FRED & NICK directed ‘The Cave’ video nomination

Quick one: the video for ‘The Cave’, shot on location in Goa, has been nominated in the Best Rock Video category at the 2011 MTV VMAs, which is cool for the following reasons:
Number 1. it’s always extremely nice to be nominated for something.
Number 2. it was directed by long time friends of the band FRED & NICK. Yes they the directors of the Gentlemen of the Road series and the video for ‘Little Lion Man’ too.
If you’d like to vote for them you can do so here
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  1. nee24 says:

    You guys, we’ve got to keep the voting going all the way until the MTV VMAs on August 28th! Take two seconds, click above, and vote to support Mumford and Sons, and Fred & Nick, who directed the awesome music video for “The Cave!”

  2. joshkitt says:

    directed by fred and nick; is that nick etwell, the trumpet player (aka long island tea nick:) or a different nick?

  3. candiss1987 says:

    Thank you for your music and your poetry. It means the world to me, I hope you continue to make beautiful, thoughtful music for decades to come.

  4. candiss1987 says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Yall have put music back in my life love yall

  6. pumpkingirl17 says:

    You guys are the BEST EVER!!! Come to Indianapolis…… Please~~

  7. elle594 says:

    Just voted! You guys best win now! One month today!

  8. Ulysses says:

    I am old eough to remember watching Neil Armstrong step on the Moon. In that time, this is some of the best, most thought-proving lyrics I have ever heard/read. I am so pissed at myself for missing you here in the US. I DID vote for “The Cave” and, IMHO, if it doesn’t win, it just proves what kind of Panderer’s MTV has become. I drove into work today, sing along with that song at the top of my voice, terrifing birds, squirrels and the ocassional co-worker ;) The more I listen, the more I am amazed

  9. Jadenguil says:

    Voted-Crossing my fingers. Good luck lads. -Jade

  10. janiceA says:

    congratulations! yall are the Best in the Whole World! Cant wait for new cd i voted for yall

  11. borintin says:

    Your music is amazing, i have not heard anything like it. Thank you!

  12. LittleMissMisfit says:

    I just voted 234,567,435,678 times. Love you guys and good luck!

  13. xianfern says:

    MTV plays music??

  14. shibbyy28 says:

    Congrats to all :) so much talent, heart, and soul in your sound. You all have a long, successful road ahead of you and I’m honored to watch your music grow! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to see you in Chicago & at Bonnaroo…..folked my world! Can’t wait for the next album and tour…eeek! Basically, you complete M&S. xox Shelby

  15. TheBeatles1963 says:

    I really hope you guys win (: You deserve recognition and I wish more people would listen to you.. I’m 14 so most people my age are wrapped up in that synthesized pop crap, but I’ve gotten a few people to like your brilliant, breathtaking style of music. Thank you gentlemen so much for just..Being fantastic :D Can’t wait to see how you grow, even more as musicians (because in several years you’d just be…Holy crap) and what you guys do in the near future (: Greetings from Texas :D

  16. ilovemumfordandsons101 says:

    I voted fifteen times

  17. kthrnklly says:

    Oh, and I totally voted for you lot :)

  18. kthrnklly says:

    Awesome news and a well-deserved nomination for a great video! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the results. Congrats!!!

  19. jennyfromdablock says:

    congratulations!! very cool video nick and fred!

  20. Diana1514 says:

    Congratulations! Trying to vote for you on MTV’s site but my login isn’t working. Will try again later. I saw you in KC and can’t wait to see you next time you are in the US.

  21. samanthaann says:

    Well done lads & hurrah for the talented Fred & Nick! Well deserved as always. You look like you had a lot of fun, making that video. Just a good excuse for me to watch it yet again…. cheers! God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  22. nee24 says:

    Those of you have facebooks, twitters, etc. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!


  23. Anonymous says:

    This video was my first exposure to Mumford & Sons. That was all it took; I was hooked.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So much recognition should be shown for you as individuals and as a whole band. Music like your does not come around very often because people are so wrapped up in what is “cool” and “in”. They become scared of what they love and become cookie cutter. I love that you gentlemen are unique and pure. I love that fact that you play festivals. I believe that concerts for a particular band are a thing of the past. Of course, they will continue, but the idea of getting out there and people be able to hear incredible music for the first time or being fans already, are able to see other bands and really enjoy the atmosphere and performance. The passion you have can drive anyone to tears. I wait the day I see you in person. Congrats on everything in your life, career, and personally. You 4 deserve it 2 fold.

  25. loelra0524 says:

    Duh! Forgot to add to my last post how much I love all the videos listed. Especially Gentlemen of the Road…they were so well done! So congratulations to long time friends of the band FRED & NICK too! xo!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to our lovely Mumford and Sons! You bring all of us fans so much JOY, it’s always such a pleasure to watch and listen to all of you. Cannot wait to see what the future brings for us all! xoxoxoxo!

  27. knowbyheart123 says:

    So proud of you boys. You completely and totally deserve all the recognition you have received recently. I’m not sure I could think of any other band who deserves it more, actually. Thank you for making such wonderful music that genuinely changes lives. We’ll never be able to thank you for it. Congrats!

  28. Alice4Hatter says:

    Congratulations to you all!