Instores Announced

In a splendid twist of fate, we merry men find ourselves hurtling towards the emerald isles not a full day after Guinness’s 250th Birthday celebrations, and to say we were just a little bit excited would be as mild an understatement as a pint of the good stuff itself. And as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, we have even more wonderful news fresh from the road! Can we call them traffic updates? Let’s not… Let’s just say that we’ll be playing a series of rather fine instores in the coming weeks, all of which are FREE!

More proof, if proof were needed, that the best things in life are free. Check that continuity, this one’s got legs, it could just run and run and run and run…

1st Oct – Pure Groove – London – 7.30pm
6th Oct – Resident – Brighton – 6pm
7th Oct – Rise – Bristol – 6pm

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  1. Landru says:

    Coming off two years of surgeries , finally able to attend a live show again! We live on the beach in SW Florida, when and where will we be able to see you all again? Take care, enjoy the break and know you have millions waiting patiently to see you guys anywhere anytime anyplace! Rock on. Andy R.M.

  2. TRC30 says:

    Oh how I wish I had a time machine and an airplane.