Dear friends,

It is with great joy that we can announce that Ted has been discharged from hospital and is on the road to a full recovery. The surgery went well, and the excellent medical team helping him are very pleased with his progress. He has been nothing short of heroic in how he has handled the whole ordeal, and now it has been medically proved that he does indeed have a brain.

Today, however, also marks the end of our Summer Stampede Tour. We were hoping to have made it out by Bonnaroo this weekend. But it is with sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of our scheduled performances at both Bonnaroo and Telluride Festivals, and our show at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS. If we could’ve we would’ve, you know that about us. We trust that you can respect our collective desire to encourage Ted to make a full recovery, and that this is based purely on the medical advice we have received.

On behalf of Ted and all of us really, we would like to thank every one for their compassion and support at this time and we are very excited to get back out on tour as soon as we can.

Ted, Ben, Marcus and Win

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  1. talicata says:

    absolutely loved your show in Taos! glad to hear your well Ted, looking forward to seeing you guys again soon… hopefully in Colorado!

  2. .Lena. says:

    Ted ~ Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Take care and thank you for your part. =)

  3. AprilK says:

    So glad that Ted is feeling better. We missed you at Bonnaroo! Thank you for scheduling some shows down here in the South. Hopefully I can catch you on your way back through. Rest and take care. ~ April

  4. Parkerbarr2020 says:

    It would be the perfect end to my summer if I get an invite to Marcus ampitheater Milwaukee, WI ,sep 3rd !! Please, please,please, please,please !!!

  5. Thanks for dropping by BIRDLAND Jazzista Social Club while you were in tour in Berkeley California at the Greek Theater. I was in Manila at the time. Play after hours at our place next time you are in town. . Thanks again. Birdman Mike and the Jazzistas. .

  6. Glad everything with Ted is going well and you are expanding the tour. VERY excited that you all are coming to Charter Amphitheatre in South Carolina September 11th. I am one happy lady:) Any idea when tickets will go on sale?

  7. Denius says:

    Hi guys
    I am very happy that this recovering ted, pray for to improve and everything went well. I know you do not know them personally but from the first listen that once formed a part of my life, because their songs make me feel fuller.
    I hope they come to Chile at some point in order to be closer to you and to appreciate the wonder they do.
    Many blessings are an incredible group
    love u

  8. Turbeau says:

    Ted – glad you are doing well! My wife and I are flying out of Atlanta to catch the Phoenix Park show – see you there!!

  9. Nellkarlsson says:

    Saw you guys in Stockholm 10/4 2013 and you were amazing, it was the absolute best night of my life so far. I don’t really know if you read these comments or not but thanks for everything anyways! I’m so glad Ted’s doing alright now! Take care xxxxx

  10. southerngirl says:

    So,so,so glad Ted is out and doing well. My Mom had two brain surgeries and I know how delicately things go. I know your head can be really sore and take time to heal, but we just want you back healthy and happy!!! Just relax & don’t push it! THANK YOU for all the wonderful music and good times….

  11. Rezzy says:

    @–>–>— no worries luv…..P♥

  12. katyyy01 says:

    get well ted, my best wishes
    <3 Katy

  13. katyyy01 says:

    i love you guys so much!!! please come to long island, new york. i have always dreamed of seeing you in concert ever since i heard little lion man during christmas time. your music is the only kind that always makes me dance and sing along even if i’m sitting down.
    <3 Katy

  14. Hcamara says:

    Love you all. Please Come to Atlanta! We Need You!

  15. M Keogh says:

    Please come and do a show in Perth Western Australia!!!!!!

    Please Please!!!!!!

    I’m from Ireland and just missed chance to see you live there!!!!

    M Keogh

  16. Jaime1 says:

    I just want to thank you guys for your music. It has brought my child out of depression, he listens to your band all day everyday. I am so glad that Ted is getting better and you all are in our prayers. I never knew that people I have never met would affect life so much. Your lyrics have given my son his life back. Thank you. I hope next spring you will return to the US we are planning our family vacation around where your concert will be. Northwest please;)

  17. Catlin Aho says:

    Just wanted to say that my heart sank when I heard what was going on. I’m among the many who were lucky enough to see you guys perform. (Surrey, British Columbia. Thank you Marcus for pointing out the full moon behind the crowd that night! I’m sure no one noticed it until you said what you did! And Ben! You are fabulous for playing with a bandaged hand! You all brought me to tears twice that night!) As for the current situation, get well quickly Ted! All my love and respect to you all! Keep writing and loving what you do! Can’t wait for more from my all time favorite band!

