands off your talent and hard work. You ought to follow the lead of bands like Radiohead, Muse, etc. and do barcoded e-tickets with a name and the credit card used and have ID/card verified at the show so tickets just can’t be resold at all.

  9. tinad says:

    GUTTED!! Turned up at the guildhall this evening with my husband & 2 teenage kids – only to find that our tickets are fake!! Over 60 other people in various states of shock having purchased tickets via Seatwave & Viagogo. Missed out on original sales as the site kept crashing – went through a supposedly ‘trusted’ site but ripped off. Devastated at missing out on the concert. Also met a young couple who paid to fly over from the US for 5 days so that they could see you guys – only to be told their tickets were fake too!! To add to the trauma there were men in the area offering to sell tickets to those who were upset at being refused access, even more dodgy dealings!!!

  10. Geoff_Chapple says:

    It would be nice if you could prevent genuine tickets getting into the hands of resellers too