Optimus Alive

Mumford & Sons have just been confirmed to play this year’s Optimus Alive festival in Portugal. The band will play on the Saturday 14th July. Tickets are now on sale at www.optimusalive.com.

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  1. MarianaRodrigues says:

    Dudes how do I delete a comment? It’s the first thing that pops out when I google my email

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello guys! due to the cancellation of the Florence + the machine’s concert you can give the suggestion to extend your concert! we love you and we would love to hear more than one hour… Please think about it :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    guys, please please please… do not cancel this concert. please… :) (florence + the machine has cancelled their show, so we do not want that bad luck with you)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope you are as excited to play as we are to see you! Hopefully we can meet you backstage or simply run into you whilst wandering at the festival :) Please play either “Liar” or “I Gave You All”.
    Thank you for everything.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please please PLEEEEEEASE sing I Gave You All, its my all time favourite. You guys are amazing :D I run a hotel in Torres Novas (central Portugal) http://www.hoteldoscavaleiros.com/ and I’m also english! So if you want to visit a bit more of Portugal, you know where to stay and where to find a guide :D LOVE YOU GUYS

  6. Daisy_Ferrari_Sobral says:

    Thank you. I can’t wait to see you here. Love you all *.*

  7. mary22 says:

    i can’t wait to see you live. i’m so happy :D and i wish i could meet you in the end!

  8. FMCalisto says:

    Come and join to Mumford and Sons Portugal:


  9. Maria.Rocha says:

    FINALLY!!! SO EXCITED!! see you guys on July 14th!

  10. bruliluli says:

    Please come to Brazi (SP)!

  11. MumSonPT says:

    Hello all. If you ever read this, please consider to play at north of Portugal or even Galiza (Spain), there you’ll find folk celtic roots and a lot different audience. Great band please show at OPorto.

  12. tatiannamaria says:

    You guys are probably my favourite band and I can’t wait to see you live! I’ve been waiting for you to come to Portugal for so long! I already have my ticket so, I’ll definitely meet you guys there :) xx
    Love you all so much,
    Tatiana (tatiana_g_14@hotmail.com)

  13. Jessica58 says:

    I love you guys me and my friend are looking forward to see you live here in Portugal =)
    Keep on making good music, you really are an inspiration.

  14. hannabob2 says:

    Hey there my beauties!:) my 16th birthday is on august 14th and I live in Vancouver Washington!:) my only dream is to see u guys live and possibly meet u!:) my one and only dream:) I was just wondering if u know when u will make here or not:) let me know by commenting back:) thanks!!!;)

  15. amybennetts says:

    So sorry to pester guys, but there are more shows coming in the very near future right? I’m thinking New Zealand? After all I think Winston did say he wanted to come have a look at the land of Lord of the Rings…Maybe even catch the Premier of The Hobbit in November? lol

  16. laurengarcia08 says:

    Please Please Please grace San Francisco this year and play Outside Lands!!! xoxo

  17. antoegio says:

    italy plz italy plz italy plz !!!! Saw you @covo in Bologna and you guys were INCREDIBLE ! Come back to italy pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  18. gingernut says:

    When are you coming to London, my 11 year old daughter is your BIGGEST fan and keeps nagging me for concert tickets – please solve this problem for me and arrange a gig asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Vitorp says:

    hm, do we have some chance to see u guys here in Brazil? bye

  20. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE come home, to England..we miss you here and you promised me a new album at Glastonbury in the summer. I Love you,

  21. dongiuan says:

    Please, come to Italy!!!

  22. JamyHenriques says:

    This is truly the best thing that I’ve heard in a long time. I absolutely love Mumford&Sons. This may sound a bit of a cliché but the truth is your music has helped me through some tough times. I would have given up on life if it weren’t for you guys.
    And the best thing about you coming to Portugal is the fact that you’re playing on my birthday. It just makes me want to do see you guys even more. I just hope I get the chance to see you live and just have the time of my life!

  23. katieharkinmusic says:

    PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA!!!! please please pleaaseeee!

  24. Harvest says:

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  25. ebrazzill says:

    Aw love that you guys are getting out into Europe! I hope this means that your next full proper tour will be in the UK! I know I say it every time but just hoping it will happen soon is getting me through every crappy day! Also can’t wait for the album, I think you should call it Below My Feet and have you all stood on a cliff somewhere as the album cover :’) Just an idea, much love x

  26. Leather_Hubeck says:

    Hey there fellas, so i’m noticing that a lot of your upcoming shows are somewhat european in nature. I’m all about that; woot for sharing the love with the masses! But i’m gettin’ nervous that you kids might not be present at this year’s Railroad Revival. Quiet my fears, tell me you’ll be there.

  27. MarianaRodrigues says:

    Oh Happy Day

  28. MarianaRodrigues says:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH you just made my entire year. If you need tour guide or anything just let me know I would love to meet you guys mariana_pinheiro_rodrigues@hotmail.com
    From your number 1 fan in Portugal
    Yours truly, Mariana

  29. lorenzo.tua says:

    ok now only ITALY is left…come on guys…just one show in italy, no matter where!!!

  30. abbymcdabby says:

    Every announcement brings you guys a little bit closer….just come to Spain and be done with it! Por favor, España!

  31. MarianaJota says:

    I thought this day would never come! I’m so so so happy *

  32. dml2410 says:

    I finished with …I am just an honest fan wanting to trade with another honest fan so we can both enjoy the show! Please let me know if we can do this!

  33. dml2410 says:

    HELP ME PLEASE! NASHVILLE SHOW TICKET TRADE! Hello, I purchased tickets to the Wednesday 3/7 show at Ryman and cannot make it that night, I have another fan who purchased tickets and is willing to trade me for the Thurday 3/8 show however because of the new paperless ticket system, we are unable to make this happen. PLEASE HELP! I contacted the Ryman Theatre and they suggested I reach out to the Band…seriously, thats what they said! Post me back here and I can provide my email but I am hoping we can work this out, we’re both just honest fans who want to make a trade and see the show!

  34. bananas_com_peru says:

    Please, please, please, PLEASE, sing “I Gave You All” !

  35. Franciscoandsons says:

    Today I recive the best news in months. This really make my day . Thanks a lot, hope you have time to rest before the shows

  36. SunflowerBaggins says:



  37. oh-lili says:

    Hey boys! Think serious about coming to Brazil! Curitiba is a great place for indie folk shows and I’ll be so happy to see you live!

  38. nessie says:

    thank you so much guys, this made my life! expect the best audience from the portuguese :) i still can’t believe i’ll finally get to see you live.

  39. dcmachado says:

    Thank guys… After this, you’ll sure return every single year.. meet you there!!!

  40. bananas_com_peru says:

    OMG! I am sooooooooo there! I’m from Portugal, but my mum is english and I’ve loved you guys for years now and made my friends love you all too! I am buying my ticket tomorrow :D xx

  41. wrotaa says:

    Why I’m not living in Portugal?:c love you guys :)

  42. Anonymous says:

    And I´m Slovak and I would love to see you somewhere around…Pohoda festival :) ? You should join this year´s Kooks, Elbow, Kasabian, Bat for Lashes and more line-up! :)

  43. apcc says:

    i’m portuguese and i’ll go!! i can not believe, really… i was about to buy the ticket to see you in UK