  18. wendyadams says:

    I was so glad to hear that Ted is doing well and has been discharged. Being a nurse, I know how scary something like this can be. My husband and I were so blessed with being able to see you guys at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA, on June 2nd, however we did notice at that time that Ted did not look well. I was so glad that we got to go, as my husband is disabled with a number of gastro issues but was able to make the night a success. I am so glad that everything turned out so good for all of you. You all will always be in our thoughts and prayers. All our love from sunny southern CA.

  19. xoladysheaxo says:

    The whole reason I went to Bonnaroo was to see my favorite band of all time, you guys! I have to say I was really upset & even cried when I heard you had to cancel, but I know it was for good cause! I hope you all can make it back to the farm next year because I’m dying to see you all again! I hope Ted has a speedy recovery & all is well with not only him, but the rest as well. I love you guys!

  20. meghan22 says:

    Please come back and do the Bonner Springs show when all are well! Was so looking forward to it!!

  21. Ivy&Twine; says:

    Thank you guys so much for keeping us updated on Ted’s surgery and recovery! It’s much appreciated! While fans are disappointed that the rest of your Summer Stampede is cancelled, let me assure you that Ted’s health and well being are valued much, much more by all. Like you said, we know that if you could’ve, you would’ve.

    Hope to see you in the U.S. again soon! Cheers.

  22. hope ted get’s well soon , you can cancel all the shows as long as you simply concider coming to Mexico. im the biggest mummford and sons fan .

  23. mand9966 says:

    Whoa there everyone! No bad vibes in front of the boys please….remember they are the musicians of our soul’s.

  24. Hannah :D says:

    Oh and BTW, whoever wrote that utterly horrible comment about it being wrong for the Mumfords to cancel these shows on account of poor Ted, I am with J Corley Ackley. You do indeed have a shallow soul. The fact that the other boys don’t want to leave Ted alone during this difficult time is just one more example of the touching brotherly love that they share, and I can only respect them more for it. How you can even dare to quote their words is beyond me. Their REAL fans are not fickle but will continue stick with them through good times and bad.

  25. Hannah :D says:

    Oh I am so glad that Ted is back home again! Cancel all the shows you need to, boys, just get our Teddy all better. Don’t worry about the shows, your totally right to take your time and all us REAL fans understand completely. There’s no rush, “we will wait, we will wait for you” until Ted is ready to join you again :D

  26. J Corley Ackley says:

    I stand with CharlotteSavage. CrispyBubble and anyone else like you have very shallow souls. Ted did not have a bad case of the hiccups. He is damned lucky his clot was discovered so early. As a lifelong social worker who worked my last 22 years in a rehabilitation hospital, I can’t begin to count the number of patients I had with similar or same diagnoses that were not nearly as fortunate in early diagnosis. Regardless, you do NOT screw around with something like this as a “so what, the show must go on” attitude. I commend the band for supporting their fellow musician and, more importantly, their friend and making the RIGHT decision. Ya know, they say you can’t fix stupid, so let’s just add lack of compassion and selfishness to that theory. Shame on you!

  27. Corbin78 says:

    I saw my first show in Austin last weekend. You guys forced yourselves into my heart. I’m so glad that Ted is recovering well. I care for patients in recovery at a surgery center so I truly understand your experience. Much love to you all.

  28. CharlotteSavage says:

    Crispy Bubbles and anyone else that is giving them shit for their decision…Shut the hell up. A great support system and people you love around you makes all the difference in the world. Good health to everyone.

  29. Rose11 says:

    Im so glad to hear Ted is ok! I was on a french school trip through the week and only heared about Ted when i arrived home, i was so shock, but now sooo pleased to see he is fine :) you boys are beyond inspiring and cant wait hear from you again! My heart goes out to Ted :)

  30. bosox392001 says:

    Your words have gotten us through our struggles in life. Now it is time for our words to help you. There were many praying for Ted and the band. With God speed you will be back soon. Take good care of Ted boys as our thoughts take care of you.

  31. So glad Ted is better :D Praying for him and all of you. Totally understandable you’d have to cancel the shows. Best of luck!

  32. Crispy Bubbles says:

    My comment just got deleted so I’ll make it short. We will wait for you to become fully recovered Ted! We understand you need to stand by your injured -Son, bro, and band mate- No rush, we want you to feel better Ted. It sure wouldn’t be an amazing performance without some bass or base guitar in it. And it sure wouldn’t be quite the same for Marcus, Ben, and Win either. We love you guys and be safe!

  33. geezee1 says:

    Gentlemen, if your presence was not essential to Ted’s recovery, (and I do not know this fact) would it not have been a statement to your fans of endurance and tenacity, of FAITH , to the 80 thousand who traveled to Bonarroo for instance, to not CANCEL your headline appearance……? Life is full of hardship, your music reflects this very fact, and yet now you run and hide……..Do you have somewhere to stand, or somewhere to hide ?

  34. Shakespeareansyd says:

    So glad to hear Ted is doing well, and that he has a brain! Good news :) Take it easy, focus on getting better. I am very excited to see you soon in the Olympic Park! xx

  35. GClifton says:

    So glad to hear that the procedure went well and you are on your way to full recovery. You will be greatly missed at Bluegrass, which will make your return that much more special! Big love from Telluride.

  36. Dear Ted and the other Mumford and Sons, I am so glad that you are feeling better!!! I hope your recovery goes well and that de band will soon be able to go on tour again, take your time, you one have one life… from Holland, xxx.

  37. elen says:

    So relieved to hear Ted is okay! Get well soon! :)

  38. hannahk says:

    A speedy recovery to Ted. May good health follow for a very long time after this ordeal. More important he is healthy, for selfish reasons this will give us the good fortune of seeing you another time. Most important that he is well.

  39. col.pymont says:

    Great news to start the weekend with & the rest of your life! Top man well done!

  40. charlie 1 says:

    Ted wishing you a speedy recovery, Get well soon

  41. We can wait. Your health is more important! Get well soon!

  42. rmilligan says:

    Take care of your health – we all want you with us for a long, long time. Have a speedy recover and get some rest. It sounds like you are doing great.

  43. Marina Sales says:

    Get well soon, t-bear! We love you <333

  44. crfrech says:

    And I continue to be impressed by the collective choices you make – both to not take yourselves or your overwhelming popularity too seriously and also to take such good care of each other. The cohesion you have created by spending so much time together can only serve to help support Ted on his road to recovery. It brings a smile to my heart that your concern is more about the collective health of the band than of the people who so enjoy your music. We will all survive and it will be a true joy to see the four of your together again on stage and doing what you seem to enjoy most – playing music that you love. Cheers and much love.

  45. mumfordandsonsfan2001 says:

    Keep getting better Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  46. bigcee says:

    Keep up the great recovery Ted!!!!
    love <3 :-)

  47. momtosophie says:

    Joyful news indeed! Your music brings joy to my life every day. I am so glad Ted is OK and M&S will carry on. Instead of traveling 7 hours on Monday to see you in Bonner Springs, my friends & I are going to watch The Road to Redrocks in my family room on Monday night. Stay well & please come to the U.S. again soon. xoxo

  48. JaceeEngels says:

    Hello, again, to my four favorite men:
    I am very hopeful that my letter/blog post found all of you well and in good health (especially you, T-Bear!). I am also very sad to hear of your tour cancellations for all of the other true Mumford & Sons aficionados out there; however, I am immensely grateful to have been able to see you in Austin. I know that your decision was wise and for the betterment of Ted’s health (yet another reason I have nothing but vast respect, appreciation, and love for you guys). Since my return to North Dakota from Austin, my summer has consisted of play practice and rehearsals, and listening to ALL things Mumford & Sons (music, albums, interviews, music videos, etc…). You are all so jolly and goodhearted, and you never fail in brightening my day. I absolutely love how you don’t take anything (especially interviews) too seriously. It is so refreshing and hilarious. Also since my return, I have been noticing the extensive beauty of my part of North Dakota a bit more keenly than usual. It has rained here abundantly, and everything is greener and fresher. I believe I read somewhere that you, Marcus, have quite an interest in agriculture (maybe that was sarcasm)? If so, I believe my small town farming community is just the place for you all to come and visit. My father is what I like to call “The world’s greatest and most dedicated farmer,” as were my grandparents and my parent’s grandparents generations before. The place where I live has every desired element: seclusion, wildlife, horses, greenery, farmland, railroad tracks (RIGHT next to our home, might I add), and simplicity. Again, this is a ridiculous request/offer, but you are all welcome to our home anytime. Ben once said something along the lines of if you’re invited to a “party,” you should go for the opportunity and experience (how very Steinbeck of him!). I know you are a fan of Steinbeck’s works, and I think you would find the general atmosphere here to be quite reminiscent. I have been thinking a LOT lately, “Wow, Marcus, Ted, Winston, and Ben would love it here.” So this is my “invitation.” I think you like to consider those who share a love for your music as friends, not “fans.” So as your friend, here is my simple “invitation.” I wish you all the best, a safe and steady recovery for Ted, and the least amount of stress possible in this situation.
    With all the love in my heart,
    Jacee Engels

  49. Teresa1050 says:

    Gentlemen, so very glad to hear Ted is on the mend. Thank you for the all the joy and light you have brought to your fans.

    A speedy recovery Ted Dear Sir.

    Looking forward to seeing you all back out and the road and enjoying yourselves.

    Thank you for all you do, all you have given.

  50. Angel loves Marcus says:

    I am so fortunate to have caught you guys in both Edmonton and Vancouver. They were seriously the best nights of my life!!!

    Wishing Ted a speedy recovery!!

    I dont think you guys realize how amazing you truly are and how your music touches so many all over the word!! There is nothing like a guitar and a banjo to get my blood flowing LOL, much love M&S!!

  51. Erinlg26 says:

    So glad to hear Ted is on the mend, and what a testament to what beauty friends and band mates you are with deciding to cancel the rest of your summer dates.
    Having said that, I’m super bummed. Planned on seeing you twice in August.
    Wishing Ted a continued speedy road to recovery.
    Hopefully see you when you’re ready to come back :) xx

  52. redgirl17 says:

    Thank you so much for the update!! Ted — all the best for a speedy recovery! Love from Baltimore, MD USA

  53. cndskis says:

    Relieved to hear Ted is on his way to a full recovery! If you could, you would…I do know that… Looking forward to another opportunity to see the FOUR of you in concert! Just let us know and we’ll be there!

  54. SRK_Marcus_Mish says:

    It was sad to hear about Ted’s condition but its great to hear that he is doing well. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Much love

  55. janet1911 says:

    So sorry to hear about Ted but glad he is on the road to recovery, will keep all of you in my prayers.

  56. janet1911 says:


  57. ctys says:

    Do we know if they plan to reschedule or are they just canceled for good?

  58. Kshae28 says:

    I’m so glad Ted’s surgery went well and he is recovering great! Is there any news on when the three postponed concerts are going to be held?

  59. Margaret Walker says:

    Re: Jamiemommie…thanks for saying what I’m sure all were thinking. Atheist had one more opportunity to keep his/her mouth shut, and blew it.

  60. jamiemommie says:

    Our three sons and I were going to surprise my husband with a road trip from Illinois to the Kansas show for Father’s Day, but we held off because the weather didn’t look too promising.

    My five year old keeps asking if Ted had his brain removed!!!

    In all seriousness, though, we are so relieved that all has gone well. I shudder to think what horrible news we may have had if Ted hadn’t gone to get checked out. Please take all the time you need to get well! Just want to thank you guys for sharing your incredible gifts with the world. Not only have you proven that great music not dead, but you’ve taken it to a whole other level.
    Thank you Mumford and Sons
    from Heffernan and Sons!

  61. jamiemommie says:


    So completely inappropriate, not to mention poory worded. God Bless Mumford & Sons!!! (And he just did.)

  62. Atheist says:

    Glad to hear the guy is ok but for religious nuts like the Mums not to believe in the power of prayer to your god, and fall back on that atheistic medicine and doctors, is odd. Won’t god be annoyed?

  63. Margaret Walker says:

    So happy all is going well. Was I looking forward to the show? Absolutely! Do I want to see a version of the band with Ted in recovery, and the rest of the band worried for their friend? Nope! I’ve added you all to my prayers, and look forward to someday seeing the whole lot of you in KC.

  64. ptspeak says:

    faced with similar circumstances last year the Avett Bros. played with a substitute bassist. It seems that would be the right thing to do this weekend versus just canceling.

  65. rebecca sweeting says:

    so happy that teds out of hospitle and makeing a full recovey :)

  66. susierob says:

    The only thing that matters now is Ted’s health. Take your time and make a full recovery. We’ll look forward to many more Mumford and Sons shows in the future!

  67. ptspeak says:

    you owe me $1000 and a new Orleans and Nashville show.

  68. Woohoo!! Go Ted!! Glad everything turned out fine! Rest up and when you’re ready to come back the fans will be waiting! :]

  69. samanthaann says:

    So glad to hear Ted’s on the mend. Rest up & look after yourself, Ted. Love to you all & God Bless, SamanthaAnnxxxx

  70. cdwane15 says:

    Was do relieved to hear that all went well with the surgery. Also happy to hear that ted does indeed have a brain. Best wishes to all of you boys.

  71. luckylukas says:

    The most important thing is Ted’s health!
    Best wishes to all four mumford and sons!

  72. mand9966 says:

    Phew!!…Thank goodness he will be okay. Time for some R & R, I expect it’s taken it’s toll on you all. Would recommend a scan on Win though as he clearly has a heart, but evidence of a brain still needed!

  73. Markylink says:

    Take it easy Ted, you need to rest up and take a deep breath. Best wishes to you all.

  74. adniscologne says:

    Take your time, no matter how long it takes.

  75. Jackward97 says:

    Love you guys can’t wait to see you at your rescheduled Dallas show. Praying for Ted and that you guys all have a relaxed break. Love you keep doing what you’re doing. You are truly the greatest band I have ever heard.