European Tour Dates Announced

It’s been a little while since the band visited the shores of mainland Europe, however we are very pleased to announce that that’s soon set to change.

In support of Babel, Mumford & Sons will be heading back for Europe in the spring and this time they’re bringing with them a long list of tour dates…

4th – Stodoloa – Warsaw, Poland
6th – Lucerna Music Bar – Prague, Czech Republic
7th – Gasometer – Vienna, Austria
8th – Petofi Hall – Budapest, Hungary
11th – Zenith – Munich, Germany
12th – Festhalle – Berne, Switzerland
14th – Alcatraz – Milan, Italy
15th – Obihall – Florence, Italy
16th – Atlantico – Rome, Italy
19th – Bikini – Toulouse, France
20th – Sala Razzmatazz – Barcelona, Spain
21st – Sala La Riviera – Madrid, Spain
23rd – Coliseum – Lisbon, Portugal
26th – Trianon – Paris, France
27th – Rockhal – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
28th – Lotto Arena – Antwerp, Belgium
30th – Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam, Holland

2nd – Velodrom – Berlin, Germany
3rd – Mitsubishi Electric Halle – Dusseldorf, Germany
4th – Sporthalle – Hamburg, Germany
8th – Vega Main Hall – Copenhagen, Denmark
10th – Cirkus – Stockholm, Sweden
11th – Sentrum Scene – Oslo, Norway

Tickets go on sale at 10am local time this Friday 9th November for every date except Norway where tickets will go on sale at 9am.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

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  1. Do not forget Greece guys…! We are thousands waiting for you to come!! But…I will wait!

  2. darcyck17 says:

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE come to ireland my friend and i are obsessed with ye !!!!!!!!!! pleaaassssssssssseeeeeee

  3. eszter barna says:

    We would need more tickets, to Hungary, pleeeeease guys!:) We have been waiting for You for sooo long … i looking forward to it, xo

  4. I came to O2 on the 18th December and took my mum for her Xmas present whilst she was over from Australia, it was very powerful, and I was truly overwhelmed, when are u in the uk. ???? Xx

  5. Alle1770 says:

    Please, please, please, once more…. Is it possible for you guys to do another show or 2 in Sweden? I think it would make a lot of your fans here happy, because there are even a few Facebook groups about getting you to play another show! I for sure know that you’ll make at least 1000 more fans the happiest people on planet Earth if it’s possible. Thanks a lot for making awesome music, guys :)

  6. Hi, your site says the Paris show is not sold out but I can’t find tickets anywhere. I am desperately looking for tickets. I was going to ask my girlfriend to marry me at the show seeing as we fell in love listening to your music. So to put it mildly, I NEED 2 TICKETS PLEASE!!!!!!

  7. Why you don’t come to Finland?

  8. Xavi says:

    Ohhhh yes!!! Finnally we will see you in Barcelona!! we know you during our honneymoon in new zealand last october and we are impressed since then!!
    Great musicians, great music….Thank you for coming!!!
    See you at Razzmatazz in march! Can’t wait!

  9. james777111 says:


  10. philipbrundin93 says:

    Please Mumford and sons!!! Do an extra show in Sweden, please!!! I nearly cried when I heard that the tickets have already sold out in like 10 minutes the same day they were released! You will do me and a bunch of Swedes very, VERY glad!

    Friendly greetings from Philip!

  11. Klärchen-Bärchen says:

    what do we have to do for another concert in vienna? tickets are already sold out! please!

  12. juiskoka says:

    PLEASE: Another concert in VIENNA. People are going crazy here…You would make so many people happy- so, please, trý to manage another concert soon!

  13. JoRin says:

    Eastern European tour would be just great… Im waiting for you in LITHUANIA!

  14. lorena_92 says:

    15th – Obihall – Florence, Italy… PRESENT! :D …Can’t wait!

  15. ssergioo says:

    ¿¡¡¡¡How much I have to wait till a South American Tour!!!!?

  16. New date in Belgium, please!!! So saaaad it’s already sold out…

  17. austrianfan1 says:

    same here, there are no tickets available for the show in Vienna, only if you pay three times the price on viagogo. I won’t do that. How can people mak their money out of something like that. nobody should buy their overprized tickets. It’s a shame, would have loved to see your show!!!

  18. cemorini says:

    same crap with viagogo for the vienna concert. how is this legal? you guys are awesome, but no one should be scammed into paying three times as much for a ticket.

  19. krisnil says:

    What the f*** is Viagogo and how come they get their hands on all those tickets? Tried to get tickets to the show in Norway, but no luck (got sold out in minutes!) and now I see them for sale on Viagogo for blood prices! Not Fair!!

  20. padfoot says:

    The same happened in Prague, the concert was sold out in a few minutes. I would give anything to get to your concert, so please please go for another show, I know many people would go there instantly! Thank you…

  21. realaledrinker says:

    Ended up on Viagogo and paid x3 face value. Not sure what’s the bigger joke – ticket arrangements or people like me who give in to blackmail.

  22. antzg says:

    It seems that there are a few tickets left for the Barcelona concert if anyone is interested. The ones for Madrid sold out soon but I was able to get mine!!! :) See you in a few months!!

  23. Pauline1990 says:

    I mean.. I tried to book the tickets as well, i was ready, at 9.55 my credit card was ready as well but i didnt not manage to buy them..
    Pleassssse are u going to re-open to sales for antwerp ? It will be the day Of the 23rd birthday.. I need that..

  24. mumford2014 says:

    Anyone who want to sell 2 tickets to the show i Paris? I would do anything for them.

  25. NoTimeForUs says:

    I have no idea if you’ll read this but I’m begging on my bare knees for you to have one more show in Sweden. The tickets sold out in less than 5 minutes, literally. And from what I’ve seen here in the comments and heard it seems that I’m definitely not the only one who feels that way. So please move the concert to a bigger venue like Ericsson globe or friends arena or have another concert soon. I know it would mean so much to the many, many fans you have in Sweden and who worship your music, me included.

  26. Really wanted to go, but the concert in Belgium sold out instantly. I so wished I could go and see my favorite band for my 18th birthday…

  27. Annemarieke says:

    So sad, Amsterdam was sold out very very fast. Ziggo Dome is free on the 31st, so please go for a second show!!!!

  28. wellekens says:

    Concert Antwerp sold out in 5 minutes and i have a very disappointed wife now.
    Why taking such a small concert hall when there is next door a hall 5 times bigger?
    Please give an extra show in SPORTPALEIS. My wife would be very happy if she would be able to buy tickets.

  29. angelinsane says:

    Tickets Bought just now!!

    Rome 16/03/2013 … can’t wait!!!

  30. mysoderberg says:

    please do an extra concert in sweden! it was sold out in seconds because of the pre-sale and other sites buying up the tickets and selling them super expensive

  31. Th3 N3LL0 says:

    Milano, io ci sono, arrivo.. Here I come!!! I’m a “happy” wanderer..

  32. cathrinedk says:

    sold fucking out in sweden, can’t believe it

  33. Zpader says:

    Oh noes :( me and 6 friends of mine were gonna go to the concert in sweden but the tickets were gone in seconds. so please get another play or move to globen or something would be awesome you guys have looooots of fans in sweden!

  34. Ryan Waters says:

    Any tickets in europe left?? Where do i find them?? My Missus will be devastated!! Sad times…

  35. SuusM says:

    Here another very sad fan :( I really wanted tickets for your show in Amsterdam, but is was sold out so soon! Please do a second show in amsterdam!

  36. SabineB says:

    I´m so happy….got Tickets for Amsterdam. Can´t wait :-)

  37. Julie01 says:

    The tickets were sold out in 10 minutes. Please do an extra concert in Antwerp or Amsterdam?

  38. Maarten93 says:

    I’m just a hopeless wanderer right now… Please do an extra concert in Antwerp M&S!!! Or you can cheer me up by coming to rock werchter ;-)

  39. TheSuperKiid says:

    Hi there!
    Is there any chance that you can either move the concert in Sweden to a bigger arena, or perhaps add an extra concert in Stockholm the 9th April or some other date?
    Me and a friend were on the ticket sale site at 10am, but the tickets sold out in literally 30 seconds. I have noticed that there are a lot of others here in Sweden that missed their chance.
    I missed my chance to see you guys when you came here earlier this year, too, and I looked forward to your Europa tour. This sucks :(
    Please, see if there is any chance to solve this? It’d mean A LOT. Like, seriously a lot. :(
    Love you!

  40. salve14 says:

    YEAH Warsaw, I’m coming :D :D :D
    Couldn’t make it in Gdynia :(
    Soooooooo happy

  41. Heylo says:

    Tooooo baaaaad! No more tickets for Antwerp. How is this possible ? The black market wins everytime, and we don’t! :-( shame

  42. ziggy44 says:

    SOOOOO disappointed. Tickets in Amsterdam gone within moments. I logged in on my account at 10 am sharp, came in on the Waiting List. When it was my turn , All tickets sold out.
    We love your music!!!!!! Maybe adding another date and /or a bigger venue???????

  43. Sundude says:

    I got my ticket for Ziggodome, Amsterdam. Hell yeah!! you guys rock!

  44. judit says:

    Tickets in AMS have gone within seconds….. but Antwerp is close and at least I am in the Waiting List! I don’t give up!! I wanna see you guys, :)

  45. karinjohanna says:

    Noo!! So extremely sad and dissapointed right now, I logged in on my account on the ticket website 15 minutes before they went on sale and at 10 am sharp (on that very second, I´m not kidding) they were sold out! I can´t believe this. I love you guys and your music makes my world go round, please do another show in Sweden.. or copenhagen/oslo, I don´t care if I have to travel a while, and I´m sure a lot of scandinavian fans would do the same.

  46. Alle1770 says:

    I second Emy!

  47. Emy Lynch says:

    So it looks like Sweden and Denmark will both try to “win” M&S over to their country on the 9th of april then? Stockholm I say!

  48. Extra concert in Copenhagen on the 9th of April????

  49. Roos.- says:

    I really, really wanted to go, but the tickets were already sold out!

  50. Same story here.. Copenhagen sold out in just a few minutes.. i got the tickets, but i had to restart because of an error on the page.. and poof, no more tickets.. have been desperately trying for over an hour.. so disappointed.. should book bigger venues!

  51. Anders says:

    Has there been some kind of pre-order on your site for the concert in Sweden? The ticket site ( ran out of tickets the second they started sell them so there has to be something weird going on?

  52. martinslater93 says:

    So, I miss out on the UK tour due to tickets going within minutes and now I miss the Amsterdam show because of misleading info. 10pm local time in England, in general, is an hour before the rest of Europe meaning all tickets had gone before I was even aware they were on sale. My fault? Yes. Unlucky? Very.

  53. realaledrinker says:

    Absolute joke. How can seemigly every venue sell out in a matter of a few minutes? Who are buying these tickets??? Found some on viagogo at €80 or so which then were not available and when I refreshed the screen, tickets appeared for €200 or so!!

    You need to adopt the technique used by Radiohead – all fans were sent e-tickets and these had to be presented at the venue with photo ID and credit card used to buy the ticket. Only way to beat the touts and scalpers. So dissappointed.

  54. ABaK says:

    wow… I was refreshing the ticketpage, hit the “buy tickets” button when it appeard, but no luck. No Oslo tickets for me. Guess this is a valid excuse for going to Paris

  55. CrazyGinger says:

    A extra consert in Sweden 9th of april should work according to your tour-schedule, please there is so many people that did not get a ticket here in Sweden!

  56. kere says:

    please, please more tickets for Antwerpen. need a birthday present for 18th birthday of my daughter!!!!!!!!would be her dream!!!

  57. Alle1770 says:

    Agreeing with Sara! There are so many people who didn’t even get a chance for the tickets, so another concert would be worth gold to us! I know that moving to a bigger venue might not be good because it wouldn’t be the same experience (neither for you or the audience), but there are soooo many people standing without tickets right now that would do anything to see you guys.

  58. Sara Åberg says:

    Please add another show or move to bigger venue in Stockholm, the tickets sold out in 30 sec and I didn’t even get a chance for one ticket! I think a lot of fans missed out on the show due to companies buying the tickets, please consider adding an extra show!

  59. Duurt Holman says:

    guys, Amsterdam sold out within half an hour. Let’s do another venue @ziggo dome?

  60. Alle1770 says:

    Should add that the 30 seconds one was the one in Stockholm. Please put in an extra concert!!

  61. Alle1770 says:

    Please, please, please M&S, can you book another show or move the existing one to a bigger venue? The tickets sold out in literally 30 seconds, and there are so many fans that didn’t even get a chance at the tickets because the bigger companies buy them all and then sell them for a completely unresonable price. There are so many fans that want to come see you, but no one has gotten tickets. Please, reconsider if there’s any venue you can play at that’s a bit bigger

  62. shobz says:

    All the tickets to stockholm sweden sold out in 2 mins, you really have to put in an extra concert!!!!!!

  63. Can’t buy my ticket for Paris ! My nerves are about to break. What’s going on ?

  64. Sandra_1000 says:

    Got my tickets for Berlin – can´t wait to see you :)

  65. GentlemanoftheRoad says:

    Bern : Sold Out after half an hour :D

  66. myriam.will says:

    I just got my tickets for Milan, I can’t believe it! I was so frustrated not to get tickets for the UK tour, so I’m flying to Milan just to see you guys! See you in a few months (can’t believe I’m actually saying this)!

  67. rabblester says:

    why cant i see the sale for Vienna…. so frustrating!!

  68. paintmyspiritg0ld says:

    AHHHHHH!!! so excited to buy a ticket tomorrow to see my favorite band!<333 This will be my first M&S show! :D


  70. Carrie9 says:

    see you in Boston, MA on Feb. 5th..

  71. mumford and sons 92 says:


  72. Carrie9 says:

    PS. Marcus, love your wife. She is adorable. Fell in love with her in “An Education”.

  73. moiFiii says:

    pleasepleaseplease come to Finland as well!!! We’re not that far from other Nordic countries

  74. soffiaros says:

    Yesss!!! I am so happy :-D

  75. isaeide says:

    Hi, this is about your concert in Norway 11.04.13!

    I have to say that I am really upset, because it’s only for those who are 18+. Well, what about us other huge fans? I have been dreaming about seeing you live in two years now, and when you’re finally coming to my country, I can’t attend my favorite band’s concert because I’m 16, not old enough? That really sucks, and I know that there are sooo many other people who feel the same as I do.

    What I want you to do, is to set up a concert in Norway where people under 18 can come too. A lot of people would really appreciate it. I know you might never read this, or you might not even bother if you do, but PLEASE. It would make us all happy. I know that it is maybe possible to go to Denmark or Sweden to see you guys, but my parents won’t let me do that. So the only option I have is to try to write to you, and just hope that something will happen.

    Love from Norway
    -Isa Eide Edvardsen