Limited edition art prints to commemorate Canadian shows

With not long to go until the upcoming shows in Toronoto, Hamilton and Montreal, we thought now would be a good time to introduce you to some very special art prints which have been commissioned especially to commemorate the shows and are available online only (so even if you didn’t manage get a ticket, you can still pick one up).

Printed on beatutiful somerset 250gsm paper, each of the 3 cities gets its own individual design… and to see that individuality through, they’re limited to 200 each worlwide. Cast your eyes down below to take a look. 

The prints are available to order now via the webstore – they won’t be on sale at any of the shows.




Prints are priced at $40 and will dispatch on 24th October.


Much love

M&S HQ x

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  1. ladypuce says:

    These are simply amazing, can’t wait to receive mine. :) See you guys on Thursday!

  2. CanadianCaitlin says:

    Completely agree with the first post!! Come to Edmonton, Alberta! I keep seeing CANADIAN TOUR announcements, and then only seeing 3 shows. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver.. Show some love to us middle Canadians! We love you too!

  3. linttu says:

    Please come to Finland!!

    And could you please say the release for the new album?

    I love you guys (:

  4. csm1775 says:

    please come anywhere on long island newyork!!!! the paramount theatre is a really cool venue to play!!!!

  5. diguitr says:

    Guys, if you come to New Jersey, there is a country/blue grass place called the Albert Music Hall. You can pay $5 and watch people from all over NJ, NYC, and even Philadelphia come and play, all amateur musicians. There is even a “pickin’ shed” where people just jam.

  6. isabelle.j.g says:

    Congrats on your Americana New and Emerging Artist win!! :)

  7. Fae says:

    They better on the merch stands!

  8. Fae says:

    Totally Rad …nough be said :)

  9. rannfar says:

    Beautiful posters! Any chance you’ll do a reprint of the “to the field” posters you had this summer…I missed my chance to buy one.

  10. DomGT says:

    Awesome but please please don’t forget about western Canada! Especially Vancouver :)

  11. LeahMusic says:

    Cool pictures, no doubt you’ll play an amazing gig!
    Pleeeeeeeease come to the Midlands! :)

  12. vegetarian says:

    Pleeeaaaseeee come to Edmonton, Alberta? Or even Calgary, Alberta?