Happy November everybody. Does this mean it’s officially OK to start showing some emotions of excitedness towards Christmas? Hope so.
On that note, we are very pleased to announce another Seasonal show that the band will be taking part in in America. This one’s on 9th December in Oakland, California – it’s called "105’s Not So Silent Night" at Oracle Arena. You can see which other band’s are playing here and find ticket details below
Pre-sale starts 10am local time on Thursday 3rd Novemer:
Mumford & Sons pre-sale via this link (username: mumford / password: tickets):
Radio pre-sale (password: livesanta): via Ticketmaster 
General sale starts 10am local time on Saturday 5th November:
Tickets are available with no service charges at Oracle Arena Box Office
Or online via Ticketmaster 
M&S HQ x

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  1. hahu13 says:

    PLEASE somehow make to San Francisco!!!!!! :D

  2. Edgar.barreto says:

    I cant wait to get a ticket on hand to one of your tickets on hand. im so excited and cant wait to see you guys. i take all the music to heart and i can relate to many. its amazing music. the lyrics carry such amazing metaphors and soul.

  3. Nee24 says:

    CONGRATS TO MY FAVORITE BAND EVER for the GRAMMYS! You guys so so deserve it:) can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at the grammys. HOPEFULLY, THIS YEAR WILL BE A GOOD ONE WITH A MUMFORD AND SONS US TOUR!! Specifically California!!! (San Diego, LA, OC) XOXO Nee

  4. kristyanne says:

    I caught ya’ll at the Bridge Benefit Concert and was honestly touched by your heart centered songs. Two months later, I was driving home and somehow found myself 5 feet from the stage in Oakland’s NSSN, right before your set. Since the universe obviously wants me to experience more M&S, get back to the Bay Area as soon as you can! ummmm, please!

  5. spankyman987 says:

    come to bonarroo again! or come to boston university!

  6. dmanolis09 says:

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY are you guys not coming to L.A!!! Speaking on behalf of the USC/UCLA (preferably USC :) ) students, WE WANT M&S!!!! we need good music. come. now!!!!

  7. JamesHumphry says:

    Tour in the UK please! Preferably in Cardiff but anywhere in the UK, please, I beg you. You are British and have loads of fans here!

  8. veralopez says:

    come back to santa barbara you guys were amazing!!

  9. lmariec says:

    Dear Mumford and Sons. Four years ago my sister, Corey, died in a plane crash with Dr. Chester Mayo (of the Mayo Clinics) and his son, Chester Mayo Jr. and Chester Mayo Jr.’s roommate at the local boarding school here in Faribault MN. Corey was a young artist just out of high school and attending University of WI stout Pursuing a future in art. After she passed, my family started a music and art festival in her name. It is called Concert for Corey and Art festival, a nonprofit that supports the art program at my high school, the art center in my town and much more. However we are struggling to stay afloat, and i thought about how awesome it would be to invite your awesome band to our festival and fill the space with your powerful music for a few hours. If you are interested and would like to come in the next few years, please email the founders of our organization at Also check out the organization at Thank you for your consideration.

  10. cheyennesenesac says:

    PLEASE come to Los Angeles

  11. ficklehart says:

    your music inspires me, your beautiful people, well done.

  12. Uldall says:


  13. Uldall says:

    Heard of Denmark? Yes? Go there.

  14. madtollbooth says:

    OF COURSE all of your shows are on the other side of the country D: Requesting an Ohio show please?

  15. jjw662 says:

    please come to pittsburgh, pa!!!!!!!!

  16. sb73_2000 says:

    i wish you would come to kuwait and do a concert for the troops. I am a big fan and have missed all your shows in the united states.

  17. AwakeMySoul_333 says:

    you guys have inspired me to work harder on guitar! THANKS!

  18. kook says:

    I cannot wait until this concert!! :D

  19. mrs.mumfordandsons says:

    GGAAAAHHHH!!!!! i saw california and leaped for joy, until i saw that it was aproximatly 402 miles away. :( PLEASE COME BACK TO SO_CAL!! i saw you guys at port O ‘call. COME.Back! ……pwease? :(

  20. kurgansmum says:

    I totally agree with Valo, we need you to come to New Zealand, we have no groups like you in NZ and I know that if you were to hold a concert here it would sell out. Mumford and songs rock!!!

  21. Valo says:

    Please, Please, I’m Begging You Guys With The Upmost Bottom Of My Heart, Please Come To New Zealand, Its A Long Way Away I Know, But It Will Be Worth It, Your Fans Over Here Are Devoted To You Guys And The Awesome Music You Make. So Please Come, We’re Dying Over Here Without You! You Guys Rock!!!!

  22. kittycat3346 says:


  23. lana.megan says:

    Come back home to London guys. Cant wait for your new album to be released.

  24. lexluvsron says:

    SO CAL! SO CAL! SO CAL! come to southern california please! I LOVE you guys! :)

  25. sbperez says:

    SC, USA! I know why would you come here? Cause no one does! that’s why. pretty please?

  26. nbb44 says:

    you so cal people realize how rare it is for any band to come to nor cal?

  27. quinndacool says:

    come to Sacramento Ca

  28. jblackTN says:

    Yes, come to Nashville; more specifically, please come to the Ryman :)

  29. music98 says:

    Please Come To Nashville Soon!!! :0)

  30. nee24 says:

    Hey show some love to SoCal! maybe San Diego :) I promise you’ll love it here!

  31. nee24 says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    I got all excited when I saw california, then I realized it was northern california :( that’s too far from me! come to southern california please!! maybe to LA or san diego! I loveeee mumford & sons

  33. Daniel____ says:

    Pls guys, come to middle or eastern europe! PLS PLS PLS PLS!

  34. LoveFromBelgium says:

    In the name of the whole Belgian population: “Please come to Belgium again and invest your love in us! You invest your life!”. Thank you so much. ;p

  35. kiminsb says:

    Yes!!! Oakland here I come!!! Just got my tickets!!!

  36. mattercrombie says:

    Please, Please, Please come anywhere near Wisconsin! I’ve been waiting so patiently… Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Minneapolis, Iowa, I don’t care where, I’ll drive all day if you get anywhere within 8 hours of WI…

  37. julia_hand says:

    Just bought tickets and cannot wait. Saw you at Jazz Fest in April and have been praying to see you again. Couldn’t make the Bridge Benefit so am tickled I can make this one!!

  38. luv2dance says:

    This just made my day so much better.

  39. MUSIC_LOVER says:

    Hey show some love to SoCal! maybe San Diego :) I promise you’ll love it here!

  40. ficklehart says:

    i agree with vickycramph, your sensational artists and seeing you live in the UK would be my dream come true x

  41. vickycramph says:

    when will you be in the uk, i have a slight obsession with you, well a major obsession!! Please do some gigs in Wales!!!

  42. mumandsonluvu says:

    Maine would love to have you. I listen to your CD every morning with my 5-year old son and he knows every song…we both LOVE YOU guys. He even wants to take guitar lessons after I showed in your bookstore session on youtube.

  43. eje6582 says:

    West coast again? Head East boys please, preferrably the midwest!! :)

  44. Vodkasaurus says:

    You should come to DC. * A*b

  45. mandygirl008 says:

    Come to California, Los Angeles or Long Beach!

  46. sarahw1990 says:

    We’re missing you guys here in the UK! :( Can’t wait for the new album and some more UK shows! :)

  47. Vodkasaurus says:

    You’re playing on my birthday… but on the opposite side of the country. ;u; Major sad face.

  48. kiminsb says:

    Oh so can’t wait. Saw both shows at Bridge School. How about playing in Dublin for St. Patty’s day?!?!?!?!

  49. hollamberxxx says:

    Come back over to england preferable Liverpool or Manchester I’d love to see you guys play soo much, dream cone true tbh, but I know yous are busy, gahh I love yous!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I know you guys are very busy people but please dont forget about us british fans, you’ve been all about america recently. Myself and many others im sure would be eternally grateful and excited if you came back to Britain to do a few shows, we love you!!!!

  51. casajeronimo says:

    Fan Club Spain “Registrado”

  52. tananna says:

    Come back to London guys! We’re missing you lots! Oh my God a london show near christmas would just be a dream come true xD

  53. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!! Got to see you at the Bridge School Benefit and now I get to see you again in Oakland– yaaay!!!!!! Many thanks :)

  54. piola says:

    what cianfry said.

  55. Mom2eight says:

    California is great and all, but can we Minnesotans have a chance to see you as well?? Pretty please, one to the Midwest!!!!

  56. cianfry says:

    :( will you ever get back performing in Europe?Italy misses you!

  57. SeanPatrickPorten says:


  58. MarcusMumfordLover says:

    Specially Philly Or Somewhere Close? that would make my life :]

  59. MarcusMumfordLover says:

    Please Come Over To The East Coast

  60. Anonymous says:

    Christmas?? It’s never to early for Christmas. Last week I saw you in Toronto, the best night ever!!! I’ll just have to wrap up my ticket stubs and tshirt from the concert. Seeing you was amazing.

  61. sbeck1203 says:

    East Coast please!!!

  62. vendy72 says:

    Start heading East…please!

  63. jenna_xo says:

    Come back to Ontario :) … I know you just left but a swift trip back would be fantastic! Had amazing seats and the concert genuinely felt as though it were a concert of 100 people, not the thousands it was! I didn’t hear a single person not utterly impressed…Good Job boys! Winston should make his own little corner on the blog page too :( I would love to hear more from him too!

  64. taylornugent says:

    Could we maybe get a Nashville show? The Ryman misses you guys.

  65. kg1121 says:


  66. LeahMusic says:


    Will you four ever perform in the U.K.? :